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  1. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Wow, Kate Bock probably had the best shoot this year.
  2. 2018 SI Swimsuit

  3. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I have to say, from photos I've seen so far, this year doesn't really stand out at all. It's very safe and nothing special imo.
  4. Ana De Armas

    I finally watched Blade Runner 2049. If by some chance you still haven't do watch it, she's amazing in it. She can really act good.
  5. Vita Sidorkina

    VS really messed up by letting this girl go away. I'd take her over (for example) Martha Hunt any day.
  6. Kate Upton

    k8 is looking gr8 (sorry for that)
  7. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I mean...come on. I get that they want to celebrate different types of bodies but this girl is being celebrated because she's just...fat. And somehow that's "brave" of her. Everything is hanging off her.
  8. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I've seen Ashley Graham's shoot. Nope.
  9. Jennifer Lawrence

    She can do much better.
  10. Jennifer Lawrence

    I thought they broke up?
  11. Dakota Johnson

    She drives Porsche 911. What a gal!
  12. Gigi Hadid

    point is that it LOOKS like hair. 99.9% of people who see it will think it's hair.
  13. Gigi Hadid

    looks like hair to me
  14. Karlie Kloss

    How nice of Karlie to invite Taylor to come to the show.
  15. Barbara Palvin

    don't be a dick, I'm sure she understand what an offside is, it's not a rocket science.