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  1. Clearly you’re not as tired about it as you always like to claim. If you were you’d stop saying the same things over and over again. But If I’m following your “logic” then we (the people who are tired of reading the same bullshit in here) are also allowed to keep asking why or what exactly the point is of literally repeating yourself every single day. It’s a two way street. I think you need a little refresher - this topic was closed for a while because lots of people had (and still have) enough of this “We can’t stand Metin” discussion - WE GET IT. You can’t stand him and that’s your opinion but what’s the point in saying this for 3 years day in day out? Don’t you have anything else to do? It’s not going to change anything. A while ago a moderator had to literally come in here and tell several of you to STOP talking about Metin and his relationship with Adriana. What don’t you understand about that?
  2. My goodness... Can’t you people just let it go? It’s been like what 3 years yet everyday there seems to be another essay in here about this whole situation. She’s almost 40 so I doubt she will change anytime soon when it comes to her personal life. She is a certain way and while some of you clearly don’t like it there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it except deal with it and move on. Maybe try to focus more on her career? There’s a big difference between speaking your opinion, saying you don’t like someone or a certain situation and expressing your feelings but there’s literally no point in saying the same thing everyday for 3 years.
  3. ^ Maybe because some people (including me) don’t see the point in talking about this over and over again? For the past 2 years this topic has been the “Metin” topic and barely anything about Adriana has been said in here. Some people in here talk and act as if they know what’s best for her when they just know her from pictures and videos. Seriously, being a fan doesn’t mean you truly know a person or know what they need in order to be happy. Adriana is a grown woman, not some naive teen who doesn’t know much about love or relationships. Let her live her life and maybe try talking about something other than her love life because that seems to be the only thing that certain people care about which is kinda creepy and odd tbh.
  4. 1) My all day long example was just that, an example. It doesn’t matter if she’s being followed for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Taking pictures or following and filming a person when they don’t even know it is weird. 2) You’re the one who keeps going on and on about the law. Just because it’s the law doesn’t mean I should just agree with it or think it’s normal. The fact that a person with (or without) children can be filmed at an airport/beach/wherever without being made aware of that is just weird and downright creepy and it seems like this video was made by a fellow passenger or someone who was at the airport, not paparazzi who’s job it is to do nothing but run after famous people all day. Leaving your house doesn’t mean people don’t have the right to some privacy.
  5. Upset? Lol says who? You seriously can’t convince me that you’d like to have anyone (even people who aren’t paparazzi) film you all day long without your permission, follow you around “just because” and take pictures of you. Imagine you’re standing at the register with your groceries and the person behind you just keeps taking pictures of you without stopping. Flash here flash there, then a little video because according to you privacy doesn’t mean anything when you’re out in public. That’s just ridiculous and you know people wouldn’t appreciate it at all and neither would you. You’d also ask the person to stop or atleast ask them why they feel the need to do that.
  6. So you’re basically saying that just because it’s part of the business it shouldn’t be considered a big deal? I highly doubt you’d like to be followed around 24/7 - I don’t think the idea of lots of paparazzi following you with camera’s in your face while you’re hanging out with family or even just running errands would be something to look forward to. Also Candice sharing pictures of her children on social media is her decision. She gets to choose what she wants to post and what not. Just because she posts pictures of het children doesn’t automatically mean it’s not weird for someone to film her + her kids without them knowing that.