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  5. This is the kind of photoshoot that VS should be doing on a regular basis. It keeps the simplicity that they're going for with the white wall but is much more effective, I think.
  6. This was something that always seemed odd to me as well. Couple that with all of the emphasis that was put on how in depth the character creation was, and it really ended up being not a whole lot more than what you can find in a lot of other similar games.
  7. If that's the case, then I really don't see how they would be able to fix it. A big thing that they could fix that would make me extremely happy would be the driving mechanics. Outside of perhaps the AI for things like the police, the driving mechanics are perhaps what is most broken about the game. There's really no rhyme or reason to how the cars handle. I spend far more time than I should up on the shoulder or the sidewalk trying to make it back onto the actual road, especially on turns. And, for a game that is designed to be exclusively a first-person experience, it needs to be made much easier to drive the cars in that perspective. At this point, it's practically impossible.
  8. Absolutely. That, and just being upfront about how much different the visual experience was going to be on the PS4 / XBox One versus PC and the new consoles would have helped as well. I know going into it that there are obviously going to be differences, that's a given, but at times (especially in daylight) when the game doesn't look like a game coming at the end of the PS4 era, but rather one that might have come at the beginning in terms of its graphics and visual appearance.
  9. Considering that they're apparently talking about DLC being on the way, them getting their **** together seems rather unlikely.
  10. I feel pretty confident in saying it won't be ready for primetime then either.
  11. When a game is this full of bugs, I wonder if you can even call them "bugs" at this point. Isn't it just broken? I find it all really conflicting because I do like the game. And when the game is working, firing on all cylinders, it's fantastic. And then you see stupid stuff like this and it pulls you completely out of the fun that you were having with it.
  12. I know, there were so many things that they could have done. Just being upfront about the fact that this is a next generation game and that, while it will run on PS4 and Xbox One, it wouldn't be quite the visual spectacle that the other versions are. Doing that and putting more effort into ironing out the bugs would have gone a long way. All games are going to release with some bugs, it's inevitable. But, the game shouldn't crash constantly, you shouldn't have to go back to the start of the mission because you got stuck in some furniture, and walking up to certain things shouldn't send you jettisoning across the map for absolutely no reason.
  13. I think they should worry about fixing the base game before even thinking about DLC. Any and all DLC released for this game should be free after the way they have deceived the public, but that should be a long way off, no sooner than mid-2021 because it'll take at least that long to cobble together this mess into a functioning game. As perhaps the lone person who wasn't particularly impressed with Witcher 3, I really doubt I'll ever pay full price for a CD Projekt Red game again.
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