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  1. Commiserations, Michael. Fighting the tide for that long, year after year, is an exhausting process and I commend the fan base for turning up in such robust numbers in spite of everything. Clearly the club's decline has been longstanding and budgets have been tightened but this was a huge opportunity for Moyes to rebuild his career, one that he approached with outright hostility and a woefully misplaced arrogance. I'm not exactly sure how transfers were birthed but he clearly had a say in getting all the old Everton grunters over to produce a 'British spine' that was fatally hollow. How would you like to see the club approach the summer?
  2. Primitive biases aside, a generally delightful weekend. The second I turned Glenn Hoddle and Steve McManaman on mute on Sunday was a particular highlight.
  3. 2 goals in 27 months and probably on his way towards a new contract. The mind boggles. Blackburn's next game is at home to us, so while I'm disinclined to trust in Mowbray magic, I still foresee a chance.
  4. It was astounding to me how quickly Carter managed to muddy the waters during the first episode of the revival. Within minutes you knew you were watching an astronomical botch job. He could've gone ANYWHERE and he chose....that. Now with all that chirpy positivity put to one side, anyone buying the new Audible Cold Case thingy?
  5. I thought the 'event series' was a dog's dinner often riddled with some aggressively bad writing. Maybe with more episodes this time they can restore some semblance of coherence to any overreaching mythology, though I'd probably prefer if they veered away from that stuff altogether, as they should have years ago. As for Carter, he's a hindrance rather than an asset to the show's creative fortunes and has been for a long, long time. He probably sees no reason to loosen his grip over proceedings but he really, really should.
  6. Bought for an absolute pittance and goes on to make 300+ appearances during a golden era of Villa clean sheets. It was a special time and he was a big part of it. Felt aggrieved when he left but it was hard not to smile when he scored that highly improbable Old Firm goal ages later.
  7. No sign of Nico Kranjcar or Joe Jordan just yet but their blood oath to Harry surely compels them. At least Stevie Cotterill is along for the ride. They'll beat us at the weekend, sadly.
  8. Not sure what on earth Bruce was trying for today but another tactical puzzler, to say the least. Our record in televised games this season is sub-Rotherham, sub-Zola, sub-human!
  9. Close game, terrible ref but should never have taken place today.
  10. Reo-Coker embodies so much of the bloated, self-regarding malaise that eventually started to burn down the house during the O'Neill era. Of course the second we released him he was telling everyone he had offers from Italy and Spain and wham, a mere six years later, a trial for Tony's titans!
  11. Here comes the cavalry!
  12. Think someone's got a bit of a man crush, this geezer has now given our Tone three jobs: the aforementioned, vice-president of DDMC Football Club Management Company, which sounds like a suitably vague, blagtastic job that he's apparently keeping and sporting director at good ol' Chongqing Dangdai Lifan. Still, between his stints in Azerbaijan and his ability to make this particular rich fella smitten, at least he's a proactive blagger rather than a 'play golf, wait for a top job' moan merchants that clog up the media sewage system.
  13. I think were Sunderland to go down Moyes would be as viable a candidate to get them up as almost anyone else. Having said that, as Villa's two Championship transfer windows thus far have shown, 'continuity' as a relegated club is very hard to balance out, unless you're a Burnley and you've all yo-yo'd together before and have budgeted for such eventualities with the guiding hand of a murderously serious gravel voiced ginger man. Ha, big Russ and his rock and roll exploits always gets me a-chucklin'. He probably eats a lot of jam but he's no Eddie!
  14. And if they lost the next five games? I get that it's the all hands on deck, chest thumping rhetoric portion of the season and that continuity would do a hot house like Sunderland the world of good under the right circumstances but we've got miles of road ahead. Strap in, kids!