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The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread


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omg :drool: hope this year could have the Fantasy bra , Miranda or Candice annnd if its Miranda , Candice needs to open the show! , also cant wait for the themes for the show :heart: btw its any VSFS 2011 THREAD HERE? LOLLLL beacause i have some ideas for new themes!! and also i wanna see some girls in the show like Esti Ginzburg ,Nina Agdal :heart: and Marloes Horst :)

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^What? What? What? :shock: They've removed Klum - but kept Miller in? Hmmm...

OK then, without further ado - let's indulge the 'pointless speculation' and lay the odds down for the runners and riders for this year's Fantasy (excuse me... :sleep: ) Bra:


Thanks for the "handicap" Baron, but the real comeback is going to be Almudena Fernandez, the forgotten VS model will be sporting Eco designer Al Gore's environmental friendly compost bra. Say good by to those conflict stone encrusted pushups. The Gore brazier is made with up of 100 percent NY City compost, because what could be a bigger FANTASY than imagining you can save the planet with products even if you call them "Green"? Oh SNAP! I just got all political and junk. My bad 'all! Even money on Almudena!

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post-1004-0-1446084786-96617_thumb.jpg JESUS CHRIST

It's the big comeback, coming any day now... Surely a shoe-in should he turn up. But then, if he does then there's be a hell of a lot more going on than ladies parading in their smalls. Best not push it. 45-1

Two words love.


Seriously though, this needs to happen asap!

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lol with how much "fabric/diamonds" are on that thing it looks more like a torso bodyshaper then a bra. VS finally made the girdle of all bras for plus sized gals to fantasize over.

Forget that, it will be a nursing bra & it's going to be filled with Not-Miranda-Kerr's milk!


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OMG! Looks beautiful, so sexy, classy, full of glam! ... I bet it's going to be the most expensive FB to date

& im SO curious to know who is wearing it, mistery is killing me :cry:

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