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  1. Very true, couldn't have said it better
  2. ^ How does it look bad? It suits her and her body.
  3. People always say Romee and Candice look so much alike, I personally never saw it until now... I swear sometimes I feel like VS has some secret clone factory
  4. ^ Not so sure what's so hilarious about that...
  5. ^ Why does she always hold her phone so awkwardly? It looks like it will fall any second. Nice outfit though and been loving her pictures.
  6. I don't understand why people are so annoyed by that butt video. She's been showing her butt off ever since I can remember so she clearly likes it, and she just seemed to be having fun, like the rest of the girls. What's wrong with that? There are a lot worse things in the world than Candice shaking her butt.
  7. All the Behati fans going wild. Never fails to make me laugh.
  8. @bump That's actually the same woman in all the pictures I posted... Daniela Pestova. Except the collage with 4 pictures, the brunette is Heidi Klum, the rest is also Daniela).
  9. @Clauds You're acting like the models have a say in what the commercial will look like. They don't. How are they supposed to be refreshing etc if they are told to do the same things? To say all the holiday commercials are the same is not true either... Holiday commercials will always have a certain feel and look to them, if they didn't they obviously wouldn't be called holiday commercial.
  10. While me and Clauds rarely agree on anything, I'd have to say the same. I'm pretty young myself (early 20s) and I personally find the models from the late 90s and early 00s way more interesting and they actually make me interested to buy stuff, not the super young PINK looks. I have some pictures here that are from the 90s early 00s and while the outfits or lingerie may seem outdated to some, these kind of pictures and models actually make me want to buy the lingerie/swim wear (last picture). They just have a much more mature look to them while still looking young (but without the teenage look to them).
  11. @bump This is just out curiosity but would you mind explaining what exactly you didn't like about any of the shows prior to 2009... I'm assuming you didn't like anything about it since you said the shows, the models and the set choices. I googled some pictures from various shows, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2008... And while we all have different opinions, I don't really see the "old and leathery" look in these pictures.
  12. Right... So if it were up to you, it wouldn't matter if they "walked" down that runway like seen in these 3 gifs? Models are paid to wear those heels as well, since they're part of the outfit, so yes, I think they should be able to walk properly in them. There's nothing hot about a stunning girl in beautifully made lingerie that can't walk.
  13. ^ I don't see what's enjoyable about a "messy" walker, no matter how hot she is according to anyone. No one wants to see a model on the catwalk who can't walk properly. Seriously, nothing is more embarrassing than seeing them struggle while others are just "gliding" on that catwalk.
  14. She's always had quite a big forehead... kinda like Candice even though their head shapes are entirely different. I think Candice had a wider head at the top/ not as defined cheekbones compared to Adriana.
  15. I understand for the outside world that it's interesting to know what models eat and what they do to stay fit though, but people seem to forget models are still people as well and at the end of the day they also like to sit down and have a nice simple meal or just relax and watch a movie. I wouldn't say that the promotion of unnaturally skinny models is more damaging, it's just as damaging as encouring unhealthy eating habits such as eating too much and too much of unhealthy foods. This is not directed at anyone btw, just a general observation. There doesn't really seem to be an in between anymore.