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Victoria's Secret (VS) vs (SI) Sports Illustrated


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Yes indeed. With all the fun new competitions I thought why not have a nice big one. VS vs SI.

Which company and girl will come out victorious. This will be interesting.


Nominations won't start until the new Sports Illustrated lineup and issue have been released. Which is in the next two weeks. That way new rookies for SI can be nominated. I'm starting the thread just so people know about it and can put forward any ideas they have. When nominations begin to make it fair each member can nominate two girls for each. And then depending on how many nominations we get, each member can nominate more later on. I haven't decided on how many girls just yet. 20-30 for each brand.


In terms of going head to head that is a bit tricky. I want to do VS vs SI from the beginning but there is no guarantee that equal amount of VS and SI girls will make it through each round. If there are more VS than SI it defeats the purpose of VS vs SI. So I thought at the beginning the rounds can be SI vs SI and VS vs VS. Once girls from each brand are knocked out and we get closer it can be each brand against each other.


Also the other issue is girls who have worked for both. So we have girls like Tyra, Heidi, Marisa, Lily, Selita, Chanel etc who have had success with both companies. I think it is fair that girls can be nominated twice if they are in both. It will be ineresting to see if at the end they would come head to head with themselves for the specific brand. VS girls at least should work regularly with the company and have walked the show. They don't need both but at least being a regular counts. Girls like Nadine, Camille etc. I am going to use catalogue pictures for VS so the girls should have at least worked some catalogue if they have walked the show. Just being in the show doesn't make them a major VS girl. So think about that when nominations begin.


So with all of that in mind does anyone have ideas or any suggestions? I will let everyone know when nominations begin.

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Me likes this  :ddr: 


Just a suggestion tho, I think VS girls should have walked the show and done catalog too and SI girls should've been in the magazine at least twice, usually when a SI girl doesn't come back it means she flopped :ninja:

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Yay :)


I think the VS girls idea is good. So they count if they've walked the show and worked for the company. SI sounds good too. I will allow the rookies this year to be nominated just to make it interesting. To see if they make it far and see how popular they are :)

If anyone decided to nominate them anyway.

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Ok everyone. Now that SI has been released we can start up this competition. So it's going to be a round by round competition until we get down to one girl from VS and one girl from SI who will go head to head. How the voting is going to work is going to be a little different. So every round randomly I will put a VS girl up against an SI girl. You base your vote how you feel. Based on the girl, her picture, her personality etc. The whole package. But in the end the girl who beats the other girl isn't really the overall winner. After the first round I will average the scores of every model. And the top girls from each brand will go through while other girls will be eliminated. We will need 32 girls from each company. Nominating won't start just yet, but soon. I will let you know when girls are ready to be nominated.


There are guidelines for nominating a girl. For Victoria's Secret we need the girl to have walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show once or more and also featured in catalogue work. Depends on if we fill the spots in the end. I can maybe break that rule because there are some girls who walk regularly and havent't really featured for catalogue and there are some regular catalogue girls who haven't walked the show.

For SI the girls should have at least featured twice in the magazine. Except for rookies this year. You can nominate them if you want. Give them a chance to see how they fair against the regulars.

Ok so nominating will start soon. I will let you know when :)

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Lol we need about 32 from each company so we have plenty of spots to fill. Maybe four nominations from each company for each day. So you can nominate once a day and 8 girls total. Depends on how many people come in and nominate. Gotta try and get more members involved :

Nominations will begin tomorrow everyone so have your nominations ready to go.

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And also when you nominate a girl send me two pictures in a private message. If it's for VS pick what you think is one of their best catalogue shots and pick a best shot of them on the VS runway. Their most recent appearance preferable but not necessary. For SI two pictures also. What you think is their best shot and another shot of your choice.

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^ I have less than 8 models in mind so it's all good :yes: There is one model I have in mind that fits in both categories---do we nominate them 2x? :idk:

It it's a girl who crosses over with both VS and SI they can be nominated for both companies. So girls like Lily, Chanel, Sara, Erin, Tyra etc

If you want to nominate Lily nominate her once under VS and once under SI.

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I just realized something! There are a few models who have walked the VSFS but have never done lingerie/swimwear work for the catalog.it might not be fair if they went up against a SI model (who generally wears very little clothing :p) So I was thinking you might want to consider incorporating the rule that the VS models have to have done lingerie/swim  :)

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I just realized something! There are a few models who have walked the VSFS but have never done lingerie/swimwear work for the catalog.it might not be fair if they went up against a SI model (who generally wears very little clothing :p) So I was thinking you might want to consider incorporating the rule that the VS models have to have done lingerie/swim :)

Sounds good to me. I was thinking most people would pick lingerie/swim anyway. No clothes or vsx style shots.
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^ One of the models I was going to nominate has never done lingerie/swim so I guess i need to find another model :p

Aaawww damn that sucks.

I'm gonna make a little graphic. And then a little rules guideline and once that's all up we can start.

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Victoria's Secret vs. Sports Illustrated

Two iconic brands go head to head. Who will be victorious.


Rules & Guidelines

1. Every member can nominate up to 4 girls from each brand per day. If nominations are slow, this rule can change.

2. You can only nominate a girl for Victoria's Secret who has walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at least once, and has worked catalog/website for the company (lingerie or swim ONLY). If a girl has walked but doesn't have any catalog then she can't be used, same for if a girl has a lot of catalog but never walked. This could possibly change if there aren't enough VS girls nominated.

3. You can only nominate a girl for Sports Illustrated who has appeared at least twice in the magazine. The only girls who can be nominated that have featured once are this years crop of SI Rookies (Erin Heatherton, Kelly Rohrbach, Solveig Mork, Rose Bertram, Robyn Lawley, Ashley Smith & Hailey Clauson). This is to give them a chance and see how they fair against other SI and VS girls. Also just the USA SI not including SA.

4. Submit TWO photos of each girl you are nominating. Try and choose the best possible photo that shows off their faces and body. And try and choose a killer shot. Something that really represents the brand. It can be from any issue, catalog, fashion show etc.

For Victoria's Secret send one picture from the catalog. This picture MUST be lingerie or swim. The other photo has to be from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For Sports Illustrated send TWO photos. One at least has to be their most recent/last appearance in the issue. You can sumbit from magazine but web photos are usually best. Up to you.

5. Photos must be reasonable quality. The VS website photos are usually 726x1024 which is a great size. The SI website pictures are also very good quality. Try and keep the photos in that area of size. No smaller than 500pixels width if possible. Vertical or horizontal is fine. Either one.

6. Girls who have worked for both brands can be nominated once for their respective brand each. E.g. Lily Aldridge, Sara Sampaio, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum etc have worked for VS and for SI. They can be nominated in both categories.

7. 32 spots for each company, 64 girls total. The first rounds will be VS vs. SI however the loser of that round doesn't necessarily get eliminated. After all the first rounds are complete their will be a breakdown of scores. And the girls after number 16 who didn't make enough votes will be eliminated. After that girls from brands will vs each other until we get down to one girl from VS and one girl from SI to see who will be the champion.

OKAY!!! So I think that is everything. If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask. Send your nominations here and I will keep an updated list in this post. Once you write your nominations look for the best photos and send me a PM with the photos you decide on. Try and get the photos to me soon as I want to do some editing to make it look nice and punchy. But there is time. If you have a couple of options send me and I can help you pick the main one if you can't decide the best shot.


Victoria's Secret -SPOTS FILLED
1. Stella Maxwell (Kevork89)
2. Lily Aldridge (Kevork89)
3. Marisa Miller (PinkCouture)
4. Gisele Bundchen (PinkCouture)
5. Karolina Kurkova (PinkCouture)
6. Cameron Russell (PinkCouture)
7. Alessandra Ambrosio (Stormbringer)
8. Heidi Klum (Stormbringer)
9. Laetitia Casta (frenchkiki)
10. Adriana Lima (Isabell)
11. Tyra Banks (Isabell)
12. Ana Beatriz Barros (begonia)
13. Doutzen Kroes (begonia)
14. Lais Ribeiro (2324lebron)
15. Magdalena Frackowiak (2342lebron)
16. Jac Jagaciak (Clauds)
17. Elsa Hosk (Clauds)
18. Sara Sampaio (Clauds)
19. Candice Swanepoel (Clauds)
20. Edita Velkeviciute (Stormbringer)
21. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (lostdiadem)
22. Lindsay Ellingson (lostdiadem)
23. Miranda Kerr (Kevork89)
24. Erin Heatherton (Kevork89)
25. Blanca Padila (Clauds)
26. Barbara Palvin (Clauds)
27. Josephine Skriver (peroxideblonde)
28. Karlie Kloss (Kevork89)
29. Behati Prinsloo (Kevork89)
30. Toni Garrn (Clauds)
31. Isabeli Fontana (Clauds)
32. Martha Hunt (Kevork89)

Sports Illusrated - SPOTS FILLED
1. Lily Aldridge (Kevork89)
2. Hannah Davis (Kevork89)
3. Marisa Miller (PinkCouture)
4. Daniella Sarahyba (PinkCouture)
5. Jessica Gomes (PinkCouture)
6. Oluchi Onweagbwa (PinkCouture)
7. Heidi Klum (Stormbringer)
8. Bar Rafaeli (Stormbringer)
9. Laetitia Casta (frenchkiki)
10. Tyra Banks (Isabell)
11. Sara Sampaio (Isabell)
12. Josie Maran (begonia)
13. Petra Nemcova (begonia)
14. Emily Ratajkowski (2324lebron)
15. Gigi Hadid (2324lebron)
16. Nina Agdal (Clauds)
17. Anne V (Clauds)
18. Brooklyn Decker (Clauds)
19. Cintia Dicker (Clauds)
20. Emily DiDonato (Clauds)
21. Kate Bock (Stormbringer)
22. Stacey Williams (Weasel79)
23. Christie Brinkley (Weasel79)
24. Kathy Ireland (Weasel79)
25. Judit Masco (Weasel79)
26. Chanel Iman (Kevork89)
27. Molly Sims (Kevork89)
28. Rose Bertram (Clauds)
29. Kate Upton (peroxideblonde)
30. Ana Beatriz Barros (peroxideblonde)
31. Kelly Rohrbach (PinkCouture)
32. Aline Nakashima (PinkCouture)
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I will be the first to nominate. I'm only doing 2 per brand for my first. Let other peeps nominate who they want ;)


My nominations are


Victoria's Secret

Stella Maxwell

Lily Aldridge


Sports Illustrated

Lily Aldridge
Hannah Davis

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