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  1. Toni Garrn

    Maybe some Australian magazine like Elle ?
  2. Toni Garrn

    Glamour Germany November 2017
  3. Grace Elizabeth

    As far as I know Chanel is not giving exclusives so my bet is Miu Miu.
  4. Grace Elizabeth

    Ok so, is she doing a city exclusive ? She is in Paris still ( I had a thought she was in London for a day but maybe I was wrong ) and no shows, it looks like she is not on the list for Saab. Mugler show is soon so maybe she got it. I know I am annoying but after amazing Milan, I expected more
  5. Grace Elizabeth

    If she was in Paris, she would already walk for some brands, like Lanvin for example plus she didn't walk for Dolce in Milan which for me was absolutely shocking but now it makes sense cause she was probably was flying to NY that day so her agency decided not to send her to Dolce casting. I do believe it might be her first day of shows tomorrow in Paris.
  6. Grace Elizabeth

    She was shooting for V Magazine two days ago in NY so she is probably missing many shows in Paris
  7. Toni Garrn

    It seems to be what she shot with Peter Philips
  8. Grace Elizabeth

    She will be included in Love Calnendar. Hope for Ralph Lauren today
  9. Toni Garrn

    As far as I remember she was on a plane heading to Paris and wrote sth like : SORRY DEAR CLIENT BUT I WILL BE LATE TOMORROW'S MORNING. Next day we had nothing but she clearly said she was going to shoot. Then, next day she was shooting with Ward and Marie which IMO was not a campaign at all plus I remember it wasn't shot in Paris but another city that I had no idea that exists and next day Paris Match. I do believe shoot with Ward will be an October issue of sth, maybe Vogue Russia editorial or even a cover.
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    My country <3 Hope an Angel will fly to Warsaw for the opening
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Probably tomorrow as someone said this date is confirmed by a model who's attending it
  12. Toni Garrn

    Let's wait for Dior soon. Anyway she left Greece and I had a feeling she is heading to NY right now which means maybe some training at Dogpound and casting for VSFS
  13. Raquel Zimmermann

    Celine Fall/Winter 2017/18 Campaign
  14. Raquel Zimmermann

    My video of Raquel
  15. Toni Garrn

    I always want Toni to attend the casting but at the same time I am sure she won't make it through the final cut. If she is gonna make them remember that she still exists, then this year I prefer spending time with Jourdan or Dsquared team for her. Why I have the feeling noone is really interested in this casting anymore ? I just see new girls and the ones who walked the show last year training. With the upcoming Dior Beauty ads ( I believe in it ) she doesn't need to walk this shit.