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  1. Adds via Instagram Also, a link to Katherine's interview with the magazine.
  2. Loving that look on her as well. Always been a fan of those types of swimsuits that are cut higher up on the hip than your traditional bikinis and one-pieces. No doubt that Barbara will absolutely rock that look.
  3. These Sports Illustrated previews look amazing. She absolutely killed her shoot last year and it looks like she very well may do it again this year. The shot from behind in the blue bikini is just out of this world, if you ask me. The cover should be hers to lose this time around.
  4. Elsie has more going on for her than just bust size, in my opinion. She's simply gorgeous all around and there's a certain confidence to her photos that really makes her stand out, at least for me.
  5. Some spectacular adds on this thread today. Thanks everyone.
  6. Absolutely loving this Yamamay shoot.