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  1. The whole concept has essentially been destroyed by MJ already, it's really sad. I'm semi-shocked to see the inclusion of Christin and Taylor since they're, well, actually attractive.
  2. Or how about none of that is ok and it's a major driver in the divisions in the US right. To quote Barak Obama... "This idea of purity and you're never compromised and you're politically woke, and all that stuff -- you should get over that quickly. The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws."
  3. There's so much wrong with the SI Swimsuit issue now that it's almost pointless to even talk about. It's just not the same product as it was even 5 years ago.
  4. People need to stop apologizing when they haven't done anything wrong. That might start to undermine the "influence" the insane woke twitter mob seems to have right now.
  5. It's not that sharing doesn't continue after it's been posted here, it's that this isn't a site that virtually any other site pulls content from, it goes the other way. You're assuming the reach of this site is much bigger than it really is.
  6. Come on, you can't possibly believe that other sites are using Bellazon for content, it's the other way around.
  7. The content was already out there, as it always is, I didn't create that imgur album. The handwringing about sharing content gets old, the same arguments have been made since the beginning of the internet, and they're as hollow now as they were then. It's up to the content creators to find a business model that works for them to make income, that onus should not fall on consumers. Also, I don't in any way feel bad for models that they have to hustle a little for their income now, like just about any other career.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/vseOYl2
  9. It's really sad what the swimsuit issue has turned into, it's a total farce now.
  10. Not only are you conflating issues, but what you're saying is a total straw man argument. Distribution of digital data is NOT the same as that of a physical product. If you give away a burger you're out the cost of the burger itself. If someone sees digital pictures that they would never have paid for to begin with, you've lost nothing. Her entire business model is offensive.
  11. I actually disagree, and I've always thought Alejandra is very hot, but Julia is the center of attention in this shoot IMO
  12. There are not "plenty" of places in LA with snow, Mammoth and Lake Tahoe are FAR from the LA area. There are plenty of places in California with snow, but LA is a very small part of California, we're a very big state. Also, the pictures she's posted in the snow are definitely not in California. The only snow here is in the upper elevations of the mountain where it's primarily pine trees. One of the pictures she posted a month or two back looked like a snowy backyard somewhere on the East coast, most likely Boston, based on her personal life.
  13. Yes, they pay for advertising campaigns through the revenue generated from selling actual products, that's how every other model makes their living. Not this BS trying to take money directly from people, well at least not until onlyfans, which is where she belongs at this point.
  14. Any model that needs to grift her own “fans” this way doesn’t deserve anyone’s support, it’s frankly insulting. Like every other model she needs to find work that pays her without going into people’s pockets, not this failure of a business model she’s trying. If she’s this insistent on charging people directly for shots then she’s no better than most of the “models” on onlyfans. Not to mention the fact that this site tries to fight gravity sometimes, her shots are all over the internet and are not hard to find.
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