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VS x Mary Katrantzou;
Round 4;

  • Rate the outfit and wings from 1 to 10 according to your taste.
  • Only half points are allowed - NO DECIMALS.
  • The models are NOT against each other.



Winnie Harlow

Overall Look: /10




Aiden Curtiss

Overall Look: /10

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Winnie Harlow

Overall Look: 1/10  (a -1 if it was possible :ninja: )

VERY flowery garden camouflage. Or old lady's living room camouflage: getting lost between the curtains and the tablecloths. 

OR!! Dolores Umbridge's office camouflage


Aiden Curtiss

Overall Look: 2/10



15 hours ago, ILUVAdrianaLima said:

Yesh, it's as if spring came down with a case if dysentery :ninja:




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