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  1. {name}

    Emma Stone

    Did she injure her arm?
  2. Being attached to bad projects can have a negative impact on her future earnings. Also, people love to hear positive things about their work, not negative reviews. Imagine you made something and everyone said that it sucked? It would not affect you at all? (I can't believe that I just had to explain that)
  3. She seems very charming but she's really been out of luck recently and it's not her fault. The last season of The Game of Thrones and the new X-Men movie have all been very harshly criticized.
  4. Yas! Tropic of C posts were getting boring. Candy looks the best in lingerie.
  5. I guess I was right. Ever since she left, the show went downhill.
  6. {name}


    Raise your hand if you're hot.
  7. She somehow managed to make that cast look fashionable.
  8. That should be a job for politicians, not celebrities.
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