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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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14 hours ago, MarVS said:

some Angels were-are in Venice Festival in Italy lets talk about the lewks


Barbara Palvin , Sara Sampaio , Candice Swanepoel and miss Elsa Hosk

    cb935a1312601135.jpg  105b151312601265.jpg 06d2511312601268.jpg ed1a981312601282.jpg  bb47531312601291.jpg 173ad91312601296.jpg   59015b1312601315.jpg 



thanks for posting the pictures!


Candice's shirt dress is really ugly and she herself looks bad in the makeup, but her gold dress is pretty and she looks good with that makeup. she kinda dresses the same a lot of the time but oh well. 

Barbara in black is my favorite look all around, but I'm not surprised there. Her hair in her other look (the braid thing) is ugly though. she reminds me of a little kid in the countryside..not so sexy or cool.  Her hair in the black dress is my favorite hair out of all of these. 

Elsa looks nice but way older than her age. her dress is awesome though, I like it a lot. 

Sara's striped dress is kinda fun, but the other outfit is god awful terrible. poor girl. and her makeup is too heavy. 

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Barbara dresses are boring af, you see something like this all the time


Candice looks hot and the golden dress is better but not that interesting either, I love that she tried something different with the other look and it was worth it! 


I love both Sara looks but not surprised Barbara is the most liked since people here have boring taste..she looks very glamorous! 


Elsa pretty much like Candice, she looks hot but meh


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Love Elsa and Candice, hands down the best, I do think Candice's long-shirt look wasn't Venice FF worthy but she looked amazing anyway. Barbara MUG looks amazing but as always, her outfits are trash, sis really takes after Lima in having horrible taste in clothes :rofl: Do not care enough the rest to even form an opinion.

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liked: sara's stripe dress, barbara's black dress, candice's gold dress, elsa's black and gold. they're all simple but they're pretty and the hair and make-up go well.

disliked: elsa's back strappy dress looks really cheap, barbara's red dress would've been better without the peplum part and the hair isn't doing it for me, candice's shirt dress would've been better suited for a vmas type carpet, and sara's pant suit would've been better without that flair at the ankles. also not a huge fan of barbara's third dress either where she has a bow in her hair, but her makeup looks amazing.

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Yeah, Barbara's blueish dress isn't the best, but it's nice to see her with long hair again even if they are extensions. Not sure how I feel about the bow just yet. It's a little too little kiddish for me, just like her braided up-do. ew.


I still don't understand Candice's business shirt but "I forgot my pants" or Sara's disco ball  John Travolta suit, or Barbara's milk maiden hair, but I don't think I'm meant to. I am not fashiony enough for this stuff. I like street style waaay better than red carpets. still fun to look at though. 

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9 hours ago, Clauds said:

It's a scan form Esquire magazine, from 2007 I believe. 

EDIT: It's Vanity Fair Nove. 2007



This was my computer background photo for a long time back then. No one understood why a straight woman had this and I was like LOOK AT IT. The good ol days.

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6 minutes ago, mikose said:

 I wonder VS would keep Fantasy Bra going on?


I believe the whole concept has been proven very successful marketing wise to drop. Since the people that lead the project for many years have retired I think the new leads will try a new approach to more versatile body types. Like Sports Illustrated did, to what extend remains to be seen.


By the way I'm trying to find a complete line up by appearance for the VS shows of the 90s any ideas where to look?

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