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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Did a little research and found this! Tuu-lik-ki https://forvo.com/word/tuulikki/
  2. She gave birth! Congratulations Elsa and Tom! Welcome to the world Tuulikki!!
  3. No! I found it on an actress’s Instagram page, caption said it’s her mum, but can’t find any info...
  4. Does anyone know the name of this model? I think the book was released sometime during the 80s.
  5. Okay. Thanks for clarifying! I’m sure she will be an incredible mother.
  6. Okay so what are we basing this on then? 😅 Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for her and Tom, but those photos of her at a baby store could also be her buying a gift for a friend...
  7. I missed her Instagram post(s) but did she actually confirm that she’s pregnant? Either way, if she is congratulations to her and Tom!
  8. Does anyone have those 2 photos on the right in full size? Thanks in advance!
  9. Why is it ridiculous? I think it’s a smart move.
  10. Does anyone know where I could watch her E True Hollywood story? It used to be on Youtube but can’t find it there (or anywhere else) Thanks in advance!
  11. Why would she have to look the same after giving birth? I think both her and the baby being healthy is what matters most. Having a safe delivery, feeling good during and after her pregnancy - regardless of what she looks like - is way more important than her body not “looking the same”.
  12. I haven’t posted in this topic in over a year, so no... “If” she got something done? You’re truly telling me her lips went from thin to big in less than a year? I’ve never heard of anyone’s face changing like that without surgery/fillers. Again, I think she looks great with both, but to me, natural is always better. If you don’t see a difference between those pictures then I’m not sure what to tell you.
  13. Does anyone know what happened to her Instagram page?
  14. Your lips don’t suddenly become 5x bigger unless you got them enhanced. As you age your lips get thinner, not bigger. These pictures don’t have 10 years between them.
  15. @Nameless_Ghuleh Yeah I’d say it’s pretty obvious, lips obviously don’t get bigger on their own. There is a huge difference when looking at her first modeling pictures and now. Also, this is a pretty good example. Both suit her but I think natural is always better.
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