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  1. Not an expert on shoes but those are some hideous shoes.
  2. Did Elsa start calling paps on herself since she moved to LA? When she was in NY we never had so many candids. Also, she's hardly an A lister to get papped so much?
  3. Schemer

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    To be fair, if I was in that line I would be OK with her jumping the line. Better than standing in the line with her. Imagine all the bullshit you would have to listen. She would probably try to sell me some vaginal creme.
  4. Schemer

    Margot Robbie

    Hair style doesn't suit her at all, imo.
  5. Good on Candice for getting a vaccine.
  6. I will never take seriously anyone who posts "Thank you coronavirus" on social media.
  7. In a normal world that is actually called "a school". You know, a place where educated people teach science to kids. That's where you're supposed to get your education from. Not twitter, facebook, instagram, q-anon fansites or 10 minute youtube videos.
  8. Spreading false propaganda is actually a lot worse than partying.
  9. That's not Anya on the cover. The model's name is Jessica Whitlow.
  10. Those black masks make it look from a far as if they both have beards.
  11. Eh. Alessandra Ambrosio practically walks around with a personal paparazzi. There is literally no celebrity with so many "random" shots by paparazzi. She either is paying one herself or is calling them. It's pretty hilarious. Karlie Kloss also did it all the time (she's now keeping it low after giving birth with Trumps in Miami). But A list celebs call the paps all the time.
  12. I guess it's probably just an angle but her left arm looks odd.
  13. I like how they're walking (left to right) from shortest to tallest.
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