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  1. I still am but I gotta support Elsa in her thread (and beat Candylicious).
  2. Candice has ugly nose, gums too big, chin like a Grinch and a fivehead. No. Competition.
  3. You don't get to decide a winner hunny. Perfection bellow. versus Not even a competition.
  4. OK, I'll then go to Candice's thread and post how her face looks like Miss Piggy. You OK with that?
  5. Candice's biggest value is in her body. Her face isn't. She's still a pretty girl, but when she cracks a smile...she's kinda of a buttaface. Candylicious stopped by to shame Elsa's "flat butt" so I'm just pointing out that Candice's face looks like a butt.
  6. Elsa has a prettier face than Candice. Instant win.
  7. At least Elsa doesn't have to arch her back to the point of nearly breaking it to show off her butt.
  8. He's doing it because he's 100% gay. They wouldn't let a straight dude do that job.
  9. Does he have a bellazon account?
  10. She's working for Victoria's Secret. They're selling sexy lingerie. She's supposed to shake that booty.
  11. Did she pick him up from a homeless shelter?
  12. Why do people keep sayin she has a short hair? That's not a short hair.
  13. So true. Maybe they booked her, she showed up and they were like: "Oh. You're not really in...shape."
  14. Feel free to post something Elsa related anytime.
  15. Things you're talking about are not exclusive to people working in entertainment industry. People put on their best fake every day, some of your close friends lie (exaggerate) too. We all do it to look better, especially in front of people we don't know. You also have to remember that celebrities (esp. women) have to put up extra shield because of the creepiness that surrounds them, on internet and in their real lives. You can't fault them for putting on the "mask". Best you can do is not buy into every PR served BS celebrities say and not take it too personal. Don't have to be negative about everything but also don't take their words as gospel. And in case if you to ever truly get to know them, well, in that case, if the friendship is real and they think you are with them because who they are not who they project to be, then those masks should fall off. Right?