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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 (POST-SHOW Thread)


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i CAN'T get enough of this song!! I love the others i mentioned but i REALLY hope they play this one...it picks up towards the end for those who think it's too slow..hope the dj would mix in the up tempo throughout the whole song...GREAT BAND :heart::heart::heart:


i was watching project runway and that challenge prize was having a billboard for marie clare in time square, the model was coco rocha..

she seems to have alot of personality...she's a top model..has a killer walk...i don't get why she hasn't done the show :blink::blink:

does her shit not smell and she thinks its beneath her? or does VS reject her cause she has bad skin?

i don't get it, but I hope she makes the cut this year if she does happen to go to castings...

i was one of the one's who loved that lara stone did it...i hope she's back too..

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i heard this while my little bro was updating his mlb game..

remember that evanescence mix in 03, this reminds me of it..it was great back then..this could be something like that...as always, imo

great melody to motovate a crowd, imo..hope to hear it this year


she doesn't have cruves like doutzen and adri but you can't deny the fact that she still works the shit out of what she does have, VS has casted hana ya know.

she's only like 18 I think, but wasn't adri 17 her first show? I think she should be given a chance if she does go to castings, killer walk, lots of personality and like coco,

i don't get why she hasn't done it...dorthea made the cut, which i don't get to this day..


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Lindsay wixson...IMO should give this years castings a try...

VS is always preaching about loving youself and beauty is within...

so lets see them put to practice what they preach....hire lindsay....she's

been having really great exposure and she's not cookie cutter cute like

Behati or chanel when they're done up VS style...i love these two, not knockn

them, but her pout, gap and buck teeth are not conventional beauty traits

i'm sure there are alot of women out there like her, but all we see are the candice's

and the adriana's....we need an omayra thrown in the mix, like in 01. yes, she's ONLY seventeen

so was adriana, and YES I'll beat a dead horse because we'll never know if the young women

I have mentioned could be the next Adriana if they dont give them a chance..dorthea was given a shot AND lara

had a gap too..i still want her back

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i heard this at work and i can't believe i forgot about it..i still think pink is too sweat and needs some edge...if they don't like

what the hell, i hope they would consider this, love her voice and look :heart:

I wish they would give doutzen dark blond hair like in 05..Lindsay and Erin are enough, IMO

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they had mary perform, they played jayz's dust your shoulder's off and they played kanye west's love lockdown, my point is that these artists are not new to VS so it should not be such a shocker to hear them on the show

i heard these songs, one i mentioned already, and i think they would sound great IMO!!! if they were mixed together for the show

the beats are SICK! :heart: IMO they are great to have people start moving in their seats and they'll be more prone to be involved in the segment without leaving all up to the models...IMO

i don't like the screaming at the end of the second one, but besides that, great songs

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i LOVE super bass from nickie for a tokyo theme, but i also think this would work too, the sound of shifting gears and the little asian jingle in the backround IMO it works too. hope they consider it...love the message it sends too..talk about woman power..much props to nickie...

also, I L-O-V-E Natasha P and i hope she's back this year, but she's really not that curvy and once again, neither was hana s. my point is that i would like to see karlie kloss to give the castings a go and hope she makes it :whistle: ..she is also a top model and shows great personality and has long legs and got that killer stare and that walk is no f@#king joke...go to google images and see for yourself. with the vs hair and make-up team, she can be great.

i love caroline w, she has had a GREAT run, but step aside babe..make room for the newbies...same with isabeli...go away for a year or two, make us miss you..

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:drool: :heart: :drool: :drool: :heart: MIRANDA I FUKN LOVE U! WOW..at Dior and Lanvin...i REALLY hope the rumors aren't true..

i want her around for as long as possible.

jasmine tookes cought my eye..great all around...she should give the show a shot in a couple years..not sure of her age...but for

damn sure i want to see romee strijd there....she did good this season..

well i read this article about the great gatsby is being shot in austrailia for twelve weeks starting late september...im beyond pissed and

disappointed because I REALLY DO BELIEVE my dear gemma could still be great in the show and i REALLY want her there..but i guess

not this year <_< wtf man......wtf

i was reading that daria actually turned down VS to do lancome....


okay, here is my thing, that was YEARS ago...VS put any hard feeling aside and get her...Daria, outside the fashion world..alot of people know your face but your name, i ask my family, friends and coworkers and they all say,..who? when i show them a pic then they get it, imo that is not supermodel status..supers imo are known for HF AND commerical work. yes she has done both, but it obviously isn't working, well not in the U.S..IMO!!! back off.. most of the people i questioned referred to her as the pretty girl with the f'd up nose...i think she's flawless, but whatever....does she NEED VS...nope, but should she for her fans...yes, we would love to see her grace the VS runway with her presance..i hope im not alone on THIS one...

since there is no telling when these two will do it..if ever...IMO!!! this years show will be a success if i finally see Cinita there..there is actual proof that she has tried to get a spot...Ed, monica and company, please pull your heads out of your f@*k'n asses already <_<

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I have to say, some of JPG's peeps should apply for VS...imo, great pieces were made for this

Years show, check it out at style.com and see for yourselves...i bette frank lookd great, but too skinny

For me, i could be wrong though...some of the colors were off, like those green ones...but all in all, it could

Be great inspiration for those of you who want the show to go back to just underwear...its nothing out of the

Ordinary, but does go to show that it STILL can be done...ya know

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