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    Daisy Lowe

    DAISY LOWE In the world of fashion, the Brits have a knack for turning out models with character: well-bred toffs such as Jasmine Guinness and Stella Tenant, supermodels who have worked their way out of Croydon (Kate) or Streatham (Naomi), and, most recently, rock'n'roll heiresses such as Leah Wood, Lizzie Jagger and Daisy Lowe, the last of whom is causing a real stir... At her agency in Camden Town, London, 18-year-old Lowe looks totally confident and at ease. Her parents, Pearl Lowe (Britpop singer-turned-fashion-designer) and Gavin Rossdale (of Bush fame, now married to Gwen Stefani) plus stepfather Danny Goffey (the drummer in Supergrass) all give her impressive rock'n'roll credentials. There's no doubting that this kind of heritage may have helped to put her in the spotlight, but the talent scout who first noticed her in Camden, aged 15, didn't have a clue who her parents were. Lowe is more of a cool indie chick than a primped and preened, stick-thin mannequin. But her fresh-faced beauty, huge almond eyes and Chrissie Hynde hair have sent well-respected photographers scrambling to capture her look. Lowe is also a DJ, having recently played at the Calvin Klein fragrance launch, and she's designing a capsule diffusion line for her mother's fashion label (stocked at Liberty, Neiman Marcus and Saks). With so many strings to her bow, somehow it seems that modelling is unlikely to be her final chosen career, but for the moment she's enjoying what it has to offer. "I've met such amazing creative people and seen places I would never normally have seen. My first proper shoot a year ago was in Savannah, Georgia, and I've just done a shoot for W magazine, in New Jersey." With two recent shoots in Italian Vogue, plus glossy reportage shots of her 18th birthday party set to appear in British Vogue, it seems likely that this cool Brit may have to put her other activities on hold for a while to concentrate on her blossoming modelling career. "But that's OK," she says."I can do the rest later." (Template Text Source: The Times, London)
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    Jamie Chung

    JAMIE CHUNG Jamie Chung is an American actress known to reality television audiences as a cast member on the MTV reality television series, The Real World: San Diego and its spin-off show, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II, and for her appearances in TV and films, such as I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Sorority Row. Born: Jamie Jilynn Chung April 10, 1983 San Francisco, California, U.S. Occupation: Actress
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    Debbie Harry

    DEBBIE HARRY Another TERRIBLE omission from this forum. This is THE Rock'n'Roll chick! Deborah Ann Harry (born July 1, 1945, in Miami, Florida,, ) is a singer-songwriter and actress most famous for being the lead singer for the punk rock/new wave band Blondie. She has also had some success as a solo artist, recording five solo albums in addition to the eight albums she has recorded with Blondie. In the mid 1990s she also performed and recorded as part of the Jazz Passengers. Harry has also engaged in an acting career with over 30 film roles and several television appearances to her credit. She began her musical career with a folk rock group, the Wind in the Willows. Harry then joined a girl-group trio, The Stilettos, in the early 1970s. The Stilettos' backup band included her eventual boyfriend and Blondie guitarist, Chris Stein. Harry and Stein formed the band Blondie in the mid-1970s, naming it for the wolf whistle men often yelled at Harry from passing cars. Blondie quickly became regulars at Max's Kansas City and CBGB's in New York City. After a debut album in 1976, commercial success followed in the late 1970s and early 1980s, first in Australia and Europe, then in the United States. "BLONDIE" Blondie is an American rock band that first gained fame in the late 1970s, and who have so far sold over 40 million records. The band was a pioneer in the early American punk rock and New Wave scenes. Its first two albums contained strong elements of these genres, and although successful in Australia and the United Kingdom, Blondie was regarded as an underground band in the United States until the release of Parallel Lines in 1978. Over the next three years, the band achieved several hit singles and was noted for its eclectic mix of musical styles incorporating elements of disco, pop and reggae, while retaining a basic style as a New Wave band. Lead singer Deborah Harry achieved a level of celebrity that eclipsed other band members, leading to tension within the group. Following a poorly received album, and with core member Chris Stein diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, the group disbanded in 1982. As members pursued other projects, Blondie's reputation grew over the following decade and the group reformed in 1997, achieving renewed success and a number one single in the United Kingdom with "Maria" in 1999. The group toured and performed throughout the world over the following years, and was inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the RockWalk of Fame in 2006. Blondie has sold 55 million records worldwide since their explosion onto the music scene in the 1970s. Honestly - this woman is RAUNCH. When I was a kid I remember seeing grown men with posters of her on the walls and (more disturbingly and peculiarly for a young boy) on their ceilings! She is the epitome of the sweat-soaked, fuck-you, sneering, sex-drugs-rock'n'roll female lead singer... She wasn't the girl you'd marry. She wouldn't even be a girlfriend. Maybe not even a casual fling... And she certainly wouldn't be the sort of girl you'd take home to meet your parents (your Mum would HATE her - but I'll wager your Dad might secretly like her a little bit...)!!! But she WAS the girl they ALL wanted to take to bed... Just watch any 'Blondie' video - and you'll see the magnetism. A singer, actress, and Playboy bunny - Debbie Harry was the IT girl of the late 70's/early 80's New Wave scene. She could just throw on some over-sized men's shirt, crawl straight outta bed, shimmy up on stage still addled by whatever from the night before and... ... Well, you would, wouldn't you?
  4. There is now a place for serious discussions about VS and the VSFS and "Angels" and contracts. THIS IS NOT IT! Please post your less po-faced and blatantly unofficial stuff here. If you are privy to secret information from Ed Razek, or are Alessandra's special Facebook friend then maybe this isn't the place for you. This is a thread for ill-informed facts and ludicrous conjecture. You can make up your own "Angels" here - what the hell do we know anyway?!! Everything has it's place - this isn't a critique on the "Official" thread. Maybe this is just where the other stuff ends up... :evil:
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    Tamsin Egerton

    Tamsin Egerton (born 26 November 1988) is a British actress and model, born in Hampshire, England, best known for her roles of Chelsea Parker in the 2007 film St Trinian's and Holly Goodfellow in Keeping Mum. In 2007, Egerton was voted 10th of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world, by IndpendentCritics.com. (source: Wikipedia) Filmography: Knife's Edge(2008) - Flora St Trinian's(2007) - Chelsea Driving Lessons(2006) - Sarah Keeping Mum(2006) - Holly Goodfellow A couple from the Driving Lessons premiere, Sep 2006: She sure has some pins on her... :brows:
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    Allie Crandell

    ALLIE CRANDELL So, there I was - out on a Friday night in this downtown Buenos Aires bar - when I looked up at the bank of television screens and saw this Duran Duran video was on... The sound was off, as the DJ was playing, but I was quite engrossed by the story (some 'rehab' centre full of model types, very typical Duran Duran fare). Anyway, I was mostly taken with the 'central' character - much to the chagrin of my date. I was a little obvious. But I couldn't help it. She was lovely... I made a note to find out who this lady was - and turned my attention back to what I was there for. (Oops!) But she's gone now. So I can log onto Bellazon and tell you about the model. Actually, there's not much: Name: Allie Crandell Agency: Wilhelmina Models Age: 20 Height: 5'8" Birthplace: Sacramento, USA And, apparently, she goes out with Adam Senn - I don't know much about him, but I'm pre-disposed to hate him now!!!
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    David LaChapelle

    Death By Hamburger (2001) For the art world, the celebrated glamour photographer David LaChapelle (b. 1969) is a guilty pleasure. His sex-soaked color photos of celebrities and fashion models are just too high-key. Nothing is held back. The lily is not only gilded, but drenched in rhinestones, draped in haute couture and surrounded by the most exotic props imaginable. It's about time. Minimalism is, like, so 40 years ago. In addition to his photographs, the Los Angeles-based LaChapelle has made many music videos for performers ranging from Elton John to Gwen Stefani. He's published half a dozen photo books, most recently Artists & Prostitutes 1985-2005, a 688-page collection from Taschen that retails at an impressive $2,500. (Mary Barone for artnet)
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    Elvis Presley

    "He is rockabilly. Mean, surly, nasty... In that movie, he couldn't give a fuck about nothin'... except rockin' and rollin', livin' fast, dyin' young, and leavin' a good lookin' corpse. I watch that hillbilly and I want to be him SO bad... Elvis looked good. I ain't no fag, but Elvis was prettier than most women. Most women. You know, I always said... If I had to fuck a guy... I mean had to... If my life depended on it... ...I'd fuck Elvis." Clarence Worley - True Romance ELVIS! Elvis Aron Presley "THE KING" (Jan 8th 1935 - Aug 16th 1977) Forget what you know about Elvis... And FORSHAME there isn't already a thread here on The King. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, into a family living just above the poverty line; and became (arguably) the greatest entertainer of all time. He is iconic. His face, his music, recognizable across the world. His legacy lives on - indeed popular music as we now know it can be traced entirely back to him. He broke boundaries: He helped create the concept of the "teenager". And, of course, he was responsible for "Rock And Roll". There have been many pretenders to his throne - but Elvis IS THE KING. "Before Elvis, there was nothing." John Lennon Yes, forget what you know. Forget that later Elvis. Forget the Las Vegas, Cheeseburger, Fat, Drug-Addled man that he became. Bad management and sheer ignorance of 'Celebrity' and 'Stardom' (which hadn't existed to this degree before) led to that. When he died, alone, and ignominously, in his Graceland bathroom - Elvis was the most famous man in the Western World... This is not a comedy thread - dealing with that bloated, sweaty, shadow of a man going through the motions on stage - this is a thread for seeing the REAL Elvis... That man was BEAUTIFUL: Elvis SHOOK the world. He shook it all up. And all these preening plastic pop-stars OWE him. Don't dismiss the King. If it wasn't for him, chances are your own favourite heart-throb wouldn't exist... He had it all. Sure, he wasted it, and his end was a sad indictment of that 'Superstar' lifestyle: One that so many other stars would follow in his untimely wake. But up there, on that stage in the 50's and 60's, he ROCKED: So, give the man another chance. And see him in his glorious prime: THIS IS ELVIS! ELVIS has entered the building...
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    Yuko Ogura

    YUKO OGURA Yuko Ogura (小倉優子) (born November 1, 1983 in Mobara, Chiba prefecture) is one of the most popular Japanese idols and models who typically aims for the cute schoolgirl look. Ogura's nickname is Yukorin. She is 162 cm tall; her three sizes are B80 W56 H83. Ogura's blood type is B ( ) and her favorite colour is pink. Ogura regularly, if not entirely seriously, claims to be one Princess Apple-Momoka (りんごももか姫) of the apple-shaped planet Korin (こりん星). This is apparently an in-joke dating back to her middle school days. Having an alternate name was trendy at one point, and one of her friends told her that she looked like a Momoka. She liked the name and still uses it today. It has been suggested - notably by The Guitar Zamurai, in song - that Ogura has carefully calculated and cultivated a quirky, oddball persona for herself. Ogura denies this. (Source: TheDailyModel.com) ^Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't... Thing is, she is pretty damn quirky - and her penchant for that "cute schoolgirl look" can be a bit too much. For a 25-year old (as of April 2009), she can look alarmingly young at times; and I've toyed with this thread for a while in regards to that part of her output. However, most of the time she just looks look ridiculously lovely. And that's the main thing, isn't it?
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    WELCOME TO THE PHANTASMAGORICAL ODDITORIUM!!! - The circus of the surreal: This is a thread for the photos and art of the uncanny. Please post your bizzare best. Whether it be the UNEXPLAINED: The UNBELIEVABLE: Arresting ART: Or the just plain ODD: I want this to be a haven of hoodoo and mischief. An unsettling and peculiar Big-Top. Any perplexing pictures, or puzzling paradoxes welcomed. :evil: This carnival is shuttered for those wary and cynical eyes - but if you are intrigued; if curiosity becomes you then please come in, marvel, and upload the uncanny. If it is not to your taste - then simply NEVER return, no negativity please. Otherwise ENJOY! I'm off to get a hot-dog...
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    General Celebrity Gossip

    ^I'm with you - and the guy's only 62 which is merely the new 40, or something... Maybe it's just the way he sits there licking his eyebrows and breathing through his ears?
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    The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Hello, Pretty... A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE BARON OF FRATTON ’Twas three weeks before Christmas And all through the city People turned on their TVs For to see ass and titty Except that they didn’t As on the same eve Was the end of Scream Queens And Chicago PD But some factions won’t have it And insist every year That we tune in for one reason And that reason is clear “All hail the Queen!” Shout the Limanati And insist that it’s Adri We all want to see Oh yes she’s the Queen Basic bitches beware Social media proves it And you HAVE to care But nepotism abounds And, lo, celeb kids appear So the focus then shifts And such Queens aren’t as clear There goes Kendull And look, there’s her pimp ma There goes Kendull again And look, there’s her pimp ma For if you’re unaware VS hits you, of course With the old cut-away As they flog that dead horse The models make faces Heart shapes, God pleas Which are stupid of course (Unless made by Adri) And then models hang out And show kiddie pics Which is pretty damn weird On some lingerie flick Another layer is revealed Of the Candice story Now we learn of male cousins too On that thrilling Mooi So that’s the farm, the ballet And her shyness to spot Oh, and she speaks Portuguese In case you forgot Behati only gets gigs ‘Cos she married that cunt I can’t think of a rhyme For ‘’Cos she married that cunt’ We don’t love Taylor Swift And we don’t miss her so Can we please not still see her Ok, here you go… Some poor thing gets lost But they then let her sing ‘Care in the Community’ For some screeching Goulding New It-Thing Gigi Got her own little feature “It should have been me!” Screams a Never-Was Selita Taylor Hill makes me feel Like some dirty old man Which is OK as I’ve realised That is now what I am Izabel, Izabel Oh how you flex On your gym-bunny steroids With you oiled-up pecs Ed drones on again And that Monica yadda Is it possible each show That this waffle gets badder? But my fine Bellazonians How we will bitch And insist that ’05 Was that perfect of pitch And this year is now over A lacklustre affair But we enjoyed our OWN favourites Oh, and Ale was there…
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    Jessica Michibata

    Name: Jessica Celeste Michibata DOB: October 21, 1984 Height: 1.75m (5'9") Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Measurements: 85-59-88 (EU), 33½-23¼-34½ (US) Jessica Michibata (道端ジェシカ), born Jessica Celeste Gonzalez Almada on October 21, 1984 in Fukui Prefecture, Japan is a Japanese fashion model. She was born to an Argentine father of Spanish, Italian ancestry, and a Japanese mother. Jessica Michibata has always possessed the sort of striking looks that tend to stand out in a crowd - yet it was her sister who originally blazed a path through the world of modelling: "I used to visit my older sister (Linda Karen) at her modelling agency in Tokyo," she says. "When I was 12 or 13, they asked me if I’d like to try it." She has been active in the modelling world since her early life. She also has a younger sister named Angelica Patricia, a model too! Jessica and Angelica are both spokesmodels for the lingerie brand Peach John. Although as a child she had bizarrely set her sights on a career as a coroner ("That was my biggest dream. Everyone thinks I’m kidding when I say that"), Jessica Michibata spent the majority of her teen years struggling to carve out a place for herself within Japan's cutthroat modeling scene. It wasn’t until she appeared in a television spot for UNIQLO -- Japan's leading clothing retail chain -- that Jessica Michibata first broke through into the mainstream, and she subsequently managed to land a series of high profile gigs modelling for such familiar names as Evian, Reebok and Seiko.
  14. ¡Sigue igual de dulce, mi caramelo!

  15. {name}

    Finest Avatars currently on Bellazon

    I was going for 'a futurist scream into the white-noise of the abyss' coupled with my take on the hollowness of the 2014 BZ politick, and empty responses to the annexation of the Crimea. Yes I was. It had nothing to do with not knowing what else to put in there. No it didn't...
  16. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    ^Good to see the VS alphabet still goes ABCKDEF... ^And if she was then they still wouldn't!
  17. {name}

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    ^Yeah, Quicksilver's is clearly an homage to his early-Avengers costume. I like it... (And at least it has more of a nod than what Hawkeye ended up with: S.H.I.E.L.D agent + snowboarder sunglasses.) Whilst I agree that the whole spandex thing is a tricky thing to pull off on the big screen, Wanda did sport a couple of variants over the years and her more Romany-inspired (albeit cliché) look could translate pretty well, if they end up paying any sort of homage to that side of her: Either way I think they'd be rather remiss not to have her actually wearing SCARLET somewhere in there. And I call that jacket more "rust" or "burnt sienna"!
  18. {name}

    Everyone or Merciful?

    Phoenix in Gladiator is one of the finest 'boo-hiss' villains in cinematic history - also I just saw him in Her which is a rather nice little turn... I think, when I way it all up , Oldman is more hit-and-miss. Incidentally I reckon you've posted both of their finest performances in your opening gambit, Mr. Icon.
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    Ju Daha

    Plus Plus:
  20. {name}

    Ju Daha

    Long and lean, hair of Brilliantine, vulpine Race Queen with skin of ivory sheen...
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    Ju Daha

  22. {name}

    Ju Daha

    I've long neglected this thread - but I saw this and had to post! Never heard her speak before: + The accompanying magazine spread:
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    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    ^ Fascinating! Whoever would have guessed...
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    Magdalena Frackowiak

    + Express catalogue:
  25. {name}

    Magdalena Frackowiak

    New VS: