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  1. Guess jeans fall campaign 2017
  2. Her lips are real, you can tell from the movement in them when she talks, they aren't stiff like fake lips
  3. Kara Del Toro with Elite Los Angeles 5'8" 33 22.5 34
  4. New face with Models 1 5'7.5
  5. I have a question, i amm just curious about, i know its ñot a big deal but sie one should know what im mtalking about, I have been a huge adriana fan for quite some time, in her recent pictures she looks absolutely stunning! Now I'm not saying that adriana hasn't always been absolutely gorgeous, because obviously she has, but there was a year or two there when it seemed as if something was a little bit off, she just looked different to me, i thought it was weight gain or something, but now after her second baby she has more meat than ñormal but is just as gorgeous as ever, does anyone know whà
  6. fyi: for thoes of you surprised that she was smoking, Newsflash almost all of the models smoke, a lot also do coke or have done coke, yes even vs models i know this for a fact...... smoking is no surprise at all, modeling is extremely stressful
  7. the last shot i am posting is killerr!!!
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