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  1. I'm pretty sure this one is a fake one.
  2. Schemer

    Ana De Armas

    I think she did a decent job as Marylin but the movie was straight up trash.
  3. She keeps getting hotter and hotter.
  4. Fashion model is attracted to a billionaire. Why are you guys surprised?
  5. It looks like the only running Charlize fansite has shut down. 😟
  6. Schemer

    Ana De Armas

    Marilyn Monroe had a very difficult life. The movie is exploring that.
  7. Schemer

    Margot Robbie

    Looking at these candids, I wonder if she was preparing for Barbie.
  8. Doutzen doesn't "deserve" anything. Everything that happened to her was her own doing. Good of her for getting more jobs but she just showed to the world that she's just a dumb chick and nothing else. The worst thing in this is that people like her now feel like they were right all along and that they've 'won'. Hopefully she realizes how lucky she actually is, keeps her mouth shut and just does her job.
  9. If the headline ends with the question mark the answers is usually 'no'.
  10. This woman is 61 years old. How?!
  11. I don't know why are you guys complaining, they've always been a glorified masturbation magazine. They've just expanded their offer. You have a fetish for fat girls? We got you. You have a fetish for grandmas? We got you.
  12. You posted the same thing a year ago.
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