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  1. Nika Higashionna https://www.instagram.com/nikahigashionna/ SHEIN example https://us.shein.com/Ring-Linked-Halter-Triangle-Bikini-Swimsuit-p-15353114-cat-1866.html
  2. https://www.instagram.com/gabbiesul/
  3. Nice job @maxione- it's her (visually) as well as a mole match. Should make it easier to get a full name now
  4. fabulous @maxione - you're on a roll! Thank you
  5. Xerus

    Models ID

    @maxione Thanks, my friend!
  6. Xerus

    Models ID

    @maxione - great job on all these ids you're doing! For Nicola, do you have any reference for the initial image, as to what brand that came from? I now know she's an actress too (thank you), but I am trying to link that initial picture and the ID you just made with her name, to a manufacturer, brand and/or year. THanks Max for all you do here!
  7. Definitively - Correct on Anna Louise Cresswell - ty Max!
  8. Thanks for the confirm, Max
  9. Along with Tatyana Nosenko in the 2017 video found here, Who is this blonde model that also appears? Does she look familiar?
  10. I think she also goes by Bianca Sunelaitis
  11. @maxione - yes, believe your ID for Livia Rau in the Cotton Club Oro AI 2014 Serie Oro Evanescent, is CORRECT.
  12. well, that's the most help, then. A year. Haha - Scratch all the other names. My memory of Ditta walking the catwalk for a show in older than 2023
  13. I can't be sure, but I seem to remember a PARIS FRANCE Lisca show in 2014 where Ditta, and possibly more importantly, Natalija Osolnik and/or Tina Katanic all participated. You should check those 2 names as well for the mystery woman. We don't have much to go on at all - fuzzy picture, and no idea what the lingerie line is, or the year. That's a triple whammy.
  14. Gosh , so many of these glam shots are heavily AI filtered/brushed, it's downright scary. It's getting be that not finding people is the result. Not saying that's the case here, but the goal of internet visual/digital perfection seems to come 1st, and connecting to an identity takes a lot of extra horsepower.
  15. I believe it's Ditta as well...I also believe (vagely remember) it's from a LISCA lingerie show. Alternately, it could also be her in 2018 (with longer hair) in a Epure Lise Charmel 2018 show.
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