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  1. Karlie Kloss

    How nice of Karlie to invite Taylor to come to the show.
  2. Barbara Palvin

    don't be a dick, I'm sure she understand what an offside is, it's not a rocket science.
  3. Gigi Hadid

    unshaven armpits...yeah, that's a no from me dawg.
  4. Emma Stone

  5. Elsa Hosk

    She officially made it in life.
  6. Doutzen Kroes

    If they're doing the whole Advent calendar thing then it should be Dec. 3rd.
  7. Doutzen Kroes

    Karlie also just stands there with a basketball. (missed opportunity to have her shoot with a keyboard)
  8. Elsa Hosk

    Fuck Wendy Williams! That bitch deserves to disappear off the face of the world.
  9. Daisy Ridley

    I love how her dad is a Star Trek fan.
  10. Doutzen Kroes

    With you writing this, I don't think you understand how financing in movie business works. First off, the movie is falling hard behind predictions and may not even break even. The reason is that movies cost a lot more than initially reported because of the massive marketing campaign. So if a movie like JL ends up with "only" as you say, $700 mil it ends up with having a bunch of people fired. The fact that movie opened $70 mil less than BvS is incredibly worrying which means that in following weeks studio will earn even less. Bulk of money comes from first week, no comic book movie earns more per week with time, money always slowly drops with each week. On top of that, there are contracts with movie theaters which say that in first few weeks (depends on each movie) studio earns bigger percentage of ticket sales, as weeks go by that percentage goes down. Translation, it's looking really bad. Also, quoting Brazil is laughable. Warner Brothers earns a lot less from foreign markets than they do from domestic. They flopped hard. Read this entire quote: It's along read but I hope you read it to see in just how much trouble DC and WB are right now.
  11. Daisy Ridley

    Mark has put on weight again which is a scary thought for Luke Skywalker character.
  12. Doutzen Kroes

    No it won't lol, it's a meaningless role. Also, Justice League is turning out to be a financial disaster because it's the lowest opening movie in DC history. They have already earned 70 million less than what Batman vs Superman did in the same time period. DC keeps screwing up.