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  1. Almudena Judged a "Green Talent" contest in Madrid Spain
  2. It took 40 years and some Photoshop but Stephanie Seymour is on the island.
  3. Nobody puts those arrows there, that's her Chi. Cameras are so much better now.
  4. I can has puzzles :mignonne:
  5. The arrows are mine now. I think I can sell them on Ebay for a pretty penny...
  6. Dork eraser--still in beta
  7. Well played Jal718 (if that is your real name), but have you ever posted this pick where Paulina proves once and for all that fur is not necessarily murder? VICTORY IS MINE ! AH-HA-HA-HA -HA! Below I wouldn't make fun of you today, Red. I just paid $4.1999 a gallon for gas my respect for all forms of chintzing has gone up immensely. On another note--a rat note. In grade school I volunteered to take care of the rat cage over the summer. I had seen a film at the museum in Philadelphia of rats playing basketball and thought it would be hilarious if I could teach the school rats to do the same. It didn't quite work out though because once the smartest rat learned the trick it would hog the ball preventing his slower mate from ever learning the trick. I suppose I could have gotten another cage and coached the less brilliant rat one on one but at 12 that seemed like a lot of effort to teach special-ed rat, basketball.
  8. ! penny for a Penny! I hope you are well and just have better things to do with your time than post on the forum but I do miss seeing your byline. (sigh)

  9. Models and Drinks: Soda and Straw Editions Perhaps these beverage related threads could be merged?
  10. Easter Egg Here BELOW: Photos by Fernando Camino
  11. The latest bit of Almdena awesomeness. No big deal.
  12. Wood: Why I believe there's a God edition
  13. Wood: Epic Erosion Edition
  14. Wood: Love on the Rocks Edition
  15. Thanks for the link M. Aren't you something of an artist yourself being from the land that gave us Ilya Repin? Not that I'm pressuring you to post anything Some artist notes: I spent a lot of time on the hair on this one but thought I had messed up on her mouth but now the mouth seems reasonable to me so this is the sketch as is without any photoshop fixes like I did with some of the ones up top.
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