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  1. Are you serious?
  2. Kinda odd how disinterested she seemed in the Pyrenees for the Biotherm event, I know she said she hurt her foot but the second she gets to the Bahamas (like a day later?) it's magically healed and she's her usual self again? Pictures look pretty good though. Wondering why she deleted that first bikini picture though and changed the caption.
  3. Why does it seem like literally everyone from the modeling world is in the Bahamas right now??? Like seriously.
  4. Hmm I wouldn't be surprised about that, if she suggested that but am I the only one who doesn't find it that odd that Orlando is not invited?
  5. Hmm I don't think he accidentally revealed those details... Orlando was and still is one of the most private celebs out there and now all of a sudden he accidentally leaks some of his ex wife's details concerning her marriage? I wonder why What else did he say during that interview?
  6. I don't see her moving back to England anytime soon either, but her saying how much she misses the culture etc it got me wondering.
  7. Wonder when she and Evan are going to get married.. How long have they been engaged now?
  8. Lovely interview. I like how she doesn't seem to have fame let it get to her head, she seems pretty real and down to earth, yet can be sassy and fun. Perfect combination And I can imagine her missing home, but I do wonder after having lived in sunny LA for so long, how hard it would be to get used to the colder climate again. Do any of you actually think that, maybe one day, she'll move back to Devon, or somewhere else in England?
  9. Am I reading this right??? Martha gets a compliment on here?! I must be dreaming! Wow. About time. She looks amazing as always.
  10. ^ 5 head? What does that even mean? Even though I still find her pretty, no one can come close to Doutzen at the beginning of her career.
  11. @Cult Icon Tanya...? What is her full name?
  12. I'm not familiar with Anna Palma's work so can't really comment much on that, but VS having the same photograph (Russell) for years clearly did work, otherwise he and they wouldn't still be out there working. But now that VS is basically a sinking ship, I've lost all hope on them working with a few photographers to have more diversity in their shoots. I still think Russell did (and does) an amazing job, if you look back at some of his older work and now, there is actually diversity. Of course he has something that is distinctly him and real fans will obviously notice fast when something has been taken by him, but contrary to what people believe, he can take more than just pictures of beautiful women in bikini's and I feel he doesn't get enough credit sometimes.
  13. Was thinking the exact same thing. Also find it really odd how different she looks when she takes pictures of herself compared to when others do it... Strange. She definitely seemed to work more when she was still a couple with Erik Conover.
  14. Maybe Bellemere's shoots are "edgier and sexier" to some, but eventually they also looked the same pretty much all the time. Same filter, same style/feel to them. Every photographer obviously has their own distinct style which will be noticeable but I personally find Russell's work far more diverse than Bellemere.