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The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread


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Someone everybody loves will soon be the face of a very BIG campaign for VS. It's SO BIG that WE'LL HAVE TO SHUT DOWN THE MOON FOR THE NIGHT to better regard it's MASSIVE awesomeness. We'll release further details *maybe* - but we don't believe your tiny, feeble (and if you disagree with it's brilliance, hating) minds can even begin to comprehend it as yet. :doofywave:

Yeah, bet you wish you knew what it was don't you? But you can't. Cos that's the way this thread rolls. :blah:Siemgi knows, and that's cool as we can hint about things to each other in a smug way that is at once condescending to you and yet marks us out as rather special members.

Oh, don't worry we'll shove it in your face as FACT when we decide to, and if it doesn't quite pan out that great then we'll simply pretend none of this ever happened, and won't be held to account for these insidious overblown announcements... :ninja:

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Lovin' how everybody is pretending to not see your post Baron. They're so jealous. But TBH, if I were them, I'd be jealous of us too...

I can't really get into specifics, otherwise our very trustable source would probably get their ass fired from the Ultimate VS Insiders club, but believe me, it's gonna be as huge as a pregnant Doutzen! Maybe even as huge as two pregnant Doutzens! It'll redefine the brand, be the end of VS as we know it, lead to a huge Angel Supermodel Bombshell line-up shake-up (but fear not, my friends, obviously someone is going to stay aboard the Mothership, she is, after all, the one and only true Head Angel like Heidi used to be after Tyra was after Daniela was after Stephanie was, the erst are just nameless faceless replaceable minions) and it's gonna be awesome! And massive, too.

Anyways, keep your eyes open, it'll blow your mind even more than when Adriana appeared in the '09 show, while giving birth.

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^Yeah, you can blink - but we know what's coming and you'd probably be best to keep them eyes tightly shut, else them blinkers will pop put if your not careful with this BIG BIG BIG news!

Main thing is we know something that you don't - and when you do know it, well, then we can say: "We already knew that". :p But for some reason we're going to tell you we know something that we can't (or just plain won't) tell you about now, so that we can let you know that we're higher up the VS insiders food-chain than you are in a new patronising way. But we do know it - and it's MASSIVE...

Unless it's not. Then we'll just never come back to it. And if you criticise this (somehow) unBIG news and it's INCREDIBLE model then you'll just be HATERS, obviously.

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Hi Mom the sexiest bellazonian man says.... :rofl: freaking classic.

baron...siemgi.... this shit better be epic.. or u get a :trout: to the head

the Dowager Cuntess wills it so, so shall it be!

JENNNKKKAAA!! i havent seen you in a coons age!!!

i almost peed on myself over that cat reaction pic


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