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  1. Great posts! The 5th and final pictures aren't Bar though...
  2. The eating disorder is pretty obvious sadly.
  3. I agree, Barbara is far from fat.
  4. Maybe you need higher standards. As others have pointed out also, the vast majority of these girls would never have even made the swimsuit issue 10 years ago.
  5. There are 33 "models" in this year's issue. 8 of them are fat or out of shape. 1 is bald. 1 is old as dirt. 1 is wearing a full body burqa. 1 is trans. Sorry, but having more than 1/3 of the "models" be unattractive on some level is NOT what the core audience of the SI swimsuit issue is interested in. This is supposed to be fantasy. These are supposed to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. This issue is broken and needs to die at this point.
  6. In Cailfornia we're NOT required to wear masks outdoors, only indoor public spaces. The beach is NOT a risk, no outdoor space is, unless someone is literally breathing or coughing in your face. And yes, the wind has a huge amount to do with it because transmission of Covid is done is aerosol form, aka particulates from our breath, so being outdoors where those particulates immediately are dispersed into the atmosphere is exactly why it's very hard to transmit in that environment. In fact studies have shown that you are 17-18x LESS likely the transmit covid outside vs. inside.
  7. Wear a mask on the beach? You do know studies have shown that your chances of contracting covid outdoors are extremely small, right? Especially in an environment like the beach where there's always a wind. The idea that someone should wear a mask walking down the beach is pretty ridiculous.
  8. The differences from then and now are profound and sad, even through the early 2010s the swimsuit issue was a big deal. I still remember when Bar Refaeli's cover came out, that was huge, to the point they were advertising on the side of Southwest planes here in the US.
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head, trying to be woke has killed it. From a male perspective, I have zero interest in a swimsuit issue filled with 50% overweight women, that's just NOT attractive. Modeling to me is like pro sports, you don't get there based on participation, it's merit based. As an athlete you actually have to be GOOD at your sport, you don't see a bunch of short overweight people playing in the NBA just to be inclusive. Models are supposed to be beautiful and possibly "unobtainable", not average women that you see walking down the street every day.
  10. To me they're completely different issues, though they do overlap to a degree. I think being overweight is unhealthy and shouldn't be glamorized, on top of finding it totally unattractive and unappealing. With the trans thing, as a straight male, which is who 90% of the SI swimsuit edition's audience at least used to be, I have zero interest in seeing a trans person, and zero attraction towards trans-women in general, and frankly don't understand why a publication would be pushing that on a an audience that doesn't and won't have any interest in it. It's not hard to figure out why men want to look at hot women in bikinis and a trans-woman completely kills that vibe on every level. There's a huge difference between supporting trans rights and thinking it makes sense to put a trans-person in a publication aimed at males. Now I'll freely admit that SI doesn't seem to want the swimsuit edition to be focused on a male audience anymore, but that's also why it's dying a not so slow death. Just like there are differences between the sexes there are differences between women and trans-women. Which again, doesn't mean that we don't all deserve equal rights, but it doesn't mean we're the same either.
  11. And the final nail in the coffin for the SI Swimsuit Edition to ever have any popularity again... https://www.vogue.com/article/valentina-sampaio-becomes-sports-illustrated-first-trans-model
  12. Where was this originally published?
  13. Sadly I agree, that style of hair should have stayed in the 80s.
  14. The virtue signalling is strong in this one!
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