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  1. it has a new boyfriend?
  2. Ok. Sorry is my bad english. Thank you.
  3. HQ it has Iphone 6? What it? :jimmy: Yes, she seems to have an iPhone 6. What's wrong? I simply didn't understand what model of phone.
  4. Making of 25th Anniversary SI Swimsuit. https://youtu.be/UNQML_cQfBQ?t=319 thanks so much))))
  5. viola0605


    Anybody have gif/video the model dances belly dance in lilac pants on a runway?
  6. OOooh yes agreeed ! but i mean, when you are with someone for so long, married and have childs... you trust the person you're with, especially that he won't gonna ruin all of that for an adventure with a model way younger than him. But what a lucky man, truly, his job his litterally a dream job haha! unless it is possible to trust someone today? Especially to the man...
  7. Anybody have gif VS 2014 Segment Angels ball?
  8. Anybody have this avatar in the big size?
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