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  1. Can you just ask for a model's name instead of being a 16 year old and calling everyone SUPER HOT? Gosh!
  2. I'm extremely confident it's Monika Jaros. Let the requestor do the research, and you can too. Google "Monika Jaros Nipplex 2015 or 2016" and you'll see images from the shoot appear. As well, the other model (first post) of interest is Magdalena Luszczak
  3. {name}

    Model ID

    I truly TRULY don't believe that's Inez. It's Definitely Greta Ludziejewska, from LUPOLINE 2015 The pictures are definitely not of the same model.
  4. {name}

    who is she?

    nice job terrible. it may be almost 5 years later, but thank you.
  5. {name}

    Sunspice Lingerie

    Have to agree with my esteemed colleague nightowl.
  6. MICHELLE Gosia Kiezik (Polish Model)
  7. where are the images from? In other words, what website, or what vendor makes the garments she's wearing? What year are the images?
  8. @kimflorida yes, looks like Alice to me, too.
  9. {name}

    Lingerie Models 2

    spot on Ryesman1, Rocio it is.
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