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  1. Agree MK. I have her doing Bare Necessities in 2009 & 2010 (where the image posted in part of a set of them...) , and then moving to an acting career.
  2. This is Janicke (aka Jani) Askevold. I do not believe this is from La Senza.
  3. I think that's a good ID, @Kim Florida. I'll add to your 99% with .999% = 99.999%
  4. Winner, Winner, Winner chicken dinner It's Monika Ordowska.
  5. {name}

    6 models to ID

    Interesting call, MK. I'm thinking your right but it's not a 100% lock yet. Looking at her other work, too. I'll wait for a few more opinions. Here is more of that shoot (and these move me away from thinking it's Zita)
  6. This is the best lead so far...but have nothing else to add to help right now.
  7. Found her in a modeling Agency from you calling her "Anna C", but nothing more...yet. http://members.bareface.com/cast/details.asp?contactid=MDL00010775&CategoryCode=m
  8. BONPRIX - Yes, she is! Well done! Are these current year work? or do you happen to know the year of her modeling for them? That at least gives us a lead for more current material. Now @Kim Florida may be able to help (she's so magical at this!!)..
  9. what website, or what products is she modeling for? We can be a lot more productive to help you if you don't rely just on someone knowing her face alone. Nationality, or what she's modeling for give many of us a place to start searching.
  10. do you really think that hundreds of faceless images, including back and butt shots, really help us?
  11. confirming means you're proposing something and asking us if we think you're right (or not). What name are you proposing? As well, tell us where the image came from, what manufacturer or product?
  12. Yes, I was also sure it wasn't Carol Alt. Good find, @Chirkomania
  13. good job on Nicole, @fletch, I believe you're correct.
  14. {name}


    Kim @Kim Florida ... even a blind squirrel can find an acorn under an oak tree in the Fall... Got lucky on this one, but thank you of course. But moreso, thank you especially for the consistency and resource your deliver here each day. You are, and continue to be... a legend.
  15. {name}


    She's Agata Szewiola. That campaign was for Polish brand, Ava Lingerie in 2012, I believe. She's also Polish.
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