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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 (GENERAL DISCUSSION)


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So I'm talking to someone who's playing around with the outfits board (super awesome photo editing program go go) and they swear they see Tatiana Kovylina.

Could be wrong, but it's something to keep an eye out for.

Nnenna Agba on the board (new) #36


.... wait! they cast someone from America's Next Top Model Tyra just got confirmation on her l33t status of awesomeness

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bonaelamour Damian B

Excellent #VSFS news! #model Jessica Clarke is confirmed for the sexy catwalk! She is the first from New Zealand! #LOVE!!!

I would be really happy if she got it and Milou too. DNA is a good agency they already have a lot of VS girls they are managing

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These are the 5 new girls this guy is saying confirmed and he doesn't know the other ones yet.. hmm I hope he is right. I like all 5 so far

How exciting is it for these 5 #VSFashionShow Confirmed 1st Timers: @karliekloss @elsahosk @sui_he BregjeHeinen JessicaClarke #VSFS

bonaelamour twitter

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^she must have. I don't think any girl from antm has ever worked for VS let alone walked for them

I guess Joan is confirmed too. Fingers crossed for Marloes, Milou, and Alyssa. I also would like to see Josephine but she's kind of a long shot

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