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  1. Does someone know what this editorial is called or for which magazine it was? I remember seeing HQ images of this shoot a long time ago but can’t seem to find it anywhere.
  2. Are she and Sal still together?
  3. This might be a bit of an odd question but years ago Rosie posted this lovely selfie while out in the countryside, I think around Christmas back when she went home to Devon? I think she was wearing a green sweater but I’m not sure. I can’t find it on her Instagram or anywhere else so, if anyone has this photo I’d really appreciate it!
  4. I think early 2020, but I’m not sure.
  5. Does anyone know what happened with her and Ro? They seemed like such a happy couple.
  6. *Luna*


    Thank you both! @nhlovesadri @borg
  7. *Luna*


    Sorry if this has been asked before, but do you know which year this was? She looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks in advance.
  8. I’ve never said or implied that you were the one who has sent me and other members death threats. I know better than to lie or make up such things. I’d say the people who need help are people who have sent me and other members those messages. The ones who have sent me these messages know all too well who they are and I’m sure they’re lurking in here as well, if you look around it shouldn’t take too long to figure out who these people are. Regarding your “You have issues”, yes that’s the classic answer whenever a woman says something that goes against the grain. Funny how you only talk to me while several other women also agreed with what I said. Are you going to call them out as well or am I just the lucky one today? We have issues because we don’t agree with something sexist you said? Yes, sounds legit… Also, it wasn’t me who said all men are sexist. I didn’t know saying “you said” automatically meant “all men” — I’m not one of those types so keep those ridiculous statements out of here. I know plenty of wonderful men who don’t talk this way about women and who have treated me/other women in my life perfectly fine.
  9. Lol. Even if they were I’d truly love to see them try. I’ve got better things to worry about a bunch of trolls who think they’re so “scary”. However that doesn’t mean I’ll sit here and simply tolerate being bullied, especially not when other members start to contact me and ask for help since the mods don’t care about members receiving death threats. If you want to continue minimalizing that then I suggest looking inward and doing some serious soul searching — there’s nothing normal about sending people death threats just because they don’t agree with something. And as mentioned above me, it’s only a matter of time before the mods will come in here to clean this up because God forbid people know what really goes on here on BZ. Screenshots are a beautiful thing though!
  10. Yes, because assuming a woman is fucking a guy JUST because she’s hanging out with is “random”. Also honey, what makes you think I’m leaving? Lol! I do actually have a life hence why I’m not on here 24/7. I find your attempts at trying to shut me up quite admirable but I’d say try harder. If you’d actually read what I’d posted you’d see I did agree with some of what User19 said and also others who know what logical thinking is. Clearly I’m not the only one who feels the this way as can be seen by other people who have commented about this. And if you don’t believe me about said death threats I’m more than fine posting these screenshots. Or why won’t you just message one of the mods? That’s one of your favorite things to do anyway whenever it comes to me not agreeing with you so go ahead! Be my guest. But oh wait let me guess, even if I did post them and outed your favorites you’d still be convinced I photoshopped said screenshots… Yes, one really fakes stories about receiving messages from butt hurt BZ members who have nothing better to do with their lives and sink so low they start sending sending death threats to me and other members, all because I simply don’t agree with the “She’s fucking him because she’s on a boat” story or whatever BZ’s little clique opinion of the day is
  11. I do care about it. What do you know about my life and my experiences? Oh right I forgot, you guys are the experts here on literally everything and everyone. Perhaps you should look up the definition of what being worked up means — caring about something and being worked up are two completely different things, and while you’re at it help yourself to a big slice of humble pie. You need it.
  12. Wow, what a fabulous exegesis! Lol. I’m not worked up at all, but of course you’d think so since that’s always the answer here whenever someone states their opinion, goes against the grain or doesn’t agree with whatever “BZ’s favorites” say. I’ve been here long enough to know that “certain” people get a free pass, they always will get a free pass and can say/do whatever they please without there being any warnings. On BZ it’s either “say as we say” or you’ll get harassed and bullied until you decide to leave yourself. Certain members, including me, have received death threats from certain “favorites” on here both publicly and in dm’s, you think something ever got done about that? Of course not because #favoritsm. I’m sure it must suck though that these tactics don’t work with me. To answer your question, I did read what you wrote. If your comment wasn’t sexist then why start it with “Not to sound too sexist, but…” That’s the same as “No offense, but…” You’re the one who mentioned bodies and looks deteriorating — whatever that means… There’s a saying “Aging like a fine wine.” Great saying if you ask me. What may be “deteriorated” to you may be absolutely fantastic for other people. Someone being 30+ doesn’t mean their bodies and looks are deteriorated. The fashion industry trying to convince you of that doesn’t make it true, but sounds like you buy it. You’re also the one saying how the odds are pretty good Candice must be hooking up with someone because she’s hanging out with a man. Again, you’re basing that on a few photos. Are you there lying next to them and observing them when they’re supposedly going at it? Are you also there when she takes care of her finances, since you’re so sure she’s a millionaire at best. Who the fuck knows? Do you have access to her bank account? Maybe girl is a billionaire! It’s NONE of our business and assuming shit no one knows anything about is absolutely ridiculous. Like User19 mentioned, the existence of yacht girls is rooted in misogyny and sexism, and acknowledging that in itself isn’t sexist. What is sexist is AUTOMATICALLY assuming a woman must be on that boat because oh right it must always about sex, right? Perhaps put yourself in her position and ask yourself how you’d like it if people went ahead and projected their wild theories and imaginations onto you without any proof whatsoever.
  13. Ah right, I just have to get “over it” that women get called certain names because… they were seen in a photo with someone that happens to be of the other gender, and because of that women automatically get judged. Sounds fair! Like I’ve said, go ahead and call her all these sexist names to her face and see how that works out. Or perhaps someone should just send her some photo’s of what some of her so called fans are chatting about and automatically assuming about her only because they’ve seen her in a bikini relaxing on a boat lol. It’s easy to hide behind a screen and say shit like this, but I truly don’t believe for one second any of you who automatically jumped to “she must be sleeping with him” conclusion would say this to her in real life.
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