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  1. Gisele and Tom are selling their CA home http://www.tmz.com/2014/03/19/tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-l-a-estate-brentwood-boston-real-estate/
  2. http://www.justjared.com/2013/09/12/miranda-kerr-missing-from-victorias-secret-show-lineup/ Miranda and Erin not walking this year? This could be nothing. Not sure where the list they're referencing is.
  3. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. ^^^^ not feeling any of their looks
  5. Vogue Paris made a post on fb with the following : Which top model is set to star in #Beyoncé's next video? Find out, plus much more in our pick of the best fashion experiences online this week. ^ This is the picture they posted with the post. The picture makes me think that the model is going to be Jourdan and that's what most people commenting feel too but I have a little bit of hope because remember the picture with Adriana and Jay-Z/Beyonce backstage at VSFS 2011? I think Adriana implied they would be working together in the future (either in an interview or a tweet or something). I'm really doubting this will happen but I am crossing my fingers. Edit: NEVERMIND. I guess Jourdan is confirmed (just did a quick google search) Sorry for the commotion. Wouldn't it be nice if it were Adriana though? Imagine the publicity it would give her.
  6. cherrybomb


    Waiting to see Dri in the Miu Miu campaign. Back to back is pretty amazing. The cast for their campaigns = so diverse. I don't like Emily much as a model and I don't like her in these ads. Marina Nery looks fab.
  7. I like the first one and the all white one
  8. her body looks weird in most of the ones from the last batch. I wish they'd ease up on the editing, but it's a treat that there's so many released
  9. love most of the new batches of these except for the last one...they're not very flattering
  10. I just noticed the eyebrows. She's glowing but I said earlier that she does look her age in these candids. Slightly washed out. it's probably the make up though.
  11. stop spamming all of the Adri threads. There is a thread for videos titled 'Motion'
  12. Adri looks so out of place/awkward in the pictures that have jessica, marina, and adri all in one. Kind of like Miranda at one of the VS events i love how her dress looks when she's sitting
  13. this thread gets more and more embarrassing. The comparisons and the "more fans" "positive youtube comments" "sooo many mentions!!!!" talk is beyond dumb
  14. I personally don't think she's going to do something at the game- but I would be happy to be wrong. I don't see what there really is for her to do? I also don't know if taking a pic with the trophy was PR or saying everyone should tune in was PR. You could very well be right, but hasn't she talked about basketball games in the past? There is a lot more for her to be doing at something like the superbowl (which she has done) but I just don't know what she could really do at the NBA finals, as it's split into 7 games (ideally) but at least 4 games. If it's a commercial, during which game would it air? It would be too much to presume there will be a final game 7, and the biggest games are always the eliminating games--so if a commercial were to 'debut' it would be then. I don't know, she did specify a date but it's the date of game 1. It's not like there's a ball to throw out like in baseball. I really don't know but I'm definitely curious.
  15. She was dressed by someone, Riccardo of Givenchy which is a huge thing because he was the man of the night. He most likely invited her because we know her ass wouldn't have went otherwise. But anyway, she really didn't have a choice what to wear/how she was going to look. I love that she did something different because like you said some people always play it safe and it's boring. And we will probably get another campaign in the future. And I just saw how this was worn on the runway and it was supposed to have some fugly see through black polka dot sweater over it that covered the ass and crotch hence the boy shorts. "She" posted something last night about the NBA finals and took a picture with the trophy. One, why was the trophy there and two, I wonder if she's going? I don't think it would be hoping for too much to expect Adriana to go to one of the finals games. Games 1,2,6,&7 would be played in Miami. (June 6th & June 9th and if there is a game 6 and 7, which I'm pretty sure there will be, June 18th & June 20th. So if she's in town I'm pretty sure she would try to make it to at least one. She seems to be a pretty big NBA fan, not surprisingly. I don't think she would get much coverage, unless she's sitting front row, but even then... a bunch of celebrities will be in Miami. But we would at least get some candids of her if she decided to go. As for the Larry O'Brien trophy, it's either going to go to the Spurs or the Heat, but it's in possession of the NBA commissioner (David Stern) or other NBA higher ups atm most likely, it was at Olives NYC earlier today apparently, I guess they just take it around. I wouldn't be surprised if someone brought it to an after party for the CFDA.
  16. She looks amazing...she's literally glowing. Love that she did something different with her outfit (I'm not a huge fan of it, but I like it on her) she looks her age here. Especially in the close up candid of her face... not a bad thing.
  17. I was going to say something similar Same shit, different event Dri's dress is cute though
  18. THIS thread in BZ'S ACTORS FORUM should focus on Leo's professional activities (performance, interviews, social/environmental causes). Posts that are based on pure gossip and speculation that will lead to extensive discussion and debate do NOT belong in this thread. Those posts belong in Leo's thread in the General Discussion forums HERE. Inapppropriate posts have been and will continue to be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation.
  19. whoops, so the actual WIS event wasn't tonight?! dammit
  20. she looks amazing in the lavender dress
  21. Not feeling any of the dresses. But I expected that (at least for the meet and greet/during the day outfits)
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