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  1. This Fulwell73 consortium had better embrace reality quickly and distance themselves publicly from Blaggy McDonkeyface, even if in fact the whole thing is codswallop.
  2. Take a break, buddy.
  3. Murky times, can see why McInnes seemingly gave the club a pass, even if Aberdeen's best case scenario is finishing 20 points behind Celtic and getting stripped of their best players in exchange for pennies. Is there fan consensus on which consortium they want?
  4. RonaldGO? As the old saying goes, life, death and La Liga stars not paying taxes.
  5. So Brucey plays a round of golf with John Terry so naturally good old Sky turn it into some nonsense, while in reality we continue to haggle over Glenn Whelan. And to think the Confederations Cup is still to come!
  6. Hello, Peter Bosz. I never saw Ajax last season, consensus seems that they forgot to show up for the Europa final but were otherwise a fun, dynamic proposition. More importantly, will Villa sign Glenn Whelan?!
  7. Oofa, not a flattering thumbnail.
  8. I'd say it's been in the cards since about January or so. I see lots of stories are citing the bus attack response as the catalyst for his exit but I genuinely believe this would have occurred regardless (though it certainly didn't help). I'm very sad because I think he's been very good but he's always been known as a meticulous and often impossible character to deal with, dating back to his Mainz days. No idea what his next move is but I should think he'd do well. It looks like Lucien Favre is on his way in, which would be a solid enough choice. I'm a firm 'no' on Paulo Sousa....or Paul Lambert.
  10. As we noted in our chat a month or so back, there was really no substantive upside to Short saying Moyes was going to be staying come hell or high water. At least he's gone without a payoff and done so quickly but one has to wonder if he'll ever sit at the top table of football management again. Where next for the lad, Qatar? Leeds? Scotland? Who would you like (tolerate) to see come in?
  11. In a game of hype and hot air, I think it's fair to say that Tony Adams: Our Man in Granada delivered everything that was hoped for and maybe a tad more. Next year could we crank the party up another notch...Joe Kinnear to Leganes?
  12. Silva gave it an honest punt but a home defeat against a newly relegated team when you've got so much on the line was simply unforgivable. Then you factor in Swansea's result yesterday and it was little wonder they got so hauntingly tonked today. I have to remind myself that the Championship is such a desperately poor division that any of the three relegated clubs could conceivably bounce straight back up. Presuming Silva leaves and with Moyes' mandate dying by the day, maybe boring, boring Boro are the ones inherently best equipped for a promotion charge.
  13. Who's the dingus in the cringy threads?
  14. Commiserations, Michael. Fighting the tide for that long, year after year, is an exhausting process and I commend the fan base for turning up in such robust numbers in spite of everything. Clearly the club's decline has been longstanding and budgets have been tightened but this was a huge opportunity for Moyes to rebuild his career, one that he approached with outright hostility and a woefully misplaced arrogance. I'm not exactly sure how transfers were birthed but he clearly had a say in getting all the old Everton grunters over to produce a 'British spine' that was fatally hollow. How would you like to see the club approach the summer?
  15. Primitive biases aside, a generally delightful weekend. The second I turned Glenn Hoddle and Steve McManaman on mute on Sunday was a particular highlight.