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  1. @DitaDiamondis Thanks so much!! Some of these are totally new to me. So excited to see her collaboration with mother denim
  2. Thanks so much for posting these, love to see her older work again. Do you know if there are more of this set or if I can find them without the tag on them??
  3. ^ So beautiful
  4. $0 Hmwyp to fly to mars?
  5. If you really believe that the models don't matter when it comes to how the company is doing... it sure does. VS has always sexualised and photoshopped pictures, this is nothing new. They also did this 10-15 years ago when they still had a ton of good models who a lot of people, grown women, not teens, actually liked. I think it was the 2001 or 2002 show where they interviewed people on the street about the show/the brand and some of these women were holding the VS catalog and said "I'm wearing some right now!". Back then they didn't have these models who looked very young and who seem to be a better fit for PINK than the actual VS catalog. I don't know what happend but nowadays some of the models for the show look like teenagers, and grown women probably aren't very interested in buying something from a brand that only seems to cater teens now. I still don't understand what happened to VS because it sure wasn't like this a couple of years ago. I'm not saying they aren't over doing it now, but to act like they haven't done this before is just silly.
  6. Vegetables and Doritos honey bbq bits and sweet paprika bits
  7. I don't think her super mega fans would be ready for that cause it'd mean she would be gone even longer @Kells. Ok if that's what you want to believe, but numbers don't lie. If Taylor is the new next queen then why did VS drop their swimline and their fashion show gets very low ratings? You'd think she'd be the one being able to save this sinking ship. Maybe read this article: www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/01/06/victorias-secret-december-sales-drop-as-angels-lose-their-wings/?client=safari
  8. Big bump.. anyone know what she is up to lately?
  9. That sucks sorry to hear that. Glad you made a new one again though. I don't have a tumblr blog but I remember finding your first one last year and absolutely loved it.
  10. Yay! Love your tumblr btw. How come the first one was deleted?
  11. @nhlovesadri Is there no sound in that video or is it my phone that's acting weird?
  12. I don't think it's a matter of "having to", Adriana has made it quite clear she doesn't intend on stopping anytime soon, and why should she? She's still one of the best if not the best. There's no way in hell VS would drop her if Candice decides to stop lol. They know they need Adriana.
  13. The makeup in the second picture reminds me of this editorial Adriana did early on in her career. It had a lot of funky makeup too
  14. Awful outfits...
  15. Even though these clothes are far from my taste or anything I'd ever wear, they look good and Sara looks really good too. Happy to see her working with a lot of good brands.