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  1. List of Amazon Models to ID!

    4. Clara Settje
  2. Peter Hahn catalog 2006

    11. Jennifer McDonough 14. Raquel Rovira
  3. Two Lands End Models

    Are you sure that's the same girl as the Land's End model, Kim? A bit hard to tell, but they look a bit different to me.
  4. Amazon Models ID

    8. Gabi Rebeschini 15. Jayne Moore
  5. Any idea who any of these are?

    I have #5 as Holly Bittinger, but I can't really confirm that, so I'll just leave it as a suggestion. Send me a PM if you'd like more details.
  6. This last JCPenney lingerie model is Shannon Hughes. I don't think she's the same as your #1, who to my eye looks a lot like Asha Leo, as you say (eyebrows are different, Shannon has a slight gap in her teeth)
  7. Who're these models ?

    #3 is Megan Martin. The images are from Ella Rosa bridal. A bit of advice for next time: you'll likely get more help if you include more information, like the source of your images. And a more descriptive title for your post (like "3 Ella Rosa Bridal models" instead of "Who are these models") will probably get more people to click on your topic in the first place.
  8. Roxy/Swimoutlet Model

    According to swimoutlet her first name is Melanie.
  9. Who is this Playtex model

    Michelle Rudan
  10. Who is this Playtex model

    Michelle Rudan. I think her last name might be different now.
  11. Stefanie Nazoyan

    Stefanie Nazoyan. Here's a larger image:
  12. Holly Owens

    Lilla P
  13. Holly Owens

    Lilla P