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  1. Model ID Alternate Thread

    SOLVED: Nina Rodriguez
  2. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    Another happy customer at Bellazon.
  3. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    I am pretty sure about Gabriela, but you have to think so, it's your image. I have other images of her, and the belly buttons match up fairly well from what I can see. Here are a few more ideas for you. 1) Search at the top forum level in Bellazon for "LEONISA", and examine all the topic hits. I have offered about 10 names, you've discounted them all. I don't have an exhaustive list of names, but other places out there might.... 2) Use Google or Bing to zero in on models that did Leonisa in general, Leonisa in 2012 or the ColumbiaModa Fashion show at that time. 3) There are some great people here that are very good at this, and while we all work together in Bellazon to do ids, some are actually in the field and know lots of people. Maybe someone here will take up your cause directly. It will be interesting when you finally get a name you like. Please share it with us. Best to you, good luck! One more name for either the very first image you posted, OR the lady above in BLUE: Nina Rodriquez
  4. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    Also AMANDA Brandao did Leonisa 2012. Check her.
  5. Brunette #2 from Frederick's of Hollywood

    If someone knows, they'll add a name or a suggestion. Bumping this incessantly isn't forum friendly.
  6. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    This image is a little more helpful, but is DIFFERENT than the other one. See if THIS woman looks like Gabriela Iliescu
  7. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    My bet is this woman in blue is Laura Tobon or Lisa Tomaschewsky or Leticia Zuloaga, from 2015 if u say that's the year. Did Laura or LIsa or Leticia do 2012 as well? I don't know but don't see anything in 2012 that she's in. Could the mystery lady in 2012 be Laura or Lisa or Leticia? Don't know. u look and tell me what u think.
  8. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    I don't thnk cat valencia is the original person I tried to help you with. As best as I can tell, your msytery model one of the people named i the list I gave you who were also at that show.. I hae more nams at that show, but they clearly don't match (blondes, etc). Again, it's difficiult to use a low sized image to determine who it is from a face alone. I was looking for any body clues, or belly button clues but it's just too small to lock a positive id. Try each of those name I gave u and see if they match up.
  9. Leonisa brunette model- thanks in advance!!!

    The image is non zoomable, and is grainy. There are a few model i'm familiar with that did leonisa in 2012, try: Karen Gaurisas, Sylvia Geersen, Carolina Genari, Bruna Traesel. Lilane Ferrarezi Get a better image and we can help more.
  10. Leonisa Catalog Model List

    I guess you can't read. This TOPIC is for KNOWN MODELS.
  11. Simone Perele lingerie model

    correct, agree pitounsky!
  12. Unknown blonde model from ads NIVEA!!

    Yes it's lea.
  13. Exilia Lingerie Model

    nice job team!
  14. Exilia Lingerie Model

    Might be a woman named Charlie Austin. See if that works for you.
  15. Barenecessities model ID

    Yeah, the same as they were in your other post, except you flipped their order.