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    I said, “You know they refused Jesus, too?”
    He said, “You’re not Him!"

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  1. ^I'm with you - and the guy's only 62 which is merely the new 40, or something... Maybe it's just the way he sits there licking his eyebrows and breathing through his ears?
  2. Hello, Pretty... A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE BARON OF FRATTON ’Twas three weeks before Christmas And all through the city People turned on their TVs For to see ass and titty Except that they didn’t As on the same eve Was the end of Scream Queens And Chicago PD But some factions won’t have it And insist every year That we tune in for one reason And that reason is clear “All hail the Queen!” Shout the Limanati And insist that it’s Adri We all want to see Oh yes she’s the Queen Basic bitches beware Social media proves it And you HAVE to care But nepotism abounds And, lo, celeb kids appear So the focus then shifts And such Queens aren’t as clear There goes Kendull And look, there’s her pimp ma There goes Kendull again And look, there’s her pimp ma For if you’re unaware VS hits you, of course With the old cut-away As they flog that dead horse The models make faces Heart shapes, God pleas Which are stupid of course (Unless made by Adri) And then models hang out And show kiddie pics Which is pretty damn weird On some lingerie flick Another layer is revealed Of the Candice story Now we learn of male cousins too On that thrilling Mooi So that’s the farm, the ballet And her shyness to spot Oh, and she speaks Portuguese In case you forgot Behati only gets gigs ‘Cos she married that cunt I can’t think of a rhyme For ‘’Cos she married that cunt’ We don’t love Taylor Swift And we don’t miss her so Can we please not still see her Ok, here you go… Some poor thing gets lost But they then let her sing ‘Care in the Community’ For some screeching Goulding New It-Thing Gigi Got her own little feature “It should have been me!” Screams a Never-Was Selita Taylor Hill makes me feel Like some dirty old man Which is OK as I’ve realised That is now what I am Izabel, Izabel Oh how you flex On your gym-bunny steroids With you oiled-up pecs Ed drones on again And that Monica yadda Is it possible each show That this waffle gets badder? But my fine Bellazonians How we will bitch And insist that ’05 Was that perfect of pitch And this year is now over A lacklustre affair But we enjoyed our OWN favourites Oh, and Ale was there…
  3. ¡Sigue igual de dulce, mi caramelo!

  4. Happy 8th birthday Baron!!

  5. Happy Birthday! How do you enjoy being an 8-year-old now? :D

  6. Any chance for you to post a bit on BZ before May? :hehe: miss you!

  7. I was going for 'a futurist scream into the white-noise of the abyss' coupled with my take on the hollowness of the 2014 BZ politick, and empty responses to the annexation of the Crimea. Yes I was. It had nothing to do with not knowing what else to put in there. No it didn't...
  8. ^Good to see the VS alphabet still goes ABCKDEF... ^And if she was then they still wouldn't!
  9. ^Yeah, Quicksilver's is clearly an homage to his early-Avengers costume. I like it... (And at least it has more of a nod than what Hawkeye ended up with: S.H.I.E.L.D agent + snowboarder sunglasses.) Whilst I agree that the whole spandex thing is a tricky thing to pull off on the big screen, Wanda did sport a couple of variants over the years and her more Romany-inspired (albeit cliché) look could translate pretty well, if they end up paying any sort of homage to that side of her: Either way I think they'd be rather remiss not to have her actually wearing SCARLET somewhere in there. And I call that jacket more "rust" or "burnt sienna"!
  10. Phoenix in Gladiator is one of the finest 'boo-hiss' villains in cinematic history - also I just saw him in Her which is a rather nice little turn... I think, when I way it all up , Oldman is more hit-and-miss. Incidentally I reckon you've posted both of their finest performances in your opening gambit, Mr. Icon.
  11. I've long neglected this thread - but I saw this and had to post! Never heard her speak before: + The accompanying magazine spread:
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