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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 (POST-SHOW Thread)

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i didn't really have time to take a look at all the runway pictures before the actual show, so from that i was pleasantly surprised by the show.

though i have to admit, the models should learn from maryna (i think that's her name), she had a fierce walk and never overdid anything by the little kissy faces, pointing, V-shaped arms in the arm, pumping arms, etc. those are really annoying, which is why i absolutely hated 2007's show. overly enthusiastic models.

but i did like this years. although i was disappointed by the fantasy bra, yet again. other models' outfits in the heavenly bodies segment stood out a lot more, and they didn't even narrate/talk about the fantasy bra!! candice's voice is sooo.....boring. why on earth would they make her narrate stuff and not talk about the fantasy bra.

i think katy perry was an excellent choice for a performer!! i loved her 'firework' song and i actually loved that they ended the show with the pink segment. the outfits in the pink segment are always whatever, but for me its always fun and energetic (even though the girls are over the top with their energy) but it's such a fun/cute segment.

but anyways the music was whatevs, but went pretty well with the themes of the show segments. anyways hopefully next year's will be even better!

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Show was pleasant, but not absolutely....

Too has noticed that Marina was at all in mood... I suspect following show it don't take...

Adam the good fellow so supported the girl! The good fellow...

It is a pity that VS have forgotten about the old models ((((it wasn't beautiful.... They the best, and them nobody will replace....

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the hair was way too flat...i wish they do '05 for next year...i especially didn't like julia's...it looked like a wig.

bothered about cinita..that katia chick was a great surprise imo, wish they use her next year.casting over all was good, imo besides the obvious sub and the addition of isabeli, but i f'n quit on that, may this ass be there next year n rock it like she always does..anyway

editing was better than recent years...

yup the music sucked..but i did hear the temper trap so happy about that..i didnt care for akon's song even though i got mad love for his stuff n i think katy perry did an awsome job...

loved the wings...lindsay's was my favorite...

were was the hype on the bra? i agree...could have used more hype...i guess were being respectful to the fact that there is a recession? idk..

the sets were nice...i liked the sets a lot actually...the themes were good too.

for themes i was thinking like a victorian courtesan type, or like a mardi gras type since they want energy n hype imo i think that'll do...or sexy pirates, no haters, not with an eye patch and a hook hand..or the horoscope signs..i'd still like to see that 50's theme..letterman jacket, lil poodle skirt or the badass in a lether jacket..ooh! put rosie in that..i'd still like to see a christmas theme again..i still stand by like a santa's workshop/santa's little helpers..cute elves..sexy mrs. clause..

i gotta say they really need to stop giving julia that damn skirt thing..wtf, talk about beating a dead horse...cant remember all of the show..post more when i remember..

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the hair was way too flat...i wish they do '05 for next year...i especially didn't like julia's...it looked like a wig.

I too very much didn't like hair, they were awful.... The best hairdresses were in 2006, it is more than volume

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So here is my opinion:

1st segment: Tough Love

Liked it very much - the music fitted with it - models with great outfits!

Adriana - could be less "HEY I'M HERE"!i love you but stop with so many gestures and sending kisses and hearts!you don't need that to be awesome!

Lily D. - GOD!amazing!flawless!i don't have words to describe!One of the best of this segment and the whole show!

Alessandra - This hair doesn't fit you well!Of course you are gorgeous!but could look even better!Had a little trouble with the outfit but ok!

Anja - Well I'm not a huge fan of her she was ok...

Magdalena - cute, I didn't know her before!I liked her in this segment!Knew how to work out the outfit!

Maryna - loved to see her!she's great!beautiful!

Rosie - I like her but we could see that she was kinda REALLY tired this year!And I prefer her with a darker hair color!she knows she can do better!

Julia - She is really gorgeous but...I don't know why I don't like to see her catwalk...so no!

Candice - she looked sweet as always...i liked how she closed it but she wasn't like stunning!

Best girls: Lily D., Magdalena and Maryna

Ok..:Adriana, Alessandra, Anja, Rosie and Candice

Not good: Julia

Best outfits: Lily D., Magdalena and Candice

Worst outfits: Julia

2nd segment:Country Girls

Overall a nice segment, but nothing really stunning!It reminded me a lot of previous segments in other years...but cool!

Candice - I really liked her opening...I think she was the best one to be in that position so...one of the best!

Edita - nice job!you are amazing!

Rosie - same as before - her face looked like she was sleepy or something

Alessandra - of course she was nice!

Lindsay - I liked her!nothing else to say

Lily - GOD!how can you be an angel?!Don't like!

Jessica - same as rosie she was better in other years...but ok

Maryna - was great again!

Constance - did a nice job!she fitted well with this segment

Gracie - she looks graceful lol

Anne V. - did a good job but nothing really mind blowing - I would prefer someone else closing

Best girls: Candice, Edita, Maryna and Constance

Worst girls: Lily A.

Ok: Rosie, Alessandra, Lindsay, Jessica, Gracie and Anne V.

Best outfits: Candice, Rosie, Constance and Anne V.

Worst outfits: Alessandra

3rd segment: Game On

It's my favorite of the whole show!very original and well thought!congrats!

Erin: I need to confess that when I saw that she would open I doubt that she could make it like a more mature angel but actually she was one of the best!

Izabel - she was very nice but there were better ones

Chanel - Here I liked her entrance!

KK - Classy as always, I enjoyed it

Lais - Did nothing really special...was ok

Behati - I loved it!!overall this year

Adriana - her 2nd best entrance of this year...but ok!

Liu - she did a good job!but was not very fortunate with that outfit..

Shannan - Liked her!!

Isabeli - WOW!fantastic!amazing!best moment of the show!

best girls: Erin, KK, Behati and Isabeli

worst girls: Chanel and Lais maybe

Ok: Izabel, Adriana, Liu and Shannon

Best outfits: Erin and Isabeli, KK too

worst outfits: Lais, Adriana and Liu

4th segment: Heavenly Bodies

Liked it but it really reminded me a lot of that segment in 2005 where Seal sang...BUT i didn't like AKON there bleh!and i noticed clearly that he was doing playback so...

Chanel - she impressed me but did too much with the hands bleh!

Magdalena - prefered the 1st entrance much more...

Lily D. - goddess again!

Anja - liked it kinda ok...

Izabel - loved it!she looked beautiful with it and fitted very good!

Katsia - good job!

Martha - jesus!no comment...didn't like

Flavia - WOW one of the best of this segment without a doubt...

Adriana - what a disappointment again...the FB shouldn't be presented like that!

Candice - sweetness

Julia - the same as before but now she was better

Best girls: Lily D., Izabel and Flavia

Worst girls: Martha and Adriana

Ok: Chanel, Magdalena, Anja, Katsia, Candice and Julia

best outfits: Chanel, Lily D., Izabel, Katsia and Flavia

worst outfits: Martha

5th segment: Wild Things

Nice one but also reminded me previous years...

Alessandra - good opening!in my opinion her best walk this year

Rosie - seemed happier and woke up lol

Erin - she is so cute!looked amazing!

Selita - OH MY GOD!i don't even want to think!she wants to do everything at the same time and that's the result...

Lais - good job but nothing really blast!

Emanuela - WOW!amazing moment!

Isabeli - of course she didn't have focus like the other entrance but really good!

Anne V. - liked her here

Liu - besides her awful outfits she is nice

Caroline - good

KK - liked it

best girls: Alessandra, Rosie, Emanuela and KK

worst girls: Selita

Ok: Erin, Lais, Isabeli, Anne V., Liu and Caroline

best outfits: Alessandra, Erin and KK

Worst outfits: Liu

6th segment - Pink

Overall it was my favorite from last years...maybe because of the music lol

Behati - really liked her entrance!

Jessica - nothing special...she can do better

Lindsay - cute!liked it

Edita - here looked another pink girl...cute though

Shannan - i really liked her entrance!

Heloise: JEEZ...a lot going on there...

Fabiana - like i usually say she is a little bread without salt...if u know what I mean

Maryna - though I think she is not a Pink model...she went pretty good!

Jacquelyn - did a good job besides the outfit

Lily A. - I don't like your smile sorry

Constance - OK, nothing else to say

Chanel - i overall liked it - but another one would close the show so much better!!she should not be chosen to close it...anyway

best girls:Behati, Lindsay, Shannan and Maryna

worst girls: Heloise, Fabiana and Lily A.

ok: Jessica, Edita, Jacquelyn, Constance and Chanel

best outfits: Behati, Heloise and Maryna

worst outfits: Fabiana and Jacquelyn

But overall...the best since 2006 without a doubt!they are working out to return to better years...let's hope for even better next year!

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I actually like this show than the previous show. I didn't like the performance. My favorite one was Erin Heatherton she rock the show. I miss doutzen in the show. hope to see her this year.

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Re-watched it for the first time last night. It truly wasn't a memorable edition. Even in most weaker years, there are a few stand-out moments you know you'll remember, but I honestly can't think of many in the 2010 show. Perhaps Candice opening that second segment? Minus the scripted voice-over she did before it started. That almost ruined it.

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hind sahli has lais qualities IMO! so i hope they consider her

bring back heloise, she wasn't bad at all, but let's see if she can pick it a notch and be awsome..which i know she can be

i missed abbey, bring her back

like i mentioned, didn't love the hair, too flat..needs body..i'd love to see 05 or 06 hair..

want kk back too, but less bronzer babe..

really glad that miranda and doutzen will be back..

hope liu is back too..VS, yall triffln as all hell, STOP GIVING HER THE RETARTED S#*T! well the second outfit was actually good...

GEMMA, DARIA AND NATALIA!!!!! yeah it's a long shot,..but what a kickass way for gemma to stick it back to part of the fashion industry that turned their back on her...a great big o "F*@k YOU, I'M NOT FAT!!" If she's not comfortable in a two piece, stick her in a corset and some wings to hide what she's not comfortable showing, give her the tyra treatment.

if her people are reading this, PLEASE CONVINCE HER!! PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!

emily didonato would be great to see too..

theme wise i freakn give up man...but i better be entertaining damn it and NO MORE POTTERY INSPIRATION!!!

music, i like these...

that line, strong enough to bare the children then get back to business totally yells out doutzen, miranda and adriana

this one is just fun IMO do a tokyo drift, you know..cars..SUPER BASS..sound system, harajuku girl type of theme..seeing that they love to throw some off the wall, randome shit together all the damn time <_<

this has a great beat and i'd love to see the strong walkers strut to it, like kk, maryna and NATASHA POLY (come back please!!)

this screams PINK to me...lately its been too cutesy and bubble gum and it's getting old..time to flip it around...no i really don't think it's endorsing being a hoe..its a song, loosen up...

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okay, so it's very true that these next three look very young...but i think these three have the look for pink..

IMO, i would rather see young women like these blowing the kisses, making hearts with their hands,waving the arms up and down like your bringing in an airplane, pointing at random shit but with a smile so its cute, winking and all the other annoying bs that we hate

IMO, adri, ale and those who are thirty or almost thirty need to seriously STOP, walk with the swag of a pro and show all these young hoes up.

show them that it doesn't take all the extra stuff to hype up the crowd, the presence of a bad b!@ch is enough...

but like i said, i'd rather see these three girls do it instead of the vets..

Milou Sluis, Romee Strijd and Rosie Tupper...IMO their look fits in with behati and chanel

yeah they look young, but pink is pink..it's more costume then anything..they'd be coverd up for the most part

barbera palvin and cinita dicker would be great too..toni garnn and flavia, well i'd love to see toni in any segment...

heard this song..liked it..

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she reminds me of a mix of Tanya D. and Angelina Jolie. IMO this is a very good thing :drool:

but i saw a video on youtube from fashion t.v. i think it was, they followed her around for a day or whatever...

i wasn't as impressed as i hoped i'd be by her personality..im telling myself it was just nerves...NATY CHABANENKO

i hope VS considers her for pink and hopefully some of the regular over caffeinated tarts will rub off on her..

or maybe she actually did show personality and i'm just programed to look for the female version of the wiggles when it comes to PINK

or the VSFS as of late..

i swear guys im a UBER fan of the show but they seriously need to cut back on the bs and get back to what put them on the map... A FASHION SHOW...some waving and stuff is tolerable but OMG not throughout the whole show..as always, imo

these are the wiggles for those who are lost by my reference..

I was watching the hangover and heard peggy lee's fever..i think that song and VS are a great combo, would LOVE to hear it in the show this year

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in 07 the opening and in 10 part 5 they used animal prints and the wings and prints looked similar IMO

in 03 part 5 and 05 the finale, the used Good Luck by basement jaxx feat. lisa kekaula by the way i HATE this f@#king song :yuckky:

the keep sticking julia in that long skirt with the the wide hip thing..

my point...they repeat some ideas...

i'd love for them to repeat the glacial godesses segment..i loved most of those pieces, hana's i didn't for some reason, loved the hat though.

but that was well put together IMO...do that one again..

in 05, were seal performed and heidi came out with the wings that light up, that segment was great too...

in 06 it looke like alice in wonderland to me, angela's hat, rosie's gate corset CUTE, so was flavia's SO CUTE!! the deck of cards on julia's and

selita's outfits, the back of julia's skirt..i don't know the actual title for that segment, but it felt like alice in wonderland..IMO..the slanted door..cute

IMO do that again..those were cute outfits..but add a mad hatter or tweedle dee and tweedle dumb..OH! do something VS hasn't done (i think)

and have two models walk out for that one..

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and hope they consider it...great band, great melody, great song..as always..imo

yeah its a lil vintage..but they had seal perform love divine in 05's show and that came out in 03 i think..yeah it was relevent cause of heidi's comeback, but still...it was an older song...which is my point..

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like i said i'd like for them to use some ideas again, seeing that they have already. i'd like to hear this song but have the dj speed it up a bit..

and i LOVED the winter forest thing they used in 01, that was visually stunning! IMO this would be great to redue..the only people that would know that it's been done already is us, if you think about it..who the hell else out there would see it and think "omg, wasn't that done already?

the backdrop to the glacial goddess was good but i think it would look great with the forest behind them..plus the carol of the bells and the snow they had in 06..IMO this would look great.i cant stress this enough..IMO

and am i seeing things or did a see a couple of red heads in this clip? :blink::blink:

i think ten years is a big enough gap..bring back the trees and finally cast CINITA AND LILY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :cry:

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