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  1. Great to see her finally make an appearance after what seems like forever being away from the public eye. Hopefully we see more of her in 2017.
  2. She is absolutely stunning. She's long been my favorite female celebrity and I was disappointed when her career kind of fell on hard times over the last several years. Great to see her making a comeback, especially while making more edgy fashion choices than we're used to seeing from her.
  3. Wow. That Maxim shoot is outstanding.
  4. Wow. One of her best shoots yet.
  5. Outstanding adds for Josephine today. Thanks.
  6. Thank you @Shepherd. That's definitely HQ. Hopefully Sports Illustrated continues down this path and releases similarly high quality images when the rest of the photos drop next month.
  7. It is indeed a superb photograph. Can't wait for next month to see the rest of this shoot. Looks very promising.
  8. That shot for Sports Illustrated is absolutely stunning. The best she's ever looked, and that's saying something. If that shot's any indication, her spread for this year's SISE will be terrific.
  9. Can't wait to see the finished product. I love the direction that they've taken with Maxim over the past year-plus and Jasmine's shoot should rank right up their with their best.
  10. Thanks for all the updates. She's been on fire the last few weeks and it's great to see her so busy.
  11. Wow. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Can't wait to see more from her.
  12. Very impressive work.