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    Stawrogin, did you cap that show? if so, could you upload it?
  8. So... overall I think this could be a good show, though the cast is still not what I love... Better than last year at least... BUT that waving and kissing and acting is so horrible Why can't they tone it done A LOT? It's not sexy, they look like crazy chicken... What I liked was that different hair styles were used, not every model had the same and that gave the show some variety - what the cast didn't I'll just critisize each model, but I guess a lot will change when I see the show. Angels: 1-Adriana Lima: I think she looked stunning and didn't do as much cheesy stuff as last years. Kinda disappointed of the Fantasy bra outfit though, her hair covers it and Selita's silver-black outfit looked a lot more glamourous... Still, she was one of the few brunettes and by that, one of the best of the whole show 2-Alessandra Ambrosio: Her body was insane, no mark of her pregnancy could be seen at all! Look wise, she was one of the most beautiful. But her acting Gosh, it's like she collected all the arm action and kisses and hopping from the last years and put it into this show. Not good. Not good at all. 3-Doutzen Kroes: She looked lovely, very womanly and grown-up and very sexy. After the brown haired catastrophe - well done! 4-Karolina Kurkova: I do love her - and she didn't disappoint me. Her body didn't look as bad as everyone said, in fact I think it looked really good! She looked marvellous! I think it's insulting that she only got two outfits while Candice and Maryna got more. 5-Heidi Klum: I have to say that I think that she did well. Esp her outfit in the Usher segment looked lovely. That ribbon outfit did not work for her, though. They had a similar construction over the stomach in 07 for Adriana in the Holiday segment I think and it looked horrible back then, too. I definately liked Heidi more than most of the other blondes. 6-Marisa Miller: I think she's hot. Her body is amazing and as long as VS cannot find better, Marisa better should stay since she oozes the playful sexiness they need. 7-Miranda Kerr: Looking fabulous, one of the high energy girls! And her body is, next to Marisa's, the best out of the angels. Love! 8-Selita Ebanks: Too much, still, but the hair does a lot for her and her outfits were lovely. She should continue toning down her kisses etc. Generally: The angels stood out, in a very positive way. Selita and Alessandra should stop acting like excited school girls, though. Models: 9-Abbey Lee Kershaw: NEVER again. Gosh. A looking-thirteen-year-old does NOT belong onto the VS runway. She was pretty horrible, worst to me. So wrong! 10-Ana Beatriz: Some of you might know that she's pretty "blah" to me. But since there weren't many calm beauties in the cast, she could turn out to be one of my favourites in movement since she looked very glamourous and beautiful. 11-Anne Vyalitsina: I like her. She was a nice surprise, I'm happy she was there. Esp since she looks like a woman... 12-Angela Lindvall: You know I dislike her. She looked alright, but her arms It can't be THAT difficult not to throw them wildly around, can it? 13-Arlenis Sosa: She is such a pretty girl, her skin tone is amazing and since I only saw one photo I won't be too harsh (cause so far, she was a miscast - a Katja Shchekina or Jeisa Chiminazzo of this year. Pretty, but not giving the show anything). 14-Behati Prinsloo: Didn't impress me much so far. Cute, sure. But that's it. Not as bad as Abbey Lee. 15-Candice Swanepoel: Boom, Chica! What a bomb! I didn't like her look at the beach, but she totally rocked the show, her body is HOT and yes... I think she'll be amazing in movement. 16-Carmen Kass: To me, she's boring. She just doesn't transmit the energy I want and I don't like her face and body. But still she is alright, a bit like Anne V. 17-Caroline Winberg: Sadly, she got two outfits - Edita should've gotten one of those... I think she wasn't good, but I think some of the pictures weren't the best, so maybe she'll surprise me. So far, with Angela and Abbey Lee the "not want"-group. 18-Clara Alonso: I disagree with the lovers and haters here. She did a fine job and looked pretty, and to me she was more interesting than Arlenis so far. Still, I would've liked Eugenia or some hotter brunette to get her spot. or at least other girls to get two of her outfits... 19-Edita Vilkevicuite: My lovely girl... She looked completely stunning, even though she had that horrendous outfit. I still hope she got one more cause she would deserve it and her face and body are just insanely feminine! I want to see her more often at the shows... 20-Emanuela de Paula: I think she'll be better in motion than in pics. She does look stunning, and not as expressionless like Arlenis. Maybe she'll get in a row with Ana, Anne V. and Clara - the silent beauties. 21-Erin Heatherton: I liked her. She fitted Pink very well, in a quite grown-up way. She worked the outfit! 22-Flavia d’Oliveira: I must say, she was really good. Esp in that horrible catsuit she looked sexy! She's not my favourite, but she did rock my socks. 23-Inguna Butane: Is there anything left to say? She was beautiful, silent, stoic, wonderful. AND sexy! One of my favourites, if not Number One! 24-Isabeli Fontana: Nice that she was there, she's always nice to look at Never my favourite, but always a nice addition! 25- Izabel Goulart: How could they let her go? She looked hot, hotter than hot, she was on fire! Sooo good! 26-Julia Stegner: She was fine, I'll admit that. She did well and looked beautiful, I think i'll put her in a row with Ana, Anne etc. 27-Lara Stone: The raw, sexy lady... I think they took her sex appeal away by giving her a too soft make-up. Still, I am pretty sure that she'll blow me away in motion, right now she's in a class with Isabeli to me. 28-Lindsay Ellingson: Better than last year since she looked slightly older. 29-Maryna Linchuk: Ah yes... Sure, she was good, and she was sexy, and she was one of the best. I think there isn't much to add. 30-Morgane Dubled: Horrendous outfit, lovely face, still, this time, she didn't have a make-up that gave her a bit of colour. Still, her body is amazing, and I think she'll rock that outfit in motion. 31-Noemie Lenoir: Beautiful, lovely, sexy - but overdoing it again. 32-Rosie Huntington: Better than before! She was looking very beautiful, I'd put her in a bunch with Clara Alonso. 33-Sarah Stephens: She did surprisingly well - but since I didn't exspect much, it wasn't that difficult. I think she looked flirty and pretty, and being a mixture of Liv Tyler and kemp Muhl doesn't hurt her appeal, either. I am curious about how she looks in motion. 34-Sessilee Lopez: What a lady, what an enery, what a sexiness! She was the biggest and the best surprise of the whole show to me. Absolutely in the top 3-5! 35-Shannan Click: looked almost too grown-up for Pink, but she did it well. A bit like Carmen to me, though, appeal-wise. So. My favourite angels were Doutzen, Adriana and Miranda, the best models definately were Izabel, Candice, Inguna, Sessilee and Maryna. I am so excited to see it on TV, though
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    where is the footage from? I haven't seen that yet, so...
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    thank you so much!
  11. Awesome news. And the new pics are beautiful,thanks
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