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  1. This is the most drama I have ever seen at a VS Fashion Show!!!
  2. I think the problem with remakes today is that many feel that they can sacrifice a good plot or actors just because they have amazing graphics. It has been seen that a movie can have very good graphics, but a poor story and not do too well. For me, with remakes, either follow the original plot line and add better animation, or use the old movie as a guide, but make your own unique story.
  3. That is awesome that she is doing all this runway. I like her.
  4. ANTM has realized this and keeps 'reinventing' itself. The current prizes are definitely more sophisticated than before. Unfortunately, you are more than likely not going to find the next supermodel, high fashion model, or top VS model. Maybe we could find at least one person sometime in the future that truly becomes a top model, but that depends on how long the show stays on and how they guide her.
  5. Not only does she not shave her legs, but she appears not to care She doesn't even wear jeans or pants or a long maxi dress to cover it up lol. It shows that she is a normal girl like the rest of us. Funny thing is she's dating Cristiano who's the most hairless man on the planet! I guess she has confidence in everything I agree. She has confidence, which makes her more beautiful. I guess when you have looks like her's, you don't need to shave your legs.
  6. Adam Rodriguez said that they couldn't fit his part into the show, but he was glad to have done it.
  7. Happy Birthday :wave:

  8. Wow, lots of people Scandinavian that I never thought about!
  9. It's not fair she's dating Miles Austin. He's so hot.
  10. You have to see it, it

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