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  1. Grace Elizabeth

    Another news: She flew to New York for 8 hours, obviously for work and Donatella shoots Fall campaign with Meisel there again so I have high hopes for it.
  2. Grace Elizabeth

    Back at Vogue ! Also from the news she is shooting with Luna and some other girls with Karl Lagerfeld at his studio in Paris.
  3. Grace Elizabeth

    Guys, I have a news, it is completely unconfirmed but Grace might become a new face of Estee Lauder. Let's wait and see if I am right <3
  4. Grace Elizabeth

    Yes, this season in Milan and even in the whole fashion week she is one of the most successful models and so far she did 10 shows in Milan and it is not even the end for her. I think she should do fashion weeks as long as she can and then eventually work all the time for VS but now it doesn't make sense to resign when she is at the top. She said few years ago that she wants to be on the top in a few years, and she is right now, which makes me very happy and I hope for even more shows in Paris.
  5. Grace Elizabeth

    Grace is walking Alberta Ferretti in Milan
  6. Grace Elizabeth

    She hasn't worked a lot for PINK recently cause she is focused more on HF and I think VS knows that. She shoots for them when she is in NY and I think her last shoot for VS was after her Vogue Russia shoot in Casablanca. Working for VS means many shoots and being placed in New York for a long period of time which for her wouldn't be a great option with that many shoots outside the city... Maybe she will renew her contract for next three years or maybe she will be working in main but I just hope they won't let her go because she has everything to work for them. Being a VS model is sth extra but don't you think they are getting worse and worse with every show ? The casting is getting worse with every year, the outfits, music last year was the worst in VS history and also the mainline shoots are less inspired that they used to be back in the days so I wouldn't mind seeing Grace just working on VS shows if she is done with PINK
  7. Toni Garrn

    Def it is connected to fashion. From his site I know he's worked with Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy, Gisele so it might be sth cool. Myabe it is some sort of new fragrance ad ...
  8. Grace Elizabeth

    Grace got Chanel Spring 2018 ad by Karl Lagerfeld. You can see pictures on TFS. <3 <3 EDIT : someone also wrote she got Boss ad by Glen Luchford.
  9. Grace Elizabeth

    Grace got Versace Spring/Summer 2018 ad by Steven Meisel. No pictures so far.
  10. Toni Garrn

    No idea... so she is missing Chanel ? I knew it is not going to happen again hah that was too good to be true
  11. Toni Garrn

    Ben Skervin was on set in October but not yesterday, so probably two different jobs not for the same client.
  12. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Btw, do you guys remember the day after the casting someone posted that Izabel, Isabeli, Luma, Gracie, Joan and Lily and all out this year and the same person said also that Jourdan is walking the show... Maybe she is really back
  13. Toni Garrn

    Maybe some Australian magazine like Elle ?