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  1. Did she do something to her face because I remember her looking older.
  2. @tradenick can you please stop posting about nipslips, seethrou, pokies or whatever else you love to masturbate?This isn't a porn forum where people go crazy if you can spot a female nipple. All you do is spam that bullshit, along with stolen photos.
  3. People say that for Adri too and then VSFS starts and she's the only one trending on twitter. Candice is the only Angel who can parallel Adri's fame. So I would say that VS still has a HUGE use for Candice.
  4. Irina Shayk tho.
  5. @tradenick I think you're on the wrong forum, dude.
  6. Thing is, most people wouldn't even care.
  7. It reminds me like that scene where Dutch is crawling from the river and Predator is chasing him.
  8. How can you dislike someone whose nickname is Tequila Taylor?
  9. Someone hacked Emma. Amanda Seyfried too.
  10. Her ex gf? Interesting.
  11. She's insecure if she has to photoshop them.
  12. Damn Candy....TWO cigarettes?!
  13. I think they win the fakes couple in Hollywood award.
  14. Yo, supermodels can be insecure too. Probably more than regular folks. Their entire social worth is based on their looks, you can see how they can be insecure about it.