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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 (POST-SHOW Thread)


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I won't say the show was bad this year, it was an approvement on last year, but it still lacked something. I thought that although some of the girls posing was over the top, the energy really was just not there this year. I thought the casting was going to be great this year based on final call backs but most of the new girls selected really didn't stand out to me. The major plus this year is that the outifts seemed alot better. Only a few truely sucked or looked cheap. Aside from the first sections crazy editing the rest of it was not bad. My favorite part was when the girls talked about one another. Really sweet and cute. The only girls that stood out to me where Alessandra, Isabeli,Candice,Behati,Maryna, and Katsia. Constance first walk was really strong though, and Adriana looked beautiful, but could she please tone it down just alittle? Emanuela and Gracie were both gorgeous but not featured enough, and Lais kinda let me down :/ Same for Izabel. Love Rosie, just wish her hair were darker again. When they showed old clips of her I remember why I loved her so much. Overall it was a better year. Next year I hope they keep the good costume design and focus on the models, but improve on the energy of the show. It just seemed drained in most places

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So I really liked this show. I have to say I watched it on HD on TV, which I think is important because watching it on the internet wasn't the same. You don't get to see all the little details and how glittery everything is.

The only things that I truly despised was the music for the Country segment (BORING), and how quick the editing was. Although, I don't see a real solution to the latter. When you have that many girls modelling, it's kind of hard to give more than a few seconds to each one. I think next year, the show should run for 2 hours, not one. That way we don't miss anything, because while I wanted to see more of each girl walking, I don't want the background stuff cut either.

Reading comments on TFS, I can see a lot of people didn't like Candice's monologue thing, but I liked it. I felt like she was reading a personal diary entry to us, so it worked.

However, I wish at least a part of that time was devoted to the fantasy bra, which wasn't mentioned, at ALL. Not even by the narrator. Why would you make a 2 million bra, put in your show, and not even mention it? And the outfit was kind of bland as well. They should have given Adri Chanel's wings, although I think they would have had to claw them out of her hands first.

My favorite segments: Game On, followed by Wild Things, followed by Tough Love.

Least favorite segments: Heavenly Bodies and PINK. Those didn't do much for me, even though Heavenly Bodies was the segment I was most looking forward to.

Choreography was great and saved this show from a lot of the models who were just boring. I don't mean to be rude, but a lot of the new girls are just not that entertaining to watch. It was mostly the VS veterans that kept the energy up, with the dancers filling in the rest.

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Now the models. I'm not going to go through all of them, because I can't remember all of them and some are kind of hard to differentiate.

1) Adriana: First, thank God she didn't get a spray tan. Remember her awful tan in 08? Anyway, that face is mesmerizing. And I think she is doing a good job as a "lead Angel." She clearly seems and acts like a veteran compared to all the new girls. I don't mind her pointing and blowing kisses, because I think some level of fan interaction is needed in a show like this, and who better to do it than her? At least with her it seems natural, and not, "Oh I don't know what else to do, *blow kiss*."

2) Candice: Oh Candice. Probably the model I was most looking forward to seeing (HUGE fan). But it seems like from the pre-show promotions to the actual show, my fears from a few years back are being confirmed. The more and more we get to know her, the more I see that she has no personality whatsoever. I think when you're that hot and you're constantly reminded, you begin to depend solely on your looks and not on your modeling ability and personality, so the latter two become lackluster. I feel like if I had to interview her, I would be incredibly disappointed. It's sad because she's easily the hottest Angel that VS has ever had. To me, that white outfit in Heavenly Bodies was the best one in the show because her body looked so spectacular in it. But she's not my favorite model this year at all.

I wish she had worn the harp wings.

3) Alessandra: The biggest surprise. In the last year I basically felt like she's past her prime for VS. Nevermind. She looked amazing on the show, worked the runway, and made me fall in love with her all over again. Unlike Candice, she has such a personality and presence that even though she isn't as attractive as Candice, my eyes go to her. She demands attention, and so she gets it.

4) Rosie: My new favorite model. She is so cute. Her voice, her body, her everything. I agree with Adriana that she is the "sex bomb." Something about her walk is just so sexy and sultry. It does help that she consistently seems to have a great sense of humor.

5) Isabeli: Oh my God. The closing segment in Game On couldn't have been more perfect. One of my favorite closings ever. That confidence and that body! It was like Naomi doing her thing...just owning the runway. I don't think any of the other models could have pulled that off as well as she did.

56 Erin: Another surprise. I pretty much disliked her as a "Supermodel." She started to grow on a lot of people a few months back, and now I've caught Erin fever as well. Her opening for Game On was really cute and I liked how she actually came across as an Angel-Boxer, without looking stupid, which she easily could have done.

7) Behati: Just adorable. She worked one of the worst outfits this year and actually convinced me that no, Shey, it's a GOOD outfit.

8), 9), 10), 11), 12): Anja, Chanel, and Lily didn't do anything for me at all. Julia as well for that matter (unlike the majority of people I did NOT want her cast, please bring back Angela). Jessica Stam is a disappointment...I love her but she looked like she's coming down from a high. I don't know if it's her fault or styling, but that is the impression I got and it doesn't help that she's competing with a lot of fresh-faced beauties.

13), 14): I also didn't see the big fuss about KK or Emanuela. KK didn't really wow me at all. Her walk wasn't like it used to be, and neither is her body. Emanuela looked amazing but I didn't feel like her walk was as great as people rave about. It seems to me like she simply got to walk at a very dramatic moment. Isabeli is an example of someone who took advantage of a special event on the runway and used it to her advantage. For Emanuela's walk, it wasn't so much of her doing anything, as it was circumstantial.

15), 16): I remember liking Maryna and Magdalena so I hope to see them in future shows.

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Actually I want to correct myself. I don't think Candice has no personality. I'm sure she's a really sweet girl in person. I just don't think she's good at conveying it to strangers and on camera. I think she needs to stop relying so much on her fantabulous figure and work on that. With a catchy personality and her looks, she could easily be the next true supermodel.

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I prefer Rosie with darker hair color.

Agreed, a million times over. Her hair was terrible. Not only was the color bad, but it looked like she didn't even get it done in the backstage preparations. I said in the past that I thought she should go red, and I still believe that. She doesn't have to go fire engine red, but a nice auburn color would work on her.

Adam Rodriguez said that they couldn't fit his part into the show

Good. The show already felt rushed as is. Imagine how short it would have seemed with Adam's waste of space skits thrown in there.

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Hi, I'm TV's Adam Rodriguez - and no, I'm like totally fine, no offence taken...

So, once more in flurry of erratic editing and pointless shots of Paris wittering about something irrelevant to Nicky the show ends and we assess. In all honesty, nothing's really changed - I still intensely dislike who I intensely dislike, I'm still non-plussed by the majority, I still manage to forget certain models were even there... These events almost become their own self-fulfilling prophecies, we find what we sought to seek out to begin with. No surprises for who impressed me, but then I was always going to say that wasn't I?

Actually, in the absence of 'comedy' Heidi and the clearly deliberate whitewashing of 2009's "Model Search", VS finally seems to have figured out their democratisation process - and all the "Angels" got a fairly equal billing and screen-time not seen since 2006. This is progress. Now, you can misconstrue the following as Lima-'bashing' if you want, but it isn't really meant that way - I just found it refreshing that this wasn't the 'ADRIANAFEST' (assisted by Mr Rodriguez) that was mooted. VS has 8 "Angels" in play - use 8! (Note the quotation marks, "Angel"-deniers!) We all like different girls, and surely that was the point of having a selection of ambassadors for the brand to begin with? This year they seemed to understand that again, and so everyone was represented. Of course lots of people like Adriana, and understandably want to see more of her - but not all of us do. Some of us want to see others, and if we get to then we're not so likely to be as pithy and surly in regards to your favourite! Surely this is, ultimately, a positive thing?

We had just that one little extra really, of the "Angels" talking about each other. Short, concise, a nice introduction for those of us who don't know who these goddesses are... Didn't overstay it's welcome. Plus, it was RELEVANT! We could read between the lines of some of the things that were said ( :whistle: ) - but that would just be churlish!

But, with a step forward we seem to always have two steps back, And, unfortunately, we have regressed to irritating audience shots once more. Last year was very restrained (possibly because they were so keen to shove as many simpering shots of Kylie and Jamie Lee into our faces as able) and we had but one audience pan to land on a fairly non-plussed Jay-Z! This year has gone back to pre-2009 famous-people 'wank-fest' that reached it's vomit-inducing zenith with Adam Levine's continual Jack-In-The-Box antics. Actually his mates were even worse: "OK, Adam I'll jump up now too. Please can I stay in Maroon 5, Adam? PLEASE?" We get it, you get to go out with a VS model (although it was only Anne V, one of the most bland of the night :sleep: ), congratulations! I am jealous, sure, but you're not helping. Plus, I've got more "Rock" in my fucking thumb you AOR pap-ster... We didn't need to see that more than once - or even once actually, but I'm being generous.

The other thing I didn't need at all was those damn voices. Again! Maybe they are meant to convey the drama and hectic pace of backstage? All they continue to do is irritate me with their stating-the-obvious and random interjections that serve no purpose whatsoever. Twice I was told Ale had "left the stage". TWICE. Both times I could see she had left the stage as they decided to show me that as opposed to what was actually happening on the bloody stage that I would have been slightly more interested in seeing. Indeed this peculiar VSFS anomaly could only be of use to a blind viewer who, in all honesty, is pretty much shit out of luck when it comes to enjoying this experience anyway. "Akon's on the move" they ramped up the tension, as Akon remained sitting in his dressing-room unimpressed. Who is actually hearing all that shit anyway? Except each other. As far as I can tell the models aren't. That 'fluffer' guy probably is, but then he's too full of his own bullshit platitudes to listen to anybody else's: "Go out there and rock it. Just rock it" - gee thanks, hadn't considered that!

I liked the stage. I don't know what all that Club Victoria/Rodriguez nonsense was ultimately meant to convey - but the resulting supper-club setting was sumptuous and surprisingly intimate. The little lamps particularly. By and large I liked the sets, the music was slightly blah, but I liked the 'Game On' segment mix.

And the models. Aside from what I said in the beginning, I have to mention that I loved Gracie Carvalho's 3 seconds of fame - as much as I was disappointed by the terrible editing that meant I got to see hardly anything of Magdalena. Rosie wasn't looking her best I admit (and I am a big Rosie fan), but I can only assume her 'bad' hair was a consequence of having to keep the same barnet for Transformers 3 continuity? I know how important those kind of details are (even to Michael Bay). Maryna Linchuk was superb in her no-nonsense attitude towards those balloons (you could almost hear her swearing as she properly punched them out of her way)! And Isabeli was so gorgeous in that (albeit hokey) weightlifting walk that I was almost in a cold-sweat. If anyone could look more like my idealised version of Wonder Woman I don't think I could take it!

But, I think I should end with this bizarre segue. Somebody definitely needed to get the defibrillators out for Candice's monotone 'thought-piece' - talk about flat-lining... I'm sure I nodded off somewhere in the middle of that too. But this, this was a classic line:

"As my transformation begins. I start to prepare myself mentally..."

Shouldn't take long then.

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The other thing I didn't need at all was those damn voices. Again! Maybe they are meant to convey the drama and hectic pace of backstage? All they continue to do is irritate me with their stating-the-obvious and random interjections that serve no purpose whatsoever. Twice I was told Ale had "left the stage". TWICE. Both times I could see she had left the stage as they decided to show me that as opposed to what was actually happening on the bloody stage that I would have been slightly more interested in seeing. Indeed this peculiar VSFS anomaly could only be of use to a blind viewer who, in all honesty, is pretty much shit out of luck when it comes to enjoying this experience anyway. "Akon's on the move" they ramped up the tension, as Akon remained sitting in his dressing-room unimpressed. Who is actually hearing all that shit anyway? Except each other. As far as I can tell the models aren't. That 'fluffer' guy probably is, but then he's too full of his own bullshit platitudes to listen to anybody else's: "Go out there and rock it. Just rock it" - gee thanks, hadn't considered that!

My personal fave was "Great job, Lily!".

Doesn't beat last year's "One word, youkilledit!" but still...

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I was pretty disappointed. The outfits were, for the most part, decent to good, minus a few travesties. Poor Jac. Edita was stunning - probably my favorite of the night, I have to say. Erin was adorable, and I loved her boxing outfit. Nobody could've pulled it off like her. Rosie is usually my favorite, but she looked tired and her outfits, especially in Wild Kingdom, fell flat and the last one was definitely NOT flattering. Maybe on somebody with a darker skin tone it could've been stunning, but not on her. It was all very washed out. Chanel will never cease to irritate me and make me wonder why they've cast a twelve year old boy in the show. As for Adriana - it amazes me that somebody so over the top manages to be so boring. Maryna was FIERCE and I really would've liked to see her in Wild Kingdom instead of Pink. Heavenly Bodies was blah, and the fact that they didn't promote the Fantasy Bra at all seemed very pointless. Alessandra, who I am typically not a fan of at all, looked awesome and she rocked it! I expected a lot more out of Izabel and was pretty disappointed. I actually liked Country Girls - but with so many good, upbeat country songs to pick from, why play that snorefest music? Lily Donaldson was amazing - they need to cast her again next year. And seriously. Closing with Pink? Blah. They should've closed with Wild Kingdom instead - it was definitely the strongest segment. (I LOVED the outfits in Tough Love though. LOVED.)


No Abbey. *sobs*

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The only angel that stood out this year was Erin. She looked amazing. The rest of the angels were basic... Also, Adriana was pretty forgettable this year. (This is coming from an Adriana-stan)

Candice, Nicki has something to say...


I could not agree more.
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I'm sorry if this has been asked on here before but is there a list of all the models who participated in the show anywhere on Bellazon? Thanks.

The whole list segment by segment it's on VS Holic http://vsholic.com/gallery/2010/

I wouldn't have noticed the Fantasy Bra if it wasn't pointed out... in this thread.

I would be additionally appreciative if someone could tell me who the model from 1:19-1:29 is in the PINK segment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QYJxse9gMY


It's Jessica Stam

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I know I was going to give a long winded description of what I liked in the show and what I hated... but I'm having a pretty shitty month... so here's the abridged version:

The Good

- Erin Heatherton: Flawless. Haters stay pressed. ;)

- Emanuela De Paula: Boring face, but best body in the entire show. BEST BODY!

- Magdalena: Cutie with a bootie.

- Maryna: Showing everyone that NOT making faces is fierce and sexy. Thank you... So so much.

- Behati: A bit 'pudgy' for my liking, but she was wonderful.

- Gracie: Sleeper stunner.

- Lily D.: Your lack of hips is made up by the fact that... I don't even know... She just looked flawless.

-Flavia: She does cute right. :wub:

The Bad

- Lima: Oh sweetie. I know that you're trying to be eager, cute, and energetic... But dear God...

- KK: What happened? :blink:

- Anja: Eat something and wtf if up with her hips/waist... Face? No gracias.


- Chanel: <_<

- Rosie: Bloated face and her body wasn't all that great this time around.

- Heloise: Go away... forever.

- Edita: Too thin, and isn't 'sexy'. Go bake cookies or something, you look motherly/matronly in your 'aura'. :rofl:

- Constance: Same.

- Stammy: What happened to your face? And muscle-y as hell. :ninja:

- Lily Whatever the brunettes last name is cause I forgot and I'm too lazy to look her up right now: Ugh. That face? Does not like. That body? Does not like.

The Fence

- Candice: You lost too much weight, so now your upper body looks like its going to break off from the rest of your body. Never talk again. Ever. Still, lovely walk and poses.

- Lais: Great in pictures, boring as all hell on the runway.

- Katisa: ... Where? Oh you mean that one time where she looked barely recognizable as every other pretty blond?

- Aless: Sometimes yes sometimes no... W/e

- Fabiana: Pretty girl. But I didn't see too much of her, and I bet you money her body would've been a tad lean for the show.

- Shannon: I know I like you, but this year you lost me.

- Anne V: Same.

- Caroline Winberg: Wonderful girl, but she NEVER looks good on the VS runway.

- Isabeli F.: Eh.

- Selita: You get a free-pass from 'The Bad' because I honestly think you have no conceivable notion about what to do on the runway. Her body doesn't do it for either.

- Liu: Cutie-pie, but lacks the figure needed.

- Lindsay E.: Eh.


- Jacquelyn Jablonski: What did they do to you?!?!?!?

The Music

- Eh.

The Set

- Lovely.

The Performances

- I would've liked the men dancing around like fools had they been hot.

- Akon: Not as annoying as I thought it would be, but awful song.

- Katy Perry: So pretty... But mute is necessary.


- Flaivas outfit was lovely as was Lima's opening one.

- Everything else was pretty crap. Sure, they look alright and some are 'cute', but cheap materials and color clashing is NOT SEXY. Cohesiveness is needed. Just because they all fall under one theme doesn't mean they look good smashed together into one segment. Continuity/Flow fail.

- The FB: What? We had one? WHEN?! Did Flavia wear it? :whistle:


- Pretty bad actually


- NOT bad, but could be better


- Atrocious. Horrible. Awful. Some demonic creature did it. Kill it. Drown it in holy water if you must.

Rating: 4/10

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Finally watched the show, and well, as usual there were good things and pretty bad things.

So let's start with the good:

- Adriana, Alassandra, Candice (even though her little talk before the Country Girls segment felt like she was reciting it), Erin was better than I thought she would be, Maryna was great, as usual, so was Flavia.

- The outfits were pretty nice, except maybe Pink, I don't think I liked a single outfit in this segment

- When I looked at the pictures I HATED the shoes, but in motion, it's not so bad after all.

The bad

- KK was not as good as I thought she would be. I was a little disappointed. Same with Edita.

- I don't get why Julia is always casted for this show. Runway is not her thing, she always looks so stiff.

- I don't know what changed since 2006 but until that show, I thought the music selection was always good. Since 2007 I don't think I've like the music they picked even once. And music Is very important to me, so I don't enjoy watching the recent shows because of it.

- Ending the show with the Pink segment wasn't a great idea in my opinion.

- I didn't like the fact that Akon and Katie were last on the runway, the models should be the stars not them. And I noticed that models weren't even in the opening credits either. That's not right.

So overall, I'm going to stay positive (for once) and say thet there's some improvement compared to last year, in the outfits and I'm looking forward to next years' show.

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Which Lily is which?

And what do you mean Lindsay: Eh! Girl was working that bend and snap during PINK. Much better than Witherspoon.

Fixed the Lily confusion. :laugh:

and Lindsay? I look at her and all I see of her face is O_O. her body does nothing for her. I am completely apathetic towards her figure. Her walk looks like those kids at nine who model for 'agencies' and while the walk is right... it's boring and worked, slightly chipper... And it makes me feel dead inside. :ninja:

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I have to say that I thought the show itself was a disappointment after the early photographs showed a lot of promise. I can't really define what was wrong with it yet, I think the best summary I can give is that it was a paint-by-the-numbers VSFS in which they just checked all the boxes but took very little - if any - chances with the format. Combined with very few girls truly standing out - not even my favorite Candice - and you get a very forgettable show.

Even Izabel who I honestly expected to sizzle based on the earlier pictures never really stood out in the TV show itself.

And this must have been one of the worst editions when it comes to the music. Very little creativity, no memorable tracks. I can remember shows (like the 2003 one) where the music was one of the best features.

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