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  1. Hey modelknowledge, I would love to know who this is: http://i.imgur.com/mfCbPbW.jpg (Light NSFW that's why I'm only posting the link) She appeared on BonPrix (today?) and has a few other pictures with nudity in it. Big thank's if you could help me out
  2. Hey Modelknowledge, I would like to know who this is? All I know is, that she works for BonPrix and I already searched her on MGM...
  3. The first model is blonde and worked for Bonprix: The second one also worked for Bonprix: Sad thing is, I don't really know much about these two, besides that I found them on Bonprix a while ago (The pics of them are not there anymore). So I would be very happy if someone here could tell me the names of the two.
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