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  1. Celestial really is that bitch huh
  2. If Adriana doesnt get a nice farewell, imma riot 😬
  3. It`s the Chainsmoker guy
  4. I guess Kourtney Kardashian is walking the show 😂 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp7fkbIHqMT/
  5. Thank you! I actually thought you were all hoping for a pastel one 😂
  6. Kinda lost track of all the segments this year. So we have Celestial, The English/Countryside, PINK, The Collaboration and "Femme Fatale". So which segment is missing?
  7. Me 2, but it seems we're the only ones 😂 I just want a celestial segment!
  8. I know Julia Stegner said on German television she wasn't going to walk the 2012 show, because the models had to be slimer each year.
  9. If someone's interested this is the value of the 3 VSxBalmain jackets they are giving away. Im guessing the first one is either Martha's or Alexina's, the second and third are probably Stella's and Sara's jackets.
  10. And as you can see in Romee's vlog "Only Angel" was supposed to be in Nomadic Adventure. I personally think it didn't fit Goddesses at all. Harry should have done "Sign of the Times" instead.
  11. I think they will definitely change the order of the segments, otherwise we won't see Taylor, Lais and Romee until the 5th segment, while Josephine and Stella are done after the 2nd. So I'm guessing Goddesses will be 2nd segment, they probably keep A Winter's Tale as their 3rd and PINK as the 4th segment and then Porcelain Angels would be the 5th.
  12. Does anyone know the password? http://vspressroom.com/victorias-secret-fashion-show/look-of-show-2017/
  13. Goddesses has the best outfits....excluding that ugly ass swan on Barbara
  14. Thank you so much to everyone getting pictures and videos!
  15. This is what I want, what I really, really want!
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