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  1. Your requests ate posted enjoy sag

  2. Its Terri, dont feel I look like a terri, mom wanted to name me allie lolllll after allie mcgraw lollllll buttttt dad loved terri lolllllll

  3. Id loveeeee to show u our lovely Disney world, its the best ever if I do say soooo myself lolllll ;)

  4. details We expect a lot from Dutch models, but Puck knocks it out of the park with her blonde tresses and innocent yet mischievous air. Discovered at a model convention which she only went to as an afterthought, Puck ended up being the girl with the most agency callbacks – 17 out of 18 agencies were interested. She chose Tjarda Model Management to represent her and she will embark on her first model trip this summer, as soon as school is out! How cool is that – we think it’s as cool as Puck! stats Full Name: Puck Loomans Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 173 cm / 5’8″ Bust: 76 cm / 3
  5. was awesome, did disney world, sea world, kennedy space center, lollllllllllllllllll and reffing a 2 yr old and 5yr old

  6. Ohh my so sorry, I should have paid more attention,.hope u can forgive lolll

  7. Hey hun, bavk from vaca, how was your week?

  8. Ill do your gifs tonight hun, and will take a crack at the still siggy to

  9. Hey trevor bsck from vaca, how are u

  10. Hey hun im back hope to converse.with u on my thread, so whats your name lolllll I.feel odd calling u cult lolll

  11. Hey hun, whats up, havent heard from you.in.agessss

  12. Wow thanks for,all the adds shes so amazing
  13. Lovinggggg all the recent adds, thsnks baron and everyone
  14. Lovinggggg the elle, thanks chocolate
  15. She is a HUGE step in the right direction for VS simply stunning IMO
  16. When i uploaded the gif it wasnt active not sure what i did wrong, sucks about night shifts did those myself they are aeful

  17. I tried gifing on gimp, but will keep trying lollllll, how are u doing hun

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