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  1. I totally agree that balance is hard to find, very hard. And I'm not a woman, so I don't know what it's like from their perspective at all. I just believe that until we can get "real" about the biological needs and drives and both sides, the conversation is going to be very immature and continue to degrade and hurt our society at large.
  2. Actually yes it is, both men and women objectify each other, it's called attraction! Your response is exactly what's wrong right now, people can't separate normal sexuality from predatory behavior.
  3. Our society is completely screwed up over this stuff right now. There is obviously some awful behavior by some men, but it's not most men, and that behavior isn't acceptable to most people. But, and big but, humans are biological creatures with wants and needs, including sexually. Like all other creatures, at a certain point we have a "need" to want to procreate, thus sexuality. To pretend that men shouldn't sexualize women and vice-versa is ridiculous and ignores biology, we just need to get to a point where we separate unacceptable behavior from normal sexuality again.
  4. You're far kinder than reality IMO. I'm not sure they do care about sales anymore, they care about virtue signaling to a different audience now. There are SOME attractive models, mixed in with morbidly obese women, a trans woman, and the elderly. That's not the SI Swimsuit issue i grew up with or have any interest in. They've destroyed it.
  5. That was also when SI was interested in attractive models and actually selling issues.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.
  7. Other than a lack of extreme photoshop touching up, she looks exactly the same.
  8. I wouldn't call it weird, her career imploded when she decided to start suing her fans.
  9. She does have a disease... a mental illness of some type that contributes to why she overeats to that level.
  10. They should be about making money, but I don't think their current direction lines up with that priority. If they do truly believe they'll make more money with a "diverse" line up, then whoever is making the decisions is delusional. Just like Playboy, the SI Swimsuit issue is in a death spiral, partially of their own making.
  11. Bloodshot

    Megan Fox

    Looks like the same bull’s head tattoo she’s had for years. Also looks like she’s in the process of having it removed.
  12. The whole concept has essentially been destroyed by MJ already, it's really sad. I'm semi-shocked to see the inclusion of Christin and Taylor since they're, well, actually attractive.
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