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    Olivia Mary de Havilland (born July 1, 1916) is an American film and stage actress. She is the elder sister of actress Joan Fontaine. Along with her sister, de Havilland is one of the last surviving female stars from 1930s Hollywood. She is also the last living lead cast member from Gone with the Wind. Early lifeOlivia de Havilland was born in Tokyo, Japan to English parents. Her mother, Lilian Augusta Ruse (1886–1975), was an actress known professionally as Lillian Fontaine, and her father, Walter Augustus de Havilland (1872–1968), was a patent attorney with a practice in Japan.[1][2] Her parents married in 1914 and divorced in 1919. Her younger sister is actress Joan Fontaine (born 1917), from whom she has been estranged for many decades, not speaking at all since 1975.[3] The de Havilland family moved from Tokyo when she was two years old, settling in Saratoga, California, due to her sister's poor health, which improved after the family emigrated. Both sisters attended Los Gatos High School and Olivia also attended the Notre Dame High School, Belmont.[4] An acting award at Los Gatos is named after her. Her paternal cousin is Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, designer of the de Havilland Mosquito aeroplane. Career in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)De Havilland appeared as Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream, her first stage production, at the Hollywood Bowl. The stage production was later turned into a 1935 movie, her film debut.[5] Although the stage cast was largely replaced with Warner Bros.. contract players, she was hired to reprise her role as Hermia. After appearing with Joe E. Brown in Alibi Ike and James Cagney in The Irish in Us, she played opposite Errol Flynn in such highly popular films as Captain Blood, The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), and as Maid Marian to Flynn's Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938). Overall, she starred opposite Flynn in eight films. She played Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in Gone with the Wind (1939) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance. In 1941, de Havilland became a naturalized citizen of the United States. She was becoming increasingly frustrated by the roles assigned to her. She felt she had proven herself capable of playing more than the demure ingénues and damsels in distress that were quickly typecasting her, and began to reject scripts that offered her this type of role. When her Warner Bros. contract expired, the studio informed her that six months had been added to it for times she had been on suspension; the law then allowed for studios to suspend contract players for rejecting a role and the period of suspension to be added to the contract period. In theory, this allowed a studio to maintain indefinite control over an uncooperative contractee. [citation needed] Most accepted this situation, while a few tried to change the system. Bette Davis had mounted an unsuccessful lawsuit against Warner Bros.. in the 1930s. De Havilland mounted a lawsuit in the 1940s, supported by the Screen Actors Guild and was successful, thereby reducing the power of the studios and extending greater creative freedom to the performers. The decision was one of the most significant and far-reaching legal rulings in Hollywood. [citation needed] Her victory won her the respect and admiration of her peers, among them her own sister Joan Fontaine who later commented, "Hollywood owes Olivia a great deal".[6] The studio, however, vowed never to hire her again. The California Court of Appeal's ruling came to be informally known, and is still known to this day, as the De Havilland Law (California Labor Code Section 2855).[7] It imposes a 7 year limit on contracts for service unless the employee agrees to an extension beyond that term. from the trailer for In This Our Life (1942)Following the release of Devotion, a Hollywood biography of the Brontë sisters filmed in 1943 but withheld from release during the suspension and litigation, de Havilland signed a three picture deal with Paramount Pictures. The quality and variety of her roles began to improve. James Agee, in his review for The Dark Mirror (1946), noted the change, and stated that although she had always been "one of the prettiest women in movies", her recent performances had proven her acting ability. He commented that she did not possess "any remarkable talent, but her playing is thoughtful, quiet, detailed and well-sustained ... [a]nd an undivided pleasure to see."[8] She won Best Actress Academy Awards for To Each His Own (1946) and The Heiress (1949), and was also widely praised for her Academy Award–nominated performance in The Snake Pit (1948). This was one of the earliest films to attempt a realistic portrayal of mental illness, and de Havilland was lauded for her willingness to play a role that was completely devoid of glamor and that confronted such controversial subject matter. She won the New York Film Critics Award for both The Snake Pit and The Heiress. De Havilland appeared sporadically in films after the 1950s and attributed this partly to the growing permissiveness of Hollywood films of the period. She declined the role of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire, allegedly citing the unsavory nature of some elements of the script and saying there were certain lines she could not allow herself to speak. De Havilland denied this in a 2006 interview, saying she had recently given birth to her son when offered the role, which had been a life altering experience, and was unable to relate to the material.[9] The role went to her Gone with the Wind co-star, Vivien Leigh, who won her second Academy Award for her role. De Havilland continued acting on film until the late 1970s, afterward continuing her career on television until the late 1980s, highlighted by her winning a Golden Globe and earning a Emmy Award nomination for her performance as the Dowager Empress Maria in the 1986 miniseries Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. In 2008, de Havilland was awarded the United States National Medal of Arts. Personal life Relationships De Havilland and Errol Flynn were known as one of Hollywood's most exciting on-screen couples, appearing in eight films together, but contrary to salacious rumours, were never linked romantically. The films in which they co-starred included Captain Blood (1935), The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), The Adventures of Robin Hood and Four's a Crowd (1938), Dodge City and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939), Santa Fe Trail (1940) and They Died with Their Boots On (1941). De Havilland stated, "He never guessed I had a crush on him. And it didn't get better either. In fact, I read in something that he wrote that he was in love with me when we made The Charge of the Light Brigade the next year, in 1936. I was amazed to read that, for it never occurred to me that he was smitten with me, too, even though we did all those pictures together." [citation needed] However, in an interview cited on Turner Classic Movies[10] de Havilland claims she knew the crush was reciprocal and further states that Flynn proposed, though de Havilland turned down the proposal as Flynn was at the time still married to actress Lili Damita. Marriages De Havilland married novelist Marcus Goodrich in 1946 and they divorced in 1953. Their son, Benjamin (born in 1949) became a mathematician and died in 1991 after a long battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma. She was married to French journalist and Paris Match editor Pierre Galante between 1955 until 1979. Their daughter, Giselle (who later became a journalist) was born in July 1956 when de Havilland was 40.[11] After the divorce, de Havilland and Galante remained on good terms, and she nursed him through his final illness (lung cancer) in Paris, which was the stated reason for her absence from the 70th anniversary of the Oscars in 1998. Later years De Havilland was good friends with Bette Davis with whom she starred in Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte in 1964 and she has remained a close friend of Gloria Stuart. In April 2008, she attended the Los Angeles funeral of Charlton Heston. In 2008, she was a surprise guest at the Centennial Tribute to Bette Davis. Sibling rivalry Of the two sisters, Olivia was the first to become an actress; when Joan tried to follow her lead, their mother, who allegedly favored Olivia, refused to let her use the family name, so Joan was forced to invent a name, taking first Joan Burfield, and later Joan Fontaine. Biographer Charles Higham records that the sisters have always had an uneasy relationship, starting in early childhood when Olivia would rip up the clothes Joan had to wear as hand-me-downs, forcing Joan to sew them back together. A lot of the feud and resentment between the sisters allegedly stems from Joan's perception of Olivia being their mother's favorite child.[12] Both Olivia and Joan were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1942. Joan won first for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion (1941) over Olivia's performance in Hold Back the Dawn. Charles Higham states that Joan "felt guilty about winning given her lack of obsessive career drive...". Higham has described the events of the awards ceremony, stating that as Joan stepped forward to collect her award, she pointedly rejected Olivia's attempts at congratulating her and that Olivia was both offended and embarrassed by her behavior. Several years later, Olivia would remember the slight and exact her own revenge by brushing past Joan, who was waiting with her hand extended, because Olivia had allegedly taken offense at a comment Joan had made about Olivia's then-husband. Olivia's relationship with Joan continued to deteriorate after the two incidents. Charles Higham has stated that this was the near final straw for what would become a lifelong feud, but the sisters did not completely stop speaking to each other until 1975. According to Joan, Olivia did not invite her to a memorial service for their mother, who had recently died. Olivia claims she told Joan, but that Joan had brushed her off, claiming that she was too busy to attend. Charles Higham records that Joan has an estranged relationship with her own daughters as well, possibly because she discovered that they were secretly maintaining a relationship with their aunt Olivia.[12] Both sisters have refused to comment publicly about their feud and dysfunctional family relationships. De Havilland today A resident of Paris since the 1950s, de Havilland rarely makes public appearances. According to John Lichfield in a 14 July 2009 interview published in the Independent, she is working on an autobiography and hoped to have a first draft by September 2009.[13] She appeared as a presenter at the 75th Annual Academy Awards in 2003. In June 2006, she made appearances at tributes for her 90th birthday at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences and the Los Angeles County Art Museum. In 2004, Turner Classic Movies put together a retrospective piece called Melanie Remembers in which de Havilland was interviewed for the 65th anniversary of Gone with the Wind's original release. The film's last surviving principal cast member, de Havilland remembered every detail of her casting as well as filming. The 40-minute documentary can be seen on the Gone with the Wind four-disc special collector's edition. On November 17, 2008, at the age of 92, she received the National Medal for the Arts. She narrated the 2009 documentary, I Remember Better When I Paint.[14] YearFilmRoleNotes1935Alibi IkeDolly StevensThe Irish in UsLucille JacksonA Midsummer Night's DreamHermia, in Love with Lysanderas Olivia de Haviland (film debut)[5]Captain BloodArabella Bishop1936Anthony AdverseAngela GiuseppeThe Charge of the Light BrigadeElsa Campbellas Olivia De Havilland1937Call It a DayCatherine 'Cath' HiltonIt's Love I'm AfterMarcia WestThe Great GarrickGermaine de la Corbe1938Gold Is Where You Find ItSerena 'Sprat' FerrisThe Adventures of Robin HoodLady Marian FitzwalterFour's a CrowdLorri DillingwellHard to GetMargaret Richardsas Olivia De Havilland1939Wings of the NavyIrene DaleDodge CityAbbie IrvingThe Private Lives of Elizabeth and EssexLady Penelope GrayGone with the WindMelanie Hamilton WilkesNominated — Academy Award for Best Supporting ActressRafflesGwen Manders1940My Love Came BackAmelia CornellSanta Fe TrailKit Carson Holliday1941The Strawberry BlondeAmy Lind GrimesHold Back the DawnEmmy BrownNominated — Academy Award for Best ActressThey Died with Their Boots OnElizabeth Bacon Custer1942The Male AnimalEllen TurnerIn This Our LifeRoy Timberlake1943Thank Your Lucky StarsHerselfPrincess O'RourkePrincess Maria - aka Mary Williamsas Olivia DeHavilland1944Government GirlElizabeth 'Smokey' Allard1946To Each His OwnMiss Josephine 'Jody' NorrisAcademy Award for Best ActressDevotionCharlotte BronteThe Well-Groomed BrideMargie DawsonThe Dark MirrorTerry/Ruth Collins1948The Snake PitVirginia Stuart CunninghamItalian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Award for Best Actress in a Foreign Film National Board of Review Award for Best Actress New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress Volpi Cup Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress1949The HeiressCatherine SloperAcademy Award for Best Actress Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress1952My Cousin RachelRachel Sangalletti AshleyNominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama1955That LadyAna de MendozaNot as a StrangerKristina Hedvigson1956The Ambassador's DaughterJoan Fisk1958The Proud RebelLinnett Moore1959LibelLady Margaret Loddon1962Light in the PiazzaMeg Johnson1964Lady in a CageMrs. Cornelia HilyardHush… Hush, Sweet CharlotteMiriam Deeringas Olivia deHavilland1970The AdventurersDeborah Hadleyas Olivia De Havilland1972Pope JoanMother Superior1977Airport '77Emily Livingston1978The SwarmMaureen Schusteras Olivia De Havilland1979The Fifth MusketeerQueen (Mary) Mother2009I Remember Better When I PaintNarrator YearFilmRoleNotes1935A Dream Comes TrueHerself (uncredited)About the making of A Midsummer Night's Dream1936The Making of a Great Motion PictureHerself (uncredited)About the making of Anthony Adverse1937A Day at Santa AnitaHerself (uncredited)Stars attended a horse race at the famed racetrackScreen Snapshots Series 16, No. 10HerselfStars and their pets attend a swim meet1943Show Business at WarHerselfnewsreel about progress of the Hollywood war effort YearTitleRoleNotes1966Noon WineEllie ThompsonABC Stage 671972The Screaming WomanLaura Wynant1979Roots: The Next GenerationsMrs. Warnerminiseries1982Murder Is EasyHonoria Waynfleteas Olivia De HavillandThe Royal Romance of Charles and DianaQueen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother1986North and South IIMrs. NealminiseriesAnastasia: The Mystery of AnnaDowager Empress MariaGolden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film Nominated — Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress – Miniseries or a Movie1988The Woman He LovedAunt Bessie
  2. Maureen O'Hara

    Maureen O'Hara (born August 17, 1920) is an Irish film actress and singer. The famously red-headed O'Hara has been noted for playing fiercely passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude. She often worked with director John Ford and longtime friend John Wayne. She published her autobiography, Tis Herself, in 2004. Early life and careerO'Hara was born Maureen FitzSimons on the Lower Churchtown Rd in the Dublin suburb of Churchtown, Dublin 14, Ireland.[1] She was the second oldest of six children by Charles Stewart Parnell FitzSimons and Marguerita Lilburn FitzSimons. Her father was a Dublin businessman and part owner of Shamrock Rovers Football Club.,[2] whom she has supported since childhood.[3] Her mother, a former operatic contralto, was a successful womans' clothier. Her siblings were Peggy, the oldest, and younger Charles, Florrie, Margot and Jimmy. Peggy dedicated her life to a religious order, Sisters of Charity, and the younger children all went on to receive training at the Abbey Theater and the Ena Mary Burke School of Drama and Elocution in Dublin. O'Hara's dream at that time was to be an opera singer like her mother. O'Hara's father was a very practical man and did not entirely support her theatrical aspirations. He insisted she learn a skill so that she would have something to fall back on to earn a living in case her experience in the performing arts was not successful. She enrolled in a business school and became a proficient bookkeeper and typist. Those skills proved helpful many years later when she was able to take and transcribe production notes dictated by John Ford for the screen adaptation of Maurice Walsh's short story The Quiet Man. She did well in her Abbey training and was given an opportunity for a screen test in London. The studio adorned her in a "gold lamé dress with flapping sleeves like wings"[4] and heavy make-up with an ornate hair style. Reportedly, her thoughts concerning the incident were, "If this is the movies, I want nothing to do with them!"[5] The screen test was deemed to be far from satisfactory; however, actor Charles Laughton later saw the test and, despite the overdone makeup and costume, was intrigued, paying particular notice to her large and expressive eyes. Laughton subsequently asked his business partner Eric Pommer to see the film clip. Pommer agreed with Laughton and O'Hara was offered an initial seven-year contract with their new company, Mayflower Pictures. Her first major film was Jamaica Inn (1938) directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Laughton was so pleased with O'Hara's performance that he cast her in the role of Esmeralda opposite him in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939), which was to be filmed at RKO Studios in Hollywood that same year. After the successful completion of Hunchback, World War II began, and Laughton, realizing their studio could no longer film in London, sold O'Hara's contract to RKO. That studio cast her in low-budget films until she was rescued by director John Ford, who cast her as Angharad in How Green Was My Valley, which won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Picture. Six years later, in 1947, she made what is perhaps her best-remembered film, starring as Doris Walker and the mother of a young Natalie Wood in 20th Century Fox's Miracle on 34th Street, which, despite being released in May, has become a perennial Christmas classic, with a traditional network television airing every Thanksgiving Day on NBC. The film also helped to further establish O'Hara's career after the film garnered several awards, including an Academy Award Nomination for Best Picture. In 1946, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States. In addition to her acting skills, O'Hara had a soprano voice and described singing as her first love. The studio heads never capitalized on her musical talent, as she was already big box office in other genres of film. However, she was able to channel her love of singing through television. In the late '50s and early '60s, she was a guest on musical variety shows with Perry Como, Andy Williams, Betty Grable and Tennessee Ernie Ford. In 1960, she starred on Broadway in the musical Christine and released two successful recordings, Love Letters from Maureen O'Hara and Maureen O'Hara Sings her Favorite Irish Songs. Love Letters from Maureen O'Hara has been released on CD in Japan and is now out of print; Maureen O'Hara Sings Her Favorite Irish Songs has yet to be released on CD. An icon of Hollywood's Golden Age, at the height of her career O'Hara was considered one of the world's most beautiful women. She is often remembered for her on-screen chemistry with John Wayne. They made five films together between 1948 and 1972: Rio Grande, The Quiet Man, The Wings of Eagles, McLintock!! and Big Jake. A clip of O'Hara's radiant face as she waves from a gate in John Ford's Academy Award-winning How Green Was My Valley, remains one of the most classic images preserved on film, and is often featured as a clip in montages and promotions. Marriage, retirement and comeback In 1939, at the age of 19, O'Hara secretly married Englishman George H. Brown,[6] a film producer, production assistant and occasional scriptwriter whose best known work is the first of Margaret Rutherford's 1960s Miss Marple mysteries, Murder She Said. The marriage was annulled in 1941. Later that year, O'Hara married American film director Will Price (dialog director in The Hunchback of Notre Dame), but the union ended in 1953, reportedly as a result of his alcohol abuse. They had one child in 1944, a daughter named Bronwyn FitzSimons Price. She married her third husband, Charles F. Blair, Jr.., in 1968. Blair was a pioneer of transatlantic aviation, a former Brigadier General of the U.S. Air Force, and a former Chief Pilot at Pan Am. A few years after her marriage to Blair, O'Hara for the most part retired from acting. Blair died in 1978 when the engine of a Grumman Goose he was flying from St. Croix to St. Thomas exploded. She was elected CEO and President of Antilles Airboats with the added distinction of being the first woman president of a scheduled airline in the U.S. Later she sold the airline with the permission of the shareholders. O'Hara remained retired from acting until 1991, when she starred in the film Only the Lonely. She played Rose Muldoon, the domineering mother of a Chicago cop played by John Candy. Now officially retired, she divides her time among homes in Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland, Arizona and the Virgin Islands. Achievements O'Hara was named Irish America magazine's "Irish American of the Year" in 2005, with festivities held at the Plaza Hotel in New York. She was given the Heritage Award by the Ireland-American Fund in 1991. For her contributions to the motion picture industry, O'Hara has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7004 Hollywood Blvd. In 1993, she was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was also awarded the Golden Boot Award. She wrote the foreword for the cookbook At Home in Ireland. In March 1999, O'Hara was selected to be Grand Marshal of New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade. In 2007, she wrote the foreword for the biography of her dear friend, actress Anna Lee. In 2004, O'Hara released her autobiography 'Tis Herself, published by Simon & Schuster. In the same year, she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Irish Film and Television Academy in her native Dublin. In 2006, O'Hara attended the Grand Reopening and Expansion of the Flying Boats Museum in Foynes, Limerick, Ireland, as a patron of the museum. A significant portion of the museum is dedicated to her late husband Charles. O'Hara donated her late husband's seaplane (a Sikorsky VS-44A) "The Queen of the Skies" to the New England Air Museum. The restoration of the plane took 8 years and time was donated by former pilots and mechanics in honour of Charles Blair. It's the only example of this planetype surviving. O'Hara is Filmography FilmYearFilmRoleNotes1938Kicking the Moon AroundSecretaryMy Irish MollyEileen O'Shea1939Jamaica InnMary YellenThe Hunchback of Notre DameEsmeraldaDance, Girl, DanceJudy O'Brien1941They Met in ArgentinaLolita O'SheaHow Green Was My ValleyAngharad1942To the Shores of TripoliMary CarterTen Gentlemen from West PointCarolyn BainbridgeThe Black SwanLady Margaret Denby1943Immortal SergeantValentine LeeThis Land Is MineLouise MartinThe Fallen SparrowToni Donne1944Buffalo BillLouisa Frederici Cody1945The Spanish MainContessa Francesca1946Sentimental JourneyJulie Beck / WeatherlyDo You Love MeKatherine "Kitten" Hilliard1947Sinbad the SailorShireenThe HomestretchLeslie HaleMiracle on 34th StreetDoris WalkerThe Foxes of HarrowOdalie "Lilli" D'Arceneaux1948Sitting PrettyTacey King1949A Woman's SecretMarian WashburnThe Affairs of AdelaideAdelaide "Addie" CulverAlternative title: Britannia MewsFather was a FullbackElizabeth CooperBagdadPrincess Marjan1950Comanche TerritoryKatie HowardTripoliCountess D'ArneauRio GrandeMrs. Kathleen Yorke1951Flame of ArabyPrincess Tanya1952At Sword's PointClaireKangarooDell McGuireThe Quiet ManMary Kate DanaherAgainst All FlagsPrudence "Spitfire" Stevens1953The Redhead from WyomingKate MaxwellWar ArrowElaine Corwin1954MalagaJoanna Dana1955The Long Gray LineMary O'DonnellThe Magnificent MatadorKaren HarrisonLady Godiva of CoventryLady Godiva1956LisbonSylvia MerrillEverything But the TruthJoan Madison1957The Wings of EaglesMin Wead1959Our Man in HavanaBeatrice Severn1961The Deadly CompanionsKit TildenThe Parent TrapMargaret "Maggie" McKendrick1962Mr. Hobbs Takes a VacationPeggy Hobbs1963Spencer's MountainOlivia SpencerMcLintock!!Katherine Gilhooley McLintock1965The Battle of the Villa FioritaMoira1966The Rare BreedMartha Price1970How Do I Love Thee?Elsie Waltz1971Big JakeMartha McCandles1991Only the LonelyRose Muldoon1994A Century of CinemaHerselfTelevisionYearTitleRoleNotes1960Mrs. MiniverMrs. MiniverTelevision movieDuPont Show of the MonthLady Marguerite Blakeney1 episodeThe Bell Telephone HourHostess1 episode1963Hallmark Hall of FameSusanna Cibber1 episode1966The Garry Moore ShowSara Longstreet1 episode1973The Red PonyRuth TiflinTelevision movie1995The Christmas BoxMary ParkinTelevision movie1998Cab to CanadaKatherine EureTelevision movie2000The Last DanceHelen ParkerTelevision movie
  3. Rachel Cook

    Rachel Cook Elite NY Height: 5'8 Bust: 32 Waist: 24 Hips: 33 1/2 Shoes: 8 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel
  4. Victoria Lee

    chadwickmodels.com.au Gender: Female Size: 8 Height: 5'9 / 175 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Green Shoe: 8.5 Bust: 32A / 81 Waist: 24 / 61 Hips: 34 / 86 L'Officiel Singapore June/July 2011 Model: Victoria Lee Photographer: Wee Khim Stylist: Johnny Khoo from fashionising.com
  5. Belén Bergagna

    First Name:BelenLast Name:BergagnaNationality:ArgentinianHair Color:BrownEye Color:BlueDate of Birth:1989Place of Birth:ArgentinaHeight:5'11" ; 180cmMeasurements:(US) 32.5-23.5-35 ; (EU) 82-60-89Dress Size:(US) 3 ; (EU) 33Shoe Size:Mother agency:unknown Agencies: Place Model Management Mega Models - Miami Women Management - Milan Premula Models Management
  6. Juju Ivanyuk

    First Name:Julia Last Name:Ivanyuk Nationality:Russian Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Blue Date of Birth:June 11, Place of Birth:Pevek, Russia Height:5'10" ; 178cm Measurements:(US) 34-23.5-34 ; (EU) 86-60-86 Dress Size:(US) 4 ; (EU) 34 Numero 121 Model: Juju Ivanyuk Photographer: Greg Kadel Stylist: Bill Mullen Hair: Shay Ashual Makeup: Mariel Barrera from fashionsing.com
  7. Laura Hanson Sims

    details Hailing from the country music capital of the world, Nashville newbie Laura is signed with MACS/AMAX agency. Friends with the owner of the agency, Laura’s beauty came to their attention when she was just 12 years old. It would be hard to ignore those auburn locks and smattering of freckles, but Laura chose to study as well as train as a classical dancer until she was more mature. That waiting around has paid off, as Laura has quickly become a favourite of local photographers and designers. Signed with Next LA, Laura is off to New York this month to meet with agencies. This girl is on a mission to prove that gingers do have soul! stats Full Name: Laura Hanson Sims Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Height: 177 cm / 5’9.5″ Bust: 84 cm / 33″ Waist: 60 cm / 23.5″ Hips: 88 cm / 34″ Place of Origin: Nashville, Tennessee, USA Date of Birth: November 16 agencies Mother Agency: MACS|AMAX Los Angeles: Next LA
  8. Sofia Fanego

    Sofia @Next Milan Height: 5' 9" (175cm) Bust: 31.5" (80cm) Waist: 23.5" (60cm) Hips: 34" (86cm) Shoes: 8 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue. Nationality: Argentinian Mother agency: Lo management.
  9. Edie Campbell

    First Name:Edie Last Name:Campbell Nationality:British Hair Color:Dark blonde Eye Color:Blue Date of Birth:1990 Place of Birth: Height:5'7.5" ; 171cm Measurements:(US) 34-25-35 ; (EU) 86-63-89 Dress Size:(US) 4-6 ; (EU) 34-36 Shoe Size:(US) 7.5 ; (EU) 38 ; (UK) 5 agencies Paris Viva mother agency: Viva London (London)
  10. Anna Didenko

    First Name:AnnaLast Name:DidenkoNationality:UkrainianHair Color:BlondeEye Color:BlueDate of Birth:Place of Birth:Height:5'9.5" ; 177cmMeasurements:(US) 33-23.5-34 ; (EU) 84-60-86Dress Size:(US) 2 ; (EU) 32Shoe Size:(US) 8.5 ; (EU) 39 ; (UK) 6Mother agency:unknown Agencies: Traffic Models - Barcelona Storm Models - London 2pm Model Management - Denmark Chic Management Ford Models Europe - Paris Next Model Management - Los Angeles Elite Model Management - Miami Noah Models Louisa Models - Hamburg
  11. Nadja Bender

    Agency: Nathalie Models Also with: DNA Models / Fashion / Gossip Model Management (mother agency) Age: 21 Height: 180cm (5’11″) Place of Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark Ethnic Origin: All Danish Birthsign: Gemini How discovered: Facebook, and then it just went pretty fast from there. Favorite things: I love being cultural when I am back in Copenhagen. I go to museums, the botanical garden and other kinds of exhibitions around the city with my friends – we always make a day out of it. I also love reading books and watching movies – especially Japanese movies. Favorite music, band: Right now I’m listening to Eddie Vedder, Tina Dickow, White Lies, José Gonzalez and Agnes Obel plus some others. I love music, I always have my iPod with me, it is my lifesaver. Hobbies: Hmm, I don’t really have any beside reading, my family and my cooking lessons which I am taking at my girlfriends since she is the best cook I know. Favorite piece of clothing: Jeans. What’s your idea of fun? Spending time with my friends and my boyfriend. Love when we do play-nights where we stay up until late night playing games while we drink and eat cake, it is so cosy. Favorite modeling experience so far? That would be Paris fashion week, even though I was busy I just had the best time. My booker from Copenhagen came with me and we just had so much fun – plus I got to do some really cool shows and meet some very interesting and exciting people. What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? That it is close to the sea and that my parents lives there. In general I just really like Denmark, because it is a small and cosy country. Favorite artist (any kind): I would say Henri Matisse, I really think that all his work is amazing. Place you would love to visit: I would really like to go to St. Petersburg, Russia. I am really into the culture and the history, plus I’ve heard that the city is incredibly beautiful in the winter season. Currently you’re obsessed with/about: I’m obsessed with good old Danish food – maybe because I am never home, so I really miss it. Also with books – the old classic ones. models.com
  12. Stella Maxwell

    Agency: Trump Age: 19 Height: 5′9″ Place of Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland Ethnic Origin: British Birthsign: Taurus How discovered: My dad’s a diplomat, so I lived in New Zealand for a while and was scouted by my mother agent AliMcd while studying there. Favorite things: Road trips with friends, walking around Paris, Starbuck’s lattes, headbands with red lips, Skype… Favorite music, band: Currently Blondie has taken over my play list… but I love a bit of everything. Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, relaxing on the beach, playing scrabble on my iPhone. Favorite piece of clothing: American Apparel leggings Favorite artist (any kind): My good friend Sophie Burrowes who is a designer, has just began her own collection. Place you would love to visit: Tokyo, Canada, and after seeing the movie The Proposal, Alaska! Currently you’re obsessed with/about: Vintage shopping, playing with smalktalk (iPhone application), my roommate Elise Helene.
  13. Merethe Hopland

    Height: 180 cm Measurements: 85-61-90 with Elite London and Modelwerk
  14. Elouise Morris

    chicmanagment Height: 5’ 8” (173cm) Bust: 32" (81cm) Waist: 24.5" (62cm) Hips: 32.5" (83cm) Dress: 4 Shoes: 8 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Fresh Face | Elouise Morris & Tahlia Giumelli by Zachary Handley fashiongonerogue
  15. Sunniva Stordahl

    First Name:SunnivaLast Name:StordahlNationality:NorwegianHair Color:RedEye Color:GreenDate of Birth:1979Place of Birth:Oslo, NorwayHeight:5'10" ; 178cmMeasurements:(US) 32.5-24.5-34 ; (EU) 83-62-86.5Dress Size:(US) 6 ; (EU) 36Shoe Size:(US) 8.5 ; (EU) 39 ; (UK) 6Mother agency:New York Model Management Agencies: 1st Option Model Management Heartbreak Models Tess Management Elite Model Management - Paris Joy Model Management - Milan
  16. Alena Blohm

    Alena is with Model Managment in Hamburg and Angels & Demons in Paris. Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Height: 174cm/5'8.5" Bust: 81cm/32" Dress: 34 EU/4 US/6 UK Waist: 60cm/23.5" Hips: 89 cm/35" Shoes: 38 EU/7 US/5 UK
  17. Annelot de Waal

    New face at IMG Paris! Also with Boss Models in Cape Town. Height - 178 Bust - 83 Waist - 60 Hips - 89 Eyes - Green Hair - Blonde From - South Africa
  18. Sydney Roper

    S/S 10 NY Showcard
  19. Molly Smith

    Height 175cm 5'9" Bust 81cm 32" Waist 61cm 24" Hips 86cm 34"
  20. Sui He

    Full Name: Sui He Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 179cm / 5′10.5″ Bust: 83 cm / 32.5″ Waist: 59 cm / 23″ Hips: 87 cm / 34.5″ Place of Origin: Wenzhou, China Date of Birth: September 23 agencies Mother Agency: China Bentley Culture Development Co., Ltd. NY: New York Model Management Paris: Nathalie Models Milan: Fashion details Sui got her start last season on the Milanese catwalks, where she walked for designers including Les Copains, Anteprima and Byblos. From Wenzhou, China, Sui has since been placed with Nathalie in Paris and NYMM in New York, where she’s currently getting ready for the upcoming season. Sui is undeniably beautiful, with a memorable profile, elegantly long limbs and a delicate air that shifts to hard edge in a blink. Bring on the shows!
  21. Tali Lennox

    NationalityBritish (English) Hair colorBrown Eye colorGreen Date of birth1993 Place of birthLondon, England EthnicityIsraeli / Scottish Height5'10" ; 178cm Measurements(US) 32-24-34 ; (EU) 81-61-86 Dress size(US) 4 ; (EU) 34 Shoe size(US) 9.5 ; (EU) 41 ; (UK) 7 Mother agencyn/aAgenciesNext Model Management - London AdvertisementsFashion Shows Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2011 {Acne, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, Jaeger London, Jonathan Saunders, Kenzo, Missoni, Miu Miu, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Versus} Notes- She is the daughter of Scottish singer Annie Lennox and Israeli film and music producer Uri Fruchtmann.
  22. Rosanna Georgiou

    details In the midst of political and economical turmoil in Greece, one thing has remained consistent – a population of really, really good looking people. Out of Athens comes Rosanna, a girl with Dutch/Greek parentage, who, despite only being in the industry for about a month now, already has a league of designers calling her their muse. A mix of Iris/Ylonka/Kirsten Owen, Rosanna has been described by clients as dynamic and incredibly professional since the get go. Take it all the way, Rosanna. stats Full Name: Rosanna Georgiou Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Height: 181cm / 5′11.5″ Bust: 81 cm / 32″ Waist: 58 cm / 23.5″ Hips: 87 cm / 34.5″ Place of Origin: Athens, Greece Date of Birth: May 12 agencies Mother Agency: VN Model Management Milan: d’management group Spain: Traffic Models Denmark: Le Management Ros Georgiou: Digital courtesy of Marilyn A Calvin Klein exclusive is an interesting proposition. The girls could blast (see Karlie Kloss) or she could blip but that coveted booking will always swing the spotlight onto a new girl. Post London and Milan and currently revving up for Paris, Marilyn’s Ros is a new girl with a big buzz now that she has walked for three of the power shows of London (Giles Deacon, Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane) even as key bookings are still locking in her favor. Discovered by Marilyn via MDC’s Daily Duo Ros has truly lived up to that early potential. Watch for a major run by this standout Greek beauty. models.com
  23. Maja Mayskär

    details Oh me, oh Maja! Another fabulous Swede is coming to tear up the fashion world. From Lyckeby in the Sweden’s southeast, Maja spent this past summer in Paris and is signed with the mighty IMG Worldwide. So after intensive model bootcamp, Maja’s momentum is building – we are predicting that this girl could have a major moment come the next show season. stats Full Name: Maja Mayskär Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 177cm / 5′9.5″ Bust: 80 cm / 31.5″ Waist: 62 cm / 24.5″ Hips: 90 cm / 35.5″ Place of Origin: Lyckeby, Sweden Date of Birth: September 19 agencies Mother Agency: Stockholmsgruppen NY: IMG Paris: IMG Paris Milan: IMG Milano London: IMG London Germany: Mega Model Agency AdvertisementsFashion ShowsReady to wear - Autumn/Winter 2010 {Acne, Stylein} megamodel.com
  24. Grace Hartzel

    Height: 5' 10" (178cm) Bust: 31" (79cm) Waist: 24" (61cm) Hips: 33.5" (85cm) Dress: 2 Shoes: 8.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Mother Management / Next Models
  25. THE ABC'S of FASHION Brands