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  1. Xerus

    Anyone know who this is??

    The second image looks like Alicia Bublitz, or try an Ali Express model named Julsin. That's all I got for ya.
  2. Xerus

    Lingerie Models

    Possibly 3rd woman and certainly 4th woman is/are Petra Cubonova.
  3. Yes, it's Ellie. I think this is a better representation of her, though.
  4. Xerus

    Anais Sapphira lingerie models

    People reply if they know something. They DON'T reply when they don't. So very OBVIOUSLY, no one yet knows who the model you posted on May 1 is.
  5. Xerus

    Please Help! - Who is this model?

    You have to do better than that. Give some context as to when these were taken, where you got them from, what clothing line, etc. You're relying on just our ability to recognize a face, and that's not optimum in any of these 3 images.
  6. Xerus

    ID model ?

    What year was the Antinea (Lise Charmel) collection? PS: I think Nightowl is correct - It's Agathe Teyssier
  7. Xerus

    NA-KD model id

    In my opinion, no.
  8. Xerus

    LEONISA Catalog April 2018

    I think only #2, kim. mho.
  9. Xerus

    Sloggi model

    what year is this work from?
  10. Xerus

    Everything But Water Model ID

    you're on fire, Rye. Nice work.
  11. Xerus

    Model ID Alternate Thread

    SOLVED: Nina Rodriguez
  12. Xerus

    Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    Another happy customer at Bellazon.
  13. Xerus

    Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    I am pretty sure about Gabriela, but you have to think so, it's your image. I have other images of her, and the belly buttons match up fairly well from what I can see. Here are a few more ideas for you. 1) Search at the top forum level in Bellazon for "LEONISA", and examine all the topic hits. I have offered about 10 names, you've discounted them all. I don't have an exhaustive list of names, but other places out there might.... 2) Use Google or Bing to zero in on models that did Leonisa in general, Leonisa in 2012 or the ColumbiaModa Fashion show at that time. 3) There are some great people here that are very good at this, and while we all work together in Bellazon to do ids, some are actually in the field and know lots of people. Maybe someone here will take up your cause directly. It will be interesting when you finally get a name you like. Please share it with us. Best to you, good luck! One more name for either the very first image you posted, OR the lady above in BLUE: Nina Rodriquez
  14. Xerus

    Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    Also AMANDA Brandao did Leonisa 2012. Check her.
  15. Xerus

    Brunette #2 from Frederick's of Hollywood

    If someone knows, they'll add a name or a suggestion. Bumping this incessantly isn't forum friendly.