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  1. Is it me or these people don't know how to take a picture?
  2. Acting as a responcible mother is the logical and the expected so I have nothing ill to say about her, it's just that I miss her in previous work style. As for the comment it had to do with the bitch word which I found funny, it had nothing to do with you and it was not mentioned as a rebuke to you.
  3. 😄😄 yeah the "bitch" is one of the hottest commodities in model fashion, unfortunately these days she's devoted to her two babies and we don't see many interesting photoshoots. The last sizzling shot I remember worth mentioning is the one she bites her lip at the last VS show.
  4. What part is she playing?
  5. I miss this babe's photoshoots.
  6. She posted a b&w photo a few weeks ago on instagram with an intimissimi reference, was it a personal one-shot or a backstage one from an actual photoshoot?
  7. That's a woman worth placing on a pedestal. I wish Candice was doing this kind of photoshoots.
  8. This kind of photos are very dull for photography's sake but for the purpose of the commercial VS website to demonstrate their products is perfect. We are here to admire the beauty of women and the photography as art, at the site consumers want to browse before they buy.
  9. Are her butt-cheeks real? 😆😆
  10. Yes, very natural, woman-like not girlish.
  11. The embodiment of what all women would kill to be and light-years apart from the much promoted slutty model.
  12. I like both the designer's and the photographer's work, come to think about it I have't seen Candice doing something like that in ages.
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