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  1. Elizabeth Olsen

    She's awesome...shame her character died in Infinity Wars. I'll miss her.
  2. Charlize Theron

  3. Jessica Chastain

    Journal Egoiste: source: jessica-chastain.org
  4. Elizabeth Olsen

    btw if any of you missed out on Wind River, go watch it.
  5. Taylor Hill

  6. Jessica Chastain

    If someone can get their hands on this Egoiste photoshoot it would be amazing. Thanks.
  7. Alexandria Morgan

    Awww.... That sucks. They were really cute together. Oh shit, I had no idea. RIP to that dude.
  8. Alexandria Morgan

    She always seemed like a girl who didn't want to go in all the way and deal with the bullshit of the fashion industry. And that's OK. Not everyone can be good at ass-kissing every single designer and hang out all night at parties snorting coke just to book a new gig. These days models are more their own agents. You have to hustle. Alexandria is a homebody girl, she's still dating her high school boyfriend who works at the restaurant and will at some point move back to Michigan. She was never a girl to hop from one famous boyfriend to another (like Gigi and Bella for example) and seems to be happy with her achievements. It is what it is, as long as she's happy.
  9. Elsa Hosk

    You need to take a peek at Gigi Hadid's thread. You'll change your mind.
  10. Bryana Holly

    I didn't even know they were an item.
  11. Charlize Theron

  12. Halston Sage

    In Hollywood?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  13. Halston Sage

    It's never a good idea for a boss and employee to date. I'm very fond of Alara as character and I'm scared that Seth's feelings will take the character in the wrong direction. Also, what happens if (when) they brake up? Will he kick her out of the show? Intentionally lessen her role onscreen? As for nudity, that hasn't happened so far with anyone, and it won't happen now.
  14. Halston Sage

    She's dating Seth MacFarlane who is 1) 20 years older than her and 2) her boss on her show The Orville. Yikes.
  15. Elsa Hosk

    Eh, looks too much for the event. Attention seeking outfit. Looks like something Irina Shayk would wear.