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Best Sports Illustrated Photoshoot (so far);

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Match #17;


Hailey Clauson; 2016 issue vs Tyra Banks; 1997 issue.


Match #18;


Irina Shayk; 2011 issue vs Hannah Ferguson; 2015 issue.


Match #19;


Heidi Klum; 1999 issue vs Vita Sidorkina; 2018 issue.


Match #20;


Danielle Herrington; 2018 issue vs Robin Holzken; 2018 issue.


  • Choose your favourite photoshoot in each round.
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Pretty interesting to see that, considering how much everyone seems to hate the new issues of SI, the newer photoshoots are winning pretty consistently against the older ones.  


Tyra Banks

Hannah Ferguson

Heidi Klum

Robin Holzken

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Match #17 is over.

Hailey Clauson; 2016 issue: 9 votes (WINNER!)

Tyra Banks; 1997 issue: 6 votes.


Match #18 is over.

Irina Shayk; 2011 issue: 4 votes.

Hannah Ferguson; 2015 issue: 11 votes (WINNER!)


Match #19 is over.

Vita Sidorkina; 2018 issue: 8 votes (WINNER!)

Heidi Klum; 1999 issue: 7 votes.


Match #20 is over.

Danielle Herrington; 2018 issue: 4 votes.

Robin Holzken; 2018 issue: 11 votes (WINNER!)

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