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On 2/6/2017 at 10:44 PM, UrAnus111 said:

sry m8s , im new , but anyone kno who is she?


I figured you were new, but still you shouldn't hijack other threads. :no:

You can go to topics that are titled "Official", but it has to be relevant to the rules placed.  Heck, I advise you to look through the overall rules for Bellazon first.

As I mentioned before, you seemed to have already made a thread for your current question, mind you it is in the wrong place as it should have been in the "Model ID" section, but I already addressed that issue so it should be moved hopefully soon.  You don't see me hijacking other topics asking who model #1, from this topic, is.

You'll probably have to wait and see if anyone can help you in your own topic for now.

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On 11/25/2019 at 6:11 PM, Summity said:


do you know the name of the models who played in these TV commercials of the late 90's-mid-2000's ?

1 (1998)

2 (1998)

3 (1999)

4 (2000)

5 (early 2000's)

6 (early 2000's)

7 (2003)


Redhead in the 3rd video is Michelle Gontier, check the video's description.

Also, isn't this hijacking the thread again? :confused:

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14 hours ago, hairmodelfan said:


Also, isn't this hijacking the thread again? :confused:


Yes, I  would say so. People don't bother to read the whole thread before they add a post. :girlbanghead:


I guess we just have to excuse the new people :laugh:

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