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  1. Football

    The goals are finally coming for Scotty Hogan and I'm delighted. He's looked hapless at times, unlucky at others but he's stuck at it and the fans have stayed with him, long may it continue. The Championship has a tendency to suddenly pull the rug from under you but there's no doubt the response after Brentford has been strong (minus the FA Cup debacle).
  2. Football

    Well, that's one way to force Ryan Giggs to attend his first Wales friendly. Makes marginally more sense than Stoke's desperate roulette spin on Paul Lambert, mind you. Micky Adams too busy?
  3. Football

    Seems like Coleman's change of shape has controlled the tide, for the most part. One wonders if he feels he can truly rely on McGeady in such a system every game given his rather fragmented wizardry but he's a cut above when he wants to be. We were particularly diabolical at Brentford so the idea of showing up the maestro Pulis on his Boro debut seemed unfathomable. That it was a Snodgrass header that got the job done only makes it more barmy. Of course Bruce had to come out afterwards and have a tantrum.
  4. Football

    Exit Peter....enter Peter. Please sort this shambles out.
  5. 2018 World Cup

    Group F is s’alright but it’s hard not to foresee evermore 0-0s and 1-1s as teams implement safety first, biege coloured tactics. God knows it’s England’s best hope.
  6. Genevieve Morton

    If you're going to do condescension on such a mind numbing level at then at least spell you're right.
  7. Kate Mara

    I find her inability to not look smug strangely alluring.
  8. Football

    Great to see these fresh faced, plucky upstarts proudly fleecing, I mean, flying the flag for themselves, er, I mean, young British managers after years of being held back by their own innate mediocrity, I mean, Johnny Foreigner. I wish Giggsy and Unswy, I mean, Big Sam and Pardz the very best.
  9. Football

  10. Football

    David Unsworth better watch his not inconsiderable back, for there is another caretaker on the scene. Great to see Gary 'Mystic' Megson back in a top tier hot seat just in time for darkest winter. I've always enjoyed his particular brand of personal and footballing dourness and utter aversion to anything remotely razzle dazzle. Give him the job full time, he (Phil Neville voice) knows the club.
  11. Football

    Dortmund in free fall. Sick to death of the calamity goals against, selfish play going forward and general lack of spine. Yarmolenko infuriates me, Bartra and Burki are woefully out of form and then you get to the unhelpful, miscellaneous asides like Aubameyang's poncing around late for training because he's too busy doing cheeky marketing escapades. Get a grip on the steering wheel, Peter, there's a derby next week.
  12. Football

    Don't think anyone but CC's most loyal cronies ever actually believed he'd "walk into a big job" after Euro 2016 but his heart and head certainly seemed distracted thereafter. This, though, is a massive call on his part. On the one hand, you're back into the day to day of club management after years of sitting in the stands solely to watch Joe Ledley trawl around the pitch like a drunken sailor. That's progress. And of course he's financially cushy whatever happens but this is a club that makes minced meat out of just about everyone, this isn't convincing Chris Gunter he can take on Eden Hazard for one glorious game, this is the relentless drudgery of the Championship, mediocrity's cruelest summit. Strap in, folks.
  13. Football

    Another wild night in the career of Ciro Immobile. Will probably score a double hat-trick at the weekend but also miss two penalties.
  14. Football

    Being an owner is very simple. You do the old press release trick of jabbering on about "projects" if the new man is a well groomed foreign Charlie and heck, you might sell a few more season tickets under the guise of a sophisticated assault on the glass ceiling of 7th but then amnesia hits once Stoke rip you and your 2-4-3-1-1 formation apart on August 29th so then you parachute in an old granite chinned, Bein Sports tanned oil tanker who spends the week before the sacking saying "Slaven is a good man....but..." while Richard Keys cackles and prods you like a dancing Russian bear.
  15. Football

    Terry finally got injured and it's a bad one. Who could've foreseen such a tragedy befalling the lively youngster? Hands down, everyone Not Called Steve Bruce. Just as things were actually trucking along quite nicely, too. Samba and Elphick to the rescue? More chance of Moyes qualifying for Europe with his newly fashioned Anichebe/Carroll front line.