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I agree with Taylor + Jasmine. They also seem to really like Jo, but I think that's more the VS execs liking her rather then her actually having a big impact as an Angel. :idk: She definitely gets used a lot in shoots and has gotten a fair number of events, but just from general observation of people I know outside of BZ, no one cares about her, where as I have friends that follow and know Taylor and Jas. 


Elsa I could see sticking around for another three year contract, but maybe moving back to the same sort of position that Lily is in now, especially if she does happen to get the FB this year. She's gotten her show opening, possibly a FB, and then will be happy to take a backseat and still get that panty money. Unlike girls like Sara or Stella who I can see moving on from VS on their own violation, Elsa doesn't have a lot of HF work to fall back on and would probably be happy to maintain a lowkey relationship with VS while she can, and focus on her own projects on the side. 

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The only reason why I can see Elsa staying long-term it's because she doesn't seem to be too thirsty with her career, so I think she'd be happy indeed staying for the panty money to have a safe paycheck. But that's it.


I don't think Martha, Sara or Stella will be with the brand much longer tbh, and for Sara and Stella it's most likely going to be their choice.

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19 minutes ago, Nathyrrr said:

confirmed on the video, Frida walk for Pink "Frida Aasen who will walk the big pink catwalk for the very first time in Shanghai next month. " 

That’s just what they’re calling the runway in general. Adriana’s video says “Adriana Lima is the queen of the pink catwalk.”

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1 hour ago, Marciotmello said:

don't you think 9 is a small number? 


Those are probably just the 9 Angels walking. But there will be more models, I bet Maria, Alexina and all the L'Oreal girls will walk because of BalmainxLoreal and Ming as well since she is a regular for the brand.

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