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  1. I am with on that one..a great mix of both.. on supermodels.nl anna selezneva has a spread in Vogue Paris.. i love how love how she looks here..long hair, soft make-up, imo she has that maryna sultry look to her... i love her walk...i hope they give her a shot..when i think of her all i can see are cheekbones and big blue eyes..but i want to be proven wrong like i said she looks like VS material in that Vogue spread...as always, imo..hope to see her too..
  2. I hope Josefien Rodermans and Jasmine Tookes repalce Ieva and Jessica for pink this year
  3. i think she would be refreshing to see after the angels do their blowing kisses and flapping thier hands.. i think she has that power gaze like angela lindval has, she has the same "dont fuck with me" look on the runway like joan has, but look how joan switched it up..she was soft and suprised us all..i really think she can do the same... i have always had my eye on her and now that joan made it and shined, i have hopes for her she actually has breasts and a lil ass..and she can walk..she's no neomi, but she's no marissa...i hope IMG can manage to get her to castings she's not the VS norm, but thats what i love about her..i think she can rock it, imo, of course
  4. them! wanna here them on the show candice had one of her outfits made in india..why not a maharaja wedding type theme...very classy, colorful, tastefully bedazzled..
  5. as far as vets go...i know for sure i'd love to see the line up in the video again before they get older and REALLY reject the idea ...by what i've seen, they've kept up pretty well, imo of course...i mean, helena is still modeling bras, i forget the brand..and CT is still with maybelline, it think...and they are NOT 25, ya know, they still look good...and as far as not being featured enough, i'd love to just see them in the opener and see them close the show..two outfits..with the current angels mixed in the segments, naturally...there are six segments, i'd put the selected fillers in the middle of the show..this is just ME though, I know who i'd have..but as previously stated..they probably won't want to do the show to begin with....stubborn dicks <_< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSFsy6bHg2M at 0:25 and 1:45, man just the sight of that line up honestly still gives me chills
  6. adele has the personality to carry a show, like she's not some sap who sings nothing but sad songs, she's really funny...i hope they get her.. it starts at 9:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrBoWIR8Ogk and she's a riot here...VS is about personality...well, she has plenty..she may not be flashy with piro's and dancers, but her personality n voice would be more than enough to draw in viewers...imo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_xRlRVQNnM
  7. a few of my girls asked me if i thought that VS was getting too gimmicky after the show aired...i don't think they are..i mean i think we all agree some of their outfits leave most of us feeling like WTF? :yuckky: <_< I'm one of the ones who loves themes for the show, but maybe it won't hurt to cut back i guess? idk, what i do know is that the great gatsby is being filmed directed by baz luhrmann and should be a smash at the box office this summer (LEO, CARREY AND GEMMA!!!! ) not to mention that 20's inspiration was seen in the spring collections recently.. so my point, why not do a flapper's inspired theme..imo, it would be relevant... that era is considered to be simply but sexy...key word SIMPLE...for those who think less is more.. someone, i don't know who or where i read it, said (referring to budget) VS should worry less on too many big name artists and instead bring back some vets for that year..i personally think this is a brilliant idea...i guess meaning as far as music goes, consentrate more on excellent mixes like in 05 (i like the way you move opener, snoop dogg in russian babes) and 06 (beware of the dogs and the killers with the airline gingle) but i dont want to put words in whoevers mouth but yeah, one or two great artists singing one or two of their best hits, depending on who they get, would be good..imo!! i would want to see rhianna with adele..rhianna got the new album with this and adele..well, don't have to say a motherfuckn word about that...BUT rolling in the deep would be good for the girls to stomp and sashay to..imo the red hot chilli peppers are being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame this year, they are, imo, a great band and have plenty of hits to choose from plus the new album..and beyonce can't really do much with her new album right now, the VSFS is great publicity...so...they would make a great pairing...imo...plus, she was backstage this year, so hopefully Ed took and kept a mental note alicia keys and adele would be awsome changing topics, we are in a recession and i'd hate to see a bitch lose her job, but at the same time, i don't like the fact that there are 10 angels. and i agree that bahati is not used enough, not enough curves i read as well, well, bring back bianca, anna beatriz and lara...IT WAS HER HAIR DAMN IT!! she didn't look as good cause that hair weighed her down and she's had black and white outfits, it washed her out, dont you see...lol imo..her walk..well, marissa and lily. thats all imma say but she has the curves that VS lacks in most of the fillers, as beautiful and talented as they may be..imo AND they can FINALLY hire bar refali AND FUKN CINITA YOU BLIND ASSWIPES!!!!! imo these women are still relevant and HAVE curves...USE THEM GOSH DAMN IT!!!
  8. i liked the first vs commerical they showed, it was like 05, lines music and all..IMO..it was good.. the second one was a little too long for me, but liked it as well.. sad to say miss rubik looks just as bad on tv..i dont know if its the weight or what, but it didn't work this year....cinita would have rocked those
  9. SMART!! VERY SMART VS..THEY SKIPPED MOST OF MARYNA'S OUTFIT..sad for her not getting enough time though..
  10. wow, bregjes came out of left field for me...never heard of her..glad she made it..really hope to see her next year loooove that her minajesty made it to the show no magda hurts like no cinita, but there is always next year toni and karmen look great..i always knew they would bring a balance to all the sillyness, really hope they return as well. all in all, i love the newbies..i hope they can keep this batch around and cut ties with julia, selita, isabeli and caroline, imho...like I said before, they had a great run, but..bye i feel for maryna ..but she can walk her ass off..so i have good faith that it won't be AS bad on television. i'm not mad over the backdrop this year...it looked decent in the pics, imo, i think it will look better when it airs..i've learned to deal with the fact that they will not redue 05 and 06 anytime soon.. <_< karlie was what i thought she would be but her smile was too big for me..first time...to happy..i get it..hopefully she will calm down next year..was she supposed to be a jellyfish in the aquatic seg? joan was SOOOOO better looking than i thought she would be..i hope she's around for a few years... the looks imho were not too bad..one or four had me yelln OFF WITH HIS FUCKN HEAD!!...todd thomas that is... but not too bad..my fav was the aquatic..especially the wings. hope editing don't fuck it up too bad..we'll just have to wait and see..they're getting better..baby steps i guess huh? music wise..they choose decent artists for the most part..but the songs they choose from their hits are like...really? <_< FML..these bastards just don't get it...imo the fantasy bra looked good..it was a cute outfit imo..pearls..a shell..cute..as a whole outfit..i liked it alot..
  11. Lmao, this sucks doesn't it? Well, on the board i saw, it had Toni (OMFG) and shes not on that confirmed list that's in Manu's thread either...like I said, I'm REALLY hopeing they wake the fuck up. This is not funny to me anymore, I'm begining to wonder if Monica has something personal against her? This is beyond silly, I know, cause they wouldn't call her to castings if she did cause they owe nothing to no one but I really can't wrap my head around anything else. Why did I say monica, idk...I'm fuckn lost man, this sucks...IMO as always
  12. Before i start kicking and screaming, i read that KK and Jourdan both confirmed on their twitter that they were not going to be there...kk because of her new tv gig and joudan just missed it i guess..so, was that just a lie to suprise us next wednesday? idk man...im REALLY hoping your wrong...nothing against you...i just really want her to be there, thats all...i read those on tfs by the way..
  13. despite my grammer, you got my point..that you can't deny.. as far as losing money..if you are living in the U.S. you know without a doubt EVERYONE is losing money in some way, shape or form. look ya'll, all i did was say i liked both..that's all, go back and read yourself...imo both are good...so i simply stated it there is no fight if you don't start one, if you know you CANNOT handle what you dish out, THEN DON'T DISH IT OUT. everytime i said something harsh, it's because someone got out of pocket FIRST, so i simply shoved their happyass back in. but i'm done..this is about VS and that's all...
  14. lmao dreb out of the mouth and dramatic? you or VS? u forgot to but imo after every bullshit line you just spewed. do yourself a favor and dont go there babe cause i'll get us both kicked off this bitch.. i've learned on this thread that just because something isn't to my personal taste..it doesn't mean it's officially crap.. sounds like someone needs a hug or an orgasm, chilax...breathe, either way..VS had a plan and they went with it..they are a billion dollar company.. they obviously know what they are doing..EXCEPT castings of course lol.. so chill babe..it'll work out, have faith
  15. The bra looks great, im dying to see what segment this will go in, and candice looks great..im glad to see what im seeing...
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