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  1. any idea why they didn't put elsa, adriana,ale,jac ,lais and kate in it? I could see adriana,ale,jac and lais leaving but no way they are going to drop elsa
  2. weird video horrible song but Sara and Behati did it best, they weren't trying to be sexy they just had a good time
  3. I don't think they'll let her after what she tweeted Is this worse compared to Jessica Hart's incident? of course it is Jessica didn't attack the brand it self just Taylor
  4. I'm fine with everyone but Martha Kate and Romee
  5. I don't get what everyone sees in Romee and Kate G they don't have anything special to me . they're just the average blondes and I do like blondes usually
  6. when Candice was paired with Miranda, Candice was always the one who had no chance to say a word
  7. Monika and Frida Candice and Lily Behati and Martha
  8. now I feel stupid because I was really looking forward to this
  9. Nadine and Stella Lais and Toni Bridget and Ming
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