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  1. The one that I'm absolutely sure is buying followers is Vita. I remember when instagram deleted fake followers last year, her follower number more than halved(from somewhere around 140k to 70k) but the very next day, she magically gained back all the lost followers plus, this just isn't normal.
  2. Have you guys been sleeping through the whole 65 pages of this thread or what? Her chest bones have always been visible unless they were photoshopped out or she was wearing a push up bra(her boobs seem to take push-ups really well) She lost weight when she started walking for big shows around two years ago and has stayed the same since. If anything she looks a bit meatier now compared to how she did six months ago.
  3. /monthly_02_2009/post-1123-0-1593858105-14397_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="33_terni.jpg">
  4. ok. let me bring some life back to this thread
  5. Old pics, but who cares? It's Reka! wildorchid 2003
  6. Triumph Calendar I think she looks like a mix of Caroline F. and Katarina I.
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