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  1. Barbora Dlaskova, I believe
  2. Every time I start to think I've seen it all on here I discover I'm wrong.
  3. It looks like she might be Angela B http://www.theonemodels.it/model/1811/angela-b# Sorry, I couldn't find the last name.
  4. You could try this page, maybe it will have her name: https://www.facebook.com/AhsinDiva/
  5. This image is Rachel Geiman. And for future reference, it looks like these images are from Betsey Johnson
  6. She was familiar, but only because I had taken the trouble to figure out her ID on another occasion. I needed two things: Yandex, and a great deal of patience and time. Yandex's crop feature really helps -- you can crop the face and search for that, but you might need to do it many times, with many different images. As well, sometimes cropping the image slightly differently gives quite different search results.
  7. Dasha (or Daria) Kurdyukova http://www.modusvivendis.ru/en/women/direct/665-dasha-kurdykova/ Her last name is actually Kurdyukova, not Kurdykova: Дарья Курдюкова
  8. I think it's Sandra Maurel
  9. Christine Sofie Johansen
  10. Iuliia Nedosekina
  11. Bing suggests Jennifer Anstead. Looks to me like it might be correct.
  12. Ineta Patricija Eidukonyte She's been IDed a few times, including here:
  13. Bing suggests Loni Ayers. I think that might be right but I'm not completely sure.
  14. Bing suggests Monika Gocman. I'm not sure. She has a short thread here: https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/85784-monika-gocman/
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