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  1. That's...awful.
  2. Skin issue is easily airbrushed.
  3. Barbie can read to me every day.
  4. She publicly (on Instagram) supported Clinton.
  5. Relevant to the life of Karlie Shows who she learned "The Art of Bullshit" from.
  6. So...I don't understand...I was convinced that she's dating Cara?
  7. Rosie had a huge part in Transformers so they were showing her off. Doutzen looks to have a small role, so I don't think they'll give her a big spotlight.
  8. Doutzen with Tracy McGrady look:
  9. Beyonce had a baby pillow bump too.
  10. So basically like every other celeb?
  11. Her fashion sense has always been pretty awful. Can't she hire some good stylist?
  12. Maybe he dropped them?
  13. Samsung product placement on point. She really did graduate from Taylor Swift business school. She needs to wear high heels more often, it's probably a pain for her since she's so tall but she looks amazing in those.
  14. In the link replace 'youtube' with 'youpak' rest of the link is the same and you do the same for all videos that are blocked for your location