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  1. because is a while not see her doing any stuff.
  2. Adriana Lima is an exotic tropic too, not just Doutzen.
  3. not only plants can be exotic, humans do to. we are talking about humans not about plants, the dictionary use a plant of as an example; if you google the word exotic it also talks about strange, alluring beauty in humans. Exotic can also be seen in humans not just only plants, trees, flower, etcs. when we are talking about human exotic there is no wrong or right answer because we all have different opinions and think different.
  4. They need to add Michelle Vawer, Shanina Shaik, Lais Ribeiro, Sandra Kubicka, and Barbara Palvin, and fire Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, and Candice (is not happening that is just in my dreams); Adriana and Ale have to go already, it gets boring looking at the same faces for more than a decade, and Karlie has to leave VS and go to McDonalds. From the current angels I would only keep Doutzen Kroes, Erin Heatherton for sure and maybe Lindsay.
  5. Kiki the word exotic has different meaning to everybody, I am explaining what exotic means to me, my definition of the word exotic; you don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you. Everybody has a different definition to the word exotic. Exotic is like beauty is subjective. so don't be tell me I don't know what it means, I am not telling you that your wrong. there is no wrong or right answer here because we all think different, we all think we are right and the other person is wrong. So you're saying I am exotic because I have dark skin (well I am really not that dark but I
  6. Maiya

    I Am...

    listening to Chayanne's music
  7. why should VS care if people confuse Sara with Adriana? (which I doubt it, everybody knows how Adriana looks she has millions of fans) when they could careless people confusing Erin with Lindsay or Alessandra with Izabel. Anyways VS could careless what the public wants, they always do what they want, the public wants Barbara and not Karlie; VS could careless about it, They wanted Karlie so they hired her and dump Barbara. So yeah if they want to make Sara an angel they will do it, they could care less if the public wants Sara as angel.
  8. I don't think Barbara has a baby face, she has a doll face. There is a difference with a doll and baby faces. when Adriana was 19 years old had more of a baby face, and nobody was making a big fuss about it, everybody was happy about it. Miranda has a baby face and it seem everybody is cool with it. But is not okay with Barbara with her doll face, I don't understand people. Barbara's face is a lot prettier than Adriana or Miranda's face.
  9. it shouldn't be a problem with Sara and Adriana been angel at the same time. Why can they not have Sara as an angel? They use to have Alesandra and Izabel together as angel when they look like each other a lot. and Erin and Lindsay at the same time also. people always complain they look so much. Sara doesn't really look like Adriana as much compare to Izabel with Alessandra. Sara has a long face and bigger mouth when Adriana has a rounder face. Erin and Lindsay don't really look like, they could pass as cousins or half sisters.
  10. I watch the first three episode which didn't like at all, I think they were boring, so I stopped watching it.
  11. The Voice The Face America's Next Top Models Beauty pageant (Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA, etc.) Telemundo's Novelas Pretty Little Liars planning to watch The Originals
  12. Maiya

    Quiet People

    I just want to a party last weekend and a bunch of people I didn't know were keeping coming, I felt so uncomfortable, I wanted to go home. I was try to be friendly and start talking a little bit and ending up saying things I don't suppose to say, my nerves got me. I need to see a psychologist for my shyness. but later night my friends show up so I was okay after the whole awkward moment. I think your sometimes cool Talisa
  13. to me exotic beauty is someone you can't figure their ethnicity like Josie Maran or Alyssa Miller. Josie can sometime looks hispanic, sometimes middle eastern, and sometimes white. same with Alyssa she can look different origins in different pictures. I think Doutzen can be exotic beauty, is rare to see a white girl with big lucious lip and curvy body is not a common feature for a white girl to have those traits. a list of exotic beauties: Mila Kunis Natalie Portman Angelina Jolie Doutzen Kroes Rosie Huntington Whiteley Josie Maran Alyssa Miller Esti Ginzburg Daniella Van Graas Megan Ewing Cha
  14. I can't believe VS drop her. What are they thinking? VS is stupid. I am still in shock to know that VS prefer skeleton (Karlie) over Barbara.
  15. so proud for her, very happy that she's doing a VS event.
  16. how do you pronounce her name? why would VS choose to make Karlie an angel before her? she is way more sexy than Karlie.
  17. what happen with her VS work? I want to see her doing more VS. I would like to see her replacing Miranda Kerr as an angel, since Miranda is no longer an angel.
  18. obviously, Doutzen is the most beautiful. 2nd Barbara Palvin and for the rest are a big fat No.
  19. Glad that she's leaving VS, at least she won't be another Adriana or Ale been stuck with VS that would be horrible, anyways she has a lot of other stuff to model for. She's almost 30 years old so yeah she could focus on other things with her life like her son and her books. anyways 6 years modeling for VS is a good amount, I think that should be a limit for each model to model for them.
  20. ^So many girls have gone to VS casting lately (Posting it on there personal/social accounts). If Gigi's dad wasn't rich and her mom on a reality TV show in Hollywood. I'd say she probs wouldn't be getting the gigs she has. Taylor Hill and Jessica Strother both went to castings. Would love to see them both for PINK. So gorgeous and unique. finger crossed hoping Jessica made it for the castings she is a very pretty girl and she's already 18 too, I want to see her modeling with them already she has the VS look. Taylor is too young I believe she is 16. Hope Sandra Kubicka goes casting soon w
  21. Maiya

    The Face

    I am pretty happy with the result, Devyn has a very pretty face for Ulta.I was going for Margaux, and Zi Lin has a really pretty face too,
  22. I don't like the girls that have gone casting except for Xenia. Tahnee is pretty.
  23. she went casting for Victoria's Secret
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