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  1. Emily Ratajkowski

    Your emoji says it all, being the forum police on that level never works.
  2. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I have very little interest in this year's issue, it's sad. It used to be that actual supermodels would be part of the issue every year. Between so many unknowns and the fatties it's definitely jumped the shark.
  3. Camila Morrone

    Her mom has also been with Al Pacino for years, who's 35+ years older, so...
  4. Genevieve Morton

  5. Genevieve Morton

    You're denying reality here. The pictures from both calendars are all over the Internet, it really has nothing to do with this site. The music industry tried to fight digital distribution of its content and lost that battle badly. The movie/tv industry has been more successful because they created streaming platforms, but still fight a large amount of piracy. Anyone who thinks that content won't get online at some point, if not very quickly after it's been released, is just fooling themselves.
  6. Genevieve Morton

    So after looking at the Facebook video Genevieve posted about her frustration I will admit I'm not so sure the poster here is a fake anymore, although I'm not entirely convinced it is her either. However, I'm a big enough man to admit if I'm wrong and the evidence may be pointing that way. Saying that, I think Genevieve is way off base here based on what she said on Facebook. I definitely understand the frustrations artists have with their work being distributed on websites, which cuts into their compensation, but that's the double edged sword that exists because of the internet and fighting it isn't going to change reality. Instead of being angry that she's not selling as many calendars as she expected, she should be looking at this as great marketing and exposure for her brand. If she and her agent/manager use the trending metrics, that are publicly available, to paint the right picture it can help her get other modeling contracts that are guaranteed pay days. All industries and businesses, and a model is a businesses unto herself, need to embrace the modern world we live in and accept the realities of doing business in this world.
  7. Genevieve Morton

    I have the deed for the Golden Gate Bridge too, would you like to buy it? Seriously, I'm completely floored by the level of gullibility on here.
  8. Genevieve Morton

    What do you guys want to bet it's not her? There is zero chance that a model at her level is going to come on this site and start ranting like that. Come on guys, think about.
  9. Genevieve Morton

    Um, you guys do know you're being trolled right? If you believe that's Genevieve I have a bridge to sell you too...
  10. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Exactly! We're picky creatures that want our curves in the "right" places. Plus curvy ≠ overweight, that's just a certain segment of the population trying to usurp the term.
  11. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Thank you! I really don't understand this at all. Models are supposed to be an idealized version of beauty, not average, and especially not fat. Also, fat acceptance is NOT ok in general, it's a public health issue. As a society we decided that we wouldn't accept cigarette smoking and enacted policies to largely eliminate it from society. Unfortunately, a generation later, we now have an obesity epidemic and instead of addressing it large portions of society are trying to normalize it.
  12. Charlotte McKinney

    I agree that Charlotte "wins" the face category, but I don't think she can compete with Caroline's body at all anymore...
  13. Charlotte McKinney

    I don't think Charlotte would want to compare with Caroline!
  14. Emily Ratajkowski

    Seriously, the negativity is back? What's with hijacking this thread with the hate? If you don't like someone why not move on to someone that you do like?
  15. Emily Ratajkowski

    I would agree with you if he ever actually posted anything positive, but his posts are almost exclusively negative, the rest of us aren't here for that.