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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 (POST-SHOW Thread)

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Lindsay's Straw outfit, KK's peacock thing, and the weight lifting one (ultimate halloween costume) were the ones that really surprised me. (Y) A lot of good ones otherwise.

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So what were your favorites outfits this year, and which could you do without? Pictures or it doesn't count. lol

I'm gonna work on mine. Get all the pictures and what not.

But i'll comment on some things. The outfits were much better then the last three years.

In terms of design they are very nice and look expensive. And the detail is really great. Does it compare to everyones fav show. No.

But does it give it a run for it's money. Yeah a little. I mean at least it is making up for the attrocity of last year.

As for tha hand gestures and all that i'm used to it. It's gonna happen. Once again Adriana is the main culprit. However someone is taking her spot it seems. Oh yes her name is Chanel and if it isn't bad enough VS go and throw her two wings. Yep. TWO. When an amazing woman like Isabeli has worked for the company for how many years and has never worn a pair of wings. Lais was great but once again why did she get two wings? Most girls barely get wings and they have worked the show before and she is doing her first show and gets two. It's unfair. Maryna was fantastic and I love her but why does she get three outfits? One of them should have been give to someone like Caroline or Flavia. And on that topic. Thelast three segments are just all random girls. Thats the problem for me with this show and the last few years. The show doesn't flow because of it's randomness. Flavia, Caroline should not have had one look. It was a waste to cast girls like Gracie, Martha and Katsia. I thought Katsia would have had at least one more cause she is the new VS girl.

Based on outfits alone i'm very happy. I loved all of Tough Love, Country Girls and Heavenly Bodies. I liked Game On also it wasn't bad. Pink had some good looks too but Pink and Game On were the weak links for the show. And I really wish VS would stop making the girls wear hideous shoes. Just heels. Stop making them wear platforms or wedges or whatever those things are called. They ruined the Heavenly Bodies outfits.

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My absolute favorites are:


#1 It doesn't get any better then this (except 2005)

Simple, glamorous, sexy, embellishment, nothing over the top Halloween worthy, and you can still see the product VS is trying to sell. Perfection


The bra that outshine the Fantasy Bra imo

#2 See Izabel's outfit.

The Rest :heart:

post-1004-0-1446069358-13369_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446069358-16292_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446069358-19808_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446069358-21988_thumb.gif post-1004-0-1446069358-24706_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446069358-27413_thumb.gif

The rest of the outfits I found myself apathetic towards. Not a horrible year, but not a stellar one either. I just can't bring myself to dig on the Halloween themed costumes anymore. Simple and sexy are better!

There were three outfits I actually doubled over with laughter when I first saw them. Those would be...



Didn't help that Isa was throwing the weight and making angry faces at the audience.


Baseballs don't belong on a football field

Last but not least..... SORRY BARRON!


Sweaters, rainbows, rainbow brite socks, balls, bows and enough gay pride to blend into the Castro just fine. Sadly I'd actually prefer Behati in the ugly shorts from last year. :whistle:

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Here are mine. I did my favourites from each segment. Even Game On & Pink. They might not have been the best but I still appreciate them lol.

Tough Love


Amazing I like all the pieces from this section but these three are my fav. Best segment from the whole show.

Game On


Now these are not that great but out of the segment these are my fav. The Izabel & Erin ones are decent. The Isabeli one I like mainly because of the way she carried it. It looks bad but she makes it look great.

Country Girls


This section had some really good prints and patchworks. I liked Maryna's denim one the best. Great looks.

Heavenly Bodies


Shame Flavia only got the one. But she stood out in hers. Good pieces in general. Just hate the shoes.

Wild Things


Sexiest segment. Really out there. Was it me or did this segment seem like an orgy?



I know these aren't the greatest But Maryna's and Behati are very colourful and I like that. Edita is just amazing.

So clearly Maryna is the stand out. I loved all three of her outfits.

Other outfits that were great were

-Lais in Wild Things

-Chanel in Heavenly Bodies

-Adriana in Tough Love

-Julia in Tough Love

-Edita in Country Girls

Worst outfits were probably

-Liu in Game On

-Shannan in Game On & PINK

-Jac in PINK

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My favorite outfits

post-11622-0-1446069318-33224_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446069318-36495_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446069318-39414_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446069318-51201_thumb.jpg

e7b80e106081056.jpg post-11622-0-1446069318-46094_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446069318-48735_thumb.jpg

I hated this though...


Here Katsia lets throw this huge drape on that matches your bra and panties, and hell even your heels and call it an outfit. It looks like zero effort or creativity was put into this

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My Favorites

Tough Love


Adriana looks great in red and black, Alessandra's is very sexy and coquettish, Candice's is one of the best with the detail, Magda's looks better now with the wings reduced and with angled feathers, Maryna's was smoking hot, it could have been the opening outfit.



I love this corset, sadly not on Julia and that hair, the same with Rosie's wings, they're a piece of art, but the outfit wasn't up to level of the wings. These two together would make a killer combo

Country Girls


Lindsay's outfits was the cutest thing ever, Candice's was sweet, Anne's was very delicate and I love the fabrics and Stammy's wings are gorgeous.

Heavenly Bodies


My god!! Candice's body is to die for!!! I'm sad the Harp wings were not used, that would of made it way better and the best outfit in the VSFS 2010. But that honor goes to Lily Donaldson, this is amazing, she caries it with such grace and just the right amount of attitude, I hope we see her at many many more VSFS'. Flavia's actually looks like the Fantasy Bra and her dyed train is so lusty!



This corset/body armor is amazing (So were the wings), just not on Chanel, they should have given it to someone with more poise, Isabeli would be perfect

Wild Things


The best segment based on the pictures! Karolina's wings are AMAZING!! The base of them could have been wings in itself. Isabeli looks amazing in that outfit. Alessandra got some great wings as always, the accessories are incredible. Selita looks great with the green cape and her knockout necklace as does Caroline with her leopard cape. Her accessories were awesome. Lais got some of the best wings EVER, they're so perfect for this section and she carries them well, they're soo good I kind of wish Alessandra would have worn them to open the segment.

Show Extras


I love what Alessandra did for her pose, she blew out the runway glitter! It's creative on her part, and that stopped her from pointing and doing weird/silly hand gestures (not that she does them constantly, she's actually quite restrained). Other girls should take notes.

Isabeli worked that outfit like no other, on someone else it would have looked silly. It's made just for her.

I love this last pic, with Alessandra and Adriana. They've come so far with VS, it's great to see them both together. It would have been great to see them in the finale shot together as well but darn Erin had to get in between them both. icon7.gif


-Candice!!! They finally give the girl some outfits that do her justice, she killed them all. She better be the next big thing for VS!!

-Lily Donaldson, OMG!! She killed it as her first time and with 2 outfits. I really, really hope we see more of her, her face, body everything is perfect. She seems really posed and like an actual woman, perfect for VS as opposed to all the teeny looking girls with no bodies and over exaggerated poses and so on.

-Isabeli, she killed both of her outfits and she looked a total knockout, her body is INSANE!! Why is this woman not an Angel?!?

-Alessandra, her hair/makeup were gorgeous and she got some great outfits.

-Maryna, her pink outfit was ok, her Country girls one was ok too, her Tough Love one was killer though, hope she does many many more shows for VS and eventually becomes an Angel, her body is perfect.


-I'm so glad they finally got Adriana's hair and make up right, she looked lovely. I would have loved to see her with her original Tough Love outfit but I can understand why they changed it, it would not have fit in the cage she came out of.

-The wings are amazing this year, almost all of them were spectacular.

-Almost all of the sections were great (except Pink, That one is always iffy so we don't count it) but should have gotten rid of the "Game On" section and done something else.

-The casting is getting better, hopefully its a new direction.

-The outfits were amazing as well, apart from the occasional monstrosity (mostly in "Game On") all the outfits seemed like they took the time and effort to construct.

I'm really anxious to hear the music, specially for "Tough Love" and "Wild Things" as they seemed action packed, I know they played "Bad Romance" in "Game On", Akon's "Angel" in "Heavenly Bodies", slow, soft music for the country section, and a medley of Katy Perry's songs for "Pink".

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After seeing most of the pictures, I have to say that apart from a few real disasters (Jac Jablonski :shock: ) the outfits were good. But, because there's always a but, I didn't like the shoes.

For instance these outfits : nxs-vsfs2010-adrianalimafan.net-0664.jpg nxs-vsfs2010-adrianalimafan.net-0465.jpg nxs-vsfs2010-adrianalimafan.net-0474.jpg would have been better without those boots in my opinion. Overall, I think the shoes could have been better.

Still, I can't wait to see everything in motion to make a definitive opinion.

ETA : some of the "Wild things" outfits looked a lot like the outfits from the 1st segment of 2007

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ETA : some of the "Wild things" outfits looked a lot like the outfits from the 1st segment of 2007

True, Alessandra's outfit looks a lot like Izabel's outfit


I feel like in this show they added in lots of elements from previous shows. You can easily spot the references.

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The Best for me were A. Ambrosio, Candice, Izabel Goulart, Marina Linchuk,

I liked also A. Rubik, Lais, Katia D, Isabeli Fontana

very poor Erin H, Behati, Martha Streck

I think Fabiana S could look much better but she shoul get sexier outfits

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Last but not least..... SORRY BARRON!
^Ja Ja! :laugh:

No matter, it what we have come to expect... I'm just thankful that she didn't get that horrible "funshine" cardigan thing. :yuckky:

I'm currently digesting all of this - thoughts still fermenting. I'll return, I suppose.

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Sexy as hell :sex:


Standout stunners :wub:


Biggest disappointment :sleep:


Favourite outfits were Ale x 3 (really loved her crazy sleeves), Iza's white one and Gracie's :heart:

Ale had the best wings too.. she totally rocked the show all over :ddr:

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i am a huge Adriana fan. but i really feel that none of her outfits were any good this year. i wish she had her tough love wings + outfit, didn't get the green football cape and got Chanel's feathers to go with the fantasy bra. oh well... + her face (like ale) has gotten really "hard" or "manly" after preggos... why? I love her skin tone this year though. It was similar to 2005... perhaps Adriana should get straight hair. Waves are very flat on her... It's so hard to find a photo of hers where she's not over posing and that's disappointing. those that she's just smiling normally are tonnes better. Plus the backstage photo of her without makeup was tonnes better than with make up. who is screwing her up?!

Ale looks great in all her outfits and Candice too. In fact, although Candice is over exposed, I find her very bearable and attractive on the runway.

Actually it seems the original VS angels were all excellent. KK, Isabel, Selita, Ale, Adriana (not so much sadly due to the outfits) + newcomers Candice, Erin, Martha Streck (amazing), Maryna

I think Stam's wings were the best this year followed by KK, Lais and Ale. I think Chanel didn't pull off the wings, it ate her up.

Did anyone miss Miranda and Doutzen? I did...

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