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  1. It's a serious question... But I'm not surprised you don't have a real answer to it. Say whatever you want about him being president, why was he unfit to lead beauty pageants? I don't think it affected you in any way as you probably were a kid back when he was doing that. And I suggest unless you have something else to say besides "WOW", just say nothing on the subject if you can't give an answer to a serious question.
  2. How did it affect you when he was leading beauty pageants?? Obviously I can tell you don't like him as president but I'm really curious on how his beauty pageants and modeling agency affects/affected you in any way lol
  3. Lol, trust me, the feeling is mutual. Please do NOT hesitate to post more as it's very refreshing to actually see someone post something that makes a bit of sense.
  4. Why does she need to gain weight?? What she needs to gain is some wisdom and maybe get some class... how anyone can take her seriously when all she does is be naked on instagram is just crazy to me.
  5. "VS is doing some special project witn VS"? How can VS do a special project with themselves lol? Whatever this shoot was, I'm sure we'll find out soon.
  6. Oh yeah it's so funny... Hahahaha, I'm dying of laughter. Not. Anyway, despite our different opinions on what's funny or not, another celeb a lot of people seem to find unattractive, Gwyneth Paltrow. Not a huge fan of her looks now but I think she was quite beautiful in the 90s.
  7. Models photoshopping their social media pictures is nothing new, although some really exaggerate and do it way too much/make it a little too obvious. It's pretty easy to see that Emily's body looks fuller/less toned when others post pictures about her but she's not as bad as others. I like Elsa Hosk, but she really needs to tone it down when it comes to altering her pictures. The difference is huge when you look at her own vs paparazzi pictures. Her legs and waist look 10x smaller/skinnier in her pictures than paparazzi shots or VS pictures. I don't even get why most of these models do this, as their bodies look amazing naturally and they don't need those 39489303 layers of photoshop and slimming effects... It's just absurd.
  8. Double standards are what's wrong @frenchkiki If someone else said that it'd be a big deal, but because peroxideblonde it's considered funny and cool. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so to say someone needs to go to an eye doctor because they happen to not find someone as attractive, makes absolutely no sense at all.
  9. A more positive thread yet someone who doesn't find Shanina beautiful needs to see an eye doctor? Sure lol "more positive"... Anyway. I've heard lots of people say they find Uma Thurman ugly and I definitely don't agree. There is something different about her, something quirky and unique, which I find interesting.
  10. Great pictures except the last one imo... I can't get over how different her nose looks from the side vs the front. It's kinda odd but of course nothing she can help.
  11. Elsa Hosk the business woman That is a very good price though. I wish there were more pictures of her apartment where she lives now, it looks absolutely amazing from what I've seen so far in her pictures/videos on her story.
  12. While they look blue most of the time, they clearly can look green as seen in these. I don't get what the problem is as it's correct, they're not pure icy blue like Elsa. Emily has both green and blue.
  13. Lmao. I bet she will regret that for the rest of her life
  14. I'm not sure what color you are seeing then, brown? Her eyes are clearly a mix of blue and green. They probably change color depending on numerous factors such as your mood, natural light etc.
  15. I think it'd be great if she switched it up and went short, like this selfie she took years ago (it was a wig, but I think it suits her really well) And if it needs to be long, I definitely prefer this length on her: