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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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41 minutes ago, toodarnhot said:

Lais and Leomie is a straight up 🔥 duo. They look amazing together- more pls! Also my girl Lo with them. :heart: 





Love this pairing and Lo is the perfect add with them! Some of the swimsuits are horrible tho

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I feel like the styling on this latest batch of shots did Barbara dirty. A lot of the metallic suits they put her in were too close to her skintone/seemed ill-fitting and the hair/mu felt off to me too. Some shots are fine, but there are others that made me cringe a little for her. 


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When they brought Barbara back, I was expecting amazing pictures of her and much more prepared than a few years ago, now I am disappointed in her work and her performance. I feel that in the photos she looks insecure as if she did not know how to pose.

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Just now, claudiawilliams said:


i have. have you seen barbara's measurements? what's lorena duran then? i see a difference between them



Lorena looks about 6-8 pound heavier then Barbara... so yeah.. both are THICC when you compare them to many of the girls who've worked for them (past/present) or have been angels.  Not about ready to get into it with you or anyone else. The first thing to know about this forum is you aren't going to change anyone's mind, or be changed yourself , myself including, because fuck it - who cares.  Barbara is THIC for VS's 20+ years of body standards and that's all I'm going to say about it.

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29 minutes ago, Sparkling said:


I don't...  30 years old and still can't figure out her finances? It's called living within your means and taking some responsibility for your spending.




Former Victoria's Secret Angel Erin Heatherton has reportedly filed for bankruptcy after racking up $560,242.13 in debt as well as battling two lawsuits against her over the past few years.


After 13 years of modeling, the Illinois-born 30-year-old listed only $6,465.57 in total assets and claimed she's only earned $2,820 this year - according to legal documents obtained by The Blast.


Erin - who earned $226K in 2017 - reportedly listed her most valuable possession as a $945 Jennifer Meyer diamond letter disc necklace, yet she owed $416K to City National and $41K in back taxes to the state of New York.


$100K of Heatherton's (born Bubley) listed debt was owed to former business partner Clare Bryne, who filed a $10M lawsuit against her in 2017 for abandoning their sportswear line RetroActive.


The bankruptcy news came a year after the former SI Swimsuit stunner sold her two-bedroom West Village apartment for $2.68M following a 2016 lawsuit from her neighbors over 'unreasonable levels of noise' - according to WWD.



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