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  1. Schemer

    Elsa Hosk

    Nah. He comes off as a troll.
  2. Schemer

    Elsa Hosk

    How are posts like this even allowed? You're calling her a whore. Sleeping with other men to provide a better lifestyle. WTF is wrong with you?!
  3. Schemer


    Damn Lorde, when did you get all that junk in the trunk?!
  4. Schemer

    Elsa Hosk

    So is Elsa. And so are a ton of men in New York. Simple answer is: don't judge the book by the cover. edit: and he's not even a bad looking dude. Who should Elsa date? Some athlete that would end up cheating her anyways? Mamma Mia is a great movie. Never diss ABBA ever again.
  5. Schemer

    Elsa Hosk

    from her instastory: ?????
  6. Schemer

    Barbara Palvin

    Feel free to contribute with some original, new content instead of complaining.
  7. Schemer

    Barbara Palvin

    Your knowledge of history is problematic to say the least. Yugoslavia was a communist country but it was definitely not under the "iron curtain". It was a country with very loose communism (more closely to socialism) and it was very open to the world. People were allowed to travel free all over the world and was very open to foreigners as well. Movie industry was also renowned and frequently had guest actors from all over the world, including United States. Former Yugoslavian head of state, Tito, refused to let the country fall under the Eastern block (and hence the so called Iron Curtain) and left the country open to Europe and World. After Tito died the politicians started each pulling in their sides which slowly but surely threw Yugoslavia into the civil war. But old Yugoslavia (past WWII) was definitely not under the "Iron Curtain". That's incredibly inaccurate to say. Also, calling Croatia "forced" in Yugoslavia is also wrong because prior to WWII (and big part of Croats siding with Nazi Germany) Croatia was part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (which later was renamed into Kingdom of Yugoslavia).
  8. Schemer

    Margot Robbie

    They're both gonna get a nomination for this movie.
  9. Schemer

    Barbara Palvin

    Barbs and Ferrari ?
  10. Schemer

    Gigi Hadid

    Reebok not Adidas. ?
  11. Schemer

    Alexandria Morgan

    And who should we believe then? You? Armchair relationship guru of relationship between two people who you never knew? Why are you even invested in this conversation like this? Even if she is 100% wrong and is wrongfully blaming her ex, you on bellazon can't help the dude. And I'm sure he doesn't need your help.
  12. Schemer

    Emma Stone

  13. Schemer

    Hailey Baldwin

    I don't understand this relationship at all.
  14. Schemer

    Elsa Hosk

    So crazy that you had to quote all images?