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  1. Football

    Thank God the allure of live League 2 action prevented me from watching Dortmund's scintillating draw with APOEL. To Europa!
  2. Football

    Is a World Cup even a World Cup without Jozy Altidore? Still, at least it opens up the Golden Boot!
  3. Football

    Four wins on the bounce, some stylish, some not. Big love to Adomah, young Keinan and of course The Kodfather, Jonny Kodjia. Terry watch: half ropey, half classy but clean sheets are undoubtedly happening. October has two away derbys so that'll be sure to test our fragile (Arsene Wenger voice) mental strength. Everyone go watch Kagawa's goal from yesterday. Was simultaneously baffled, charmed and a tiny bit annoyed Bosz wouldn't even smile afterwards. It's not small time to enjoy life, Peter! And then definitely don't watch Aubamayang's penalty.
  4. Football

    Jeeves fluffed my pillows counterclockwise, off with his head!
  5. Football

    And all with the never promising game at the under fire manager's old team right before the international break looming. I think regardless of the weekend you have to let SG continue, looking at October's fixtures, there's a lot of middling to dross opposition there. If he can't accrue decent points then, I suppose he's a goner.
  6. Football

    Hope there are no ostriches in the Belgian second division!
  7. Football

    Good to see some proper bomb lobbing nutters like Cotterill, Poyet and Sherwood all in the betting. Sadly it's going to be Karanka, yawn.
  8. Football

    Haven't checked the betting but surely one to get Moyesy off the golf course? They've still got these eleventy seven new Harry players to bed in so send in a grim Glaswegian pragmatist to organise them (as previously enjoyed during their greatest ever era).
  9. Football

    Oh the neverending tedious inevitability of it all! Hogan blocked one off the line for them, them! Lose to Barnsley, which I firmly expect we will, and I expect Bruce will be canned. Even though he's rubbish and will likely always be rubbish, my blood lust is pretty low at the moment because who would we end up with instead? This must be what the David Platt era at Forest felt like.
  10. Football

    Seems we pulled the plug on the big Tommy Elphick move, which tells you a lot about the first impressions Terry and Samba have made. You know Sky are phoning it in when C list blowhards like Joleon 'bum tweet' Lescott and Shay Given are on duty during primetime, it almost made me long for Guillem Balague's phone call from a West London lounge bar purporting to be from Spain! The only outright highlight was when some fans started shouting over one of the Car Park Frankensteins, prompting the usual wobbly apology. Needed much more of that.
  11. Football

    He still shouts and swears at refs, stamps the ground when he doesn't get a decision and generally acts like a goon so in that respect, the man we all knew and loved for all those years is still with us. He did well to not have three or four penalties given against him at Bristol City, so thank you to the presumably star struck ref for that. Bruce also madly decided to throw Samba, who looks even more punch drunk than JT, into the mix for that game and it was an absolute shambles that was predictably discarded almost immediately.
  12. Football

    Haven't seen them yet this season but Sunderland's start seems typified by Aiden McGeady, the definition of an 'on his day' player. I suspect Grayson would take bouncing around the 9th to 14th bracket for the next few months, unenthralling as that may sound to a fan travelling back from a shellacking at Barnsley, before finding a better groove. Regarding the assumed arrival of McCormack: such is the might of the all-too-real Villa curse that I wouldn't be too surprised if he ended up being a bit good again in different colours (notwithstanding a terrible loan spell to Forest last season). As for us, no major surprises except the delightful emergence of Keinan Davis. Played quite well against Norwich but have otherwise bored/mildly disgraced our way to the international break. In no way convinced by Bruce, now, tomorrow or yesterday nor Terry, who's been rubbish so far. Elmohamady exists only to answer the question 'what if Alan Hutton were Egyptian?'
  13. Football

    Well, the honeymoon after scraping past Colchester in the Carabao Cup is certainly over! Before kick-off I couldn't see a goal for us today, I just didn't dare expect such a resounding whooping. Same soft centre, same 'it's been a horrible one' aw-shucks post-match Bruce remarks, same unnerving sense that we're a long way off from figuring this league out.
  14. The X-Files

    Finished this yesterday, incidentally. It's really bloated and runs out of energy quite quickly but it's not without a certain charm.
  15. Football

    I don't see a plan with Hogan at all and if there is one they certainly forgot to tell him what it is. I'd love him to come good but he seems to want link up play and fast feet and that just isn't our way. Bundling one in from the ensuing anarchy of an Alan Hutton insurgency is about the only way any of our lads can score, unless you're Kodjia and you wisely choose to ignore the other hopeless buggers and do it all yourself.