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  1. My favorite things about this year: Lorena. She picks up where she left off a couple years ago. Happy to see Hailey again. Christen and Cindy are adorable, and I hope they come back a lot. Cindy looks a bit like a blend of Danielle Harrington and Raven Lyn. I think this is Jasmine's best year. My favorite search girl is Ashley. She's so striking.
  2. Lorena Duran is my MVP of this issue. She looks glorious.
  3. [small, scared voice] I think Kim Kardashian looks pretty good.
  4. Holy shit. I wonder how long ago they booked Maye Musk.
  5. I'm bummed not to see Haley Kalil in the mix.
  6. Kathy AND Rachel were pregnant on their 1994 cover, but yes -- "visibly" is the key word. Kathy hid her belly with a well-placed forearm or garment throughout.
  7. Look, I've probably been the biggest apologist for the swimsuit issue in history, but a pregnant model is truly baffling.
  8. I keep searching LinkedIn for "Kelly Gale Bikini Bottom Adjuster," and there's just nothing.
  9. Lorena's back in SI for 2022. That's good news -- she and Hyunjoo Hwang were my favorite rookies from a couple years ago.
  10. Beautiful, thank you. I do love me some Raven Lyn.
  11. Lovely. Thank you for posting.
  12. Happy to see Hailey coming back. I was bummed that we lost Hailey, Lais, and Barbara in one year, and now two of them have returned. The new direction of the magazine isn't my cup of tea, and I guess it's not really meant to be anymore. But I'll still keep visiting if they post girls like Hailey.
  13. I wondered the same thing! How'd you get access to this goldmine?
  14. Especially when the pic is small, it's not hard to read that headline as "The Best Boobs In Modeling."
  15. Damn, is that Hailey Clauson? I want to be invited to that party.
  16. Thank you. Always great to see more Raven Lyn.
  17. "No further comment will be made." Sounds juicy — and this is the most interest I've had in the issue this year.
  18. So their Instagram says the final reveal will be Monday morning. Lorena and Hyunjoo both seem unlikely, unfortunately.
  19. That's a cute suit in the opening still. Kind of a 40s/50s throwback. Do we know/suspect who the remaining models will be? Lorena Duran and Hyunjoo Hwang were a my favorite 2020 rookies, and their return would cheer me up a bit.
  20. They plugged this on Instagram: http://www.gitcorp.com/siswimsuitcollection2.html Every swimsuit issue, "meticulously restored" in digital format. MIGHT be worthwhile for a collector. I would hope that the reproductions would be better than the middling-at-best scans they have on the online SI archives. Not sure why I'd want the ads... However, I hope that landing page isn't a foretaste of the quality. It looks like Geocities circa 1997. If it wasn't directly from the SI Swimsuit Instagram page, I would assume it was some kind of scam.
  21. Though there seems to be some sloppy copy/pasting or clone stamping happening along the left side, which you can trace by following the white, vertical streaks suspended there...
  22. That's a lovely photo of Jasmine. SI's photos often don't do her justice, but I like this shot.
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