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  1. Quibi? Oh Rosie... No one watches Quibi.
  2. The guy watched a documentary on NXIVM and decided to tweak ti a bit and run with it.
  3. I watched her Eurovision movie. It's really fun. Watch it if you haven't, especially if you like to watch real Eurovision contest.
  4. {name}

    Amber Heard

    Honestly, I don't care about some random dude miking this story so that he can get more ad revenue.
  5. You waited for two years to make a post and this is the best you could come up with?
  6. I'm just sad how Karlie never has any privacy. Everywhere she goes, somehow paparazzi seem to find her. Must be hard.
  7. Considering how hard scientists and medical workers are working to keep people healthy, I fully agree with calling out celebrities who are undermining their work.
  8. To be fair, most of the time, they don't. It widely known that models are being pushed to lose weight because it makes clothes "flow" better on a runway. What's particularly sad is that girls like Taylor are pushed to lose weight and then a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez comes and wears the same dress on a red carpet and gets praise from the same designers. Karl Lagerfeld loved Jennifer Lopez but if a model showed to a casting with Lopez's body he would've called her fat. He was known as a "fat shamer".
  9. If she was under 18 when they started dating, then yes, those relationships are odd. And even legality is questionable based on location. And it's often called 'grooming'. And I do find them morally reprehensible. He was an adult man, she was a teenage girl.
  10. 10 year difference isn't much when everyone is adult, but it is a lot when one of the people is a teenager. But, that's done now so no point in talking about it too much. Hair Gel is in the past.
  11. And then filming them and using the material for bribery. It's said that a ton of DVDs were found labeled (famous dude) + (girl's name). I also got some creepy vibes from people around Taylor few years ago, but she seems to be OK now.
  12. Isabeli Fontana started working for the VS at the age of 16. Which is especially nuts considering that Jeffrey Epstein loved hanging out around the VS girls. 😟
  13. Because she keeps spreading pseudoscience about Covid-19 and vaccines in general.
  14. Feel free to contribute with some Taylor Hill content. No one is stopping you.
  15. That attitude is the reason why Covid is spiking up again all over the world. Also, don't tell me to calm down, I'm not upset. We're just having a discussion.
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