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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 (GENERAL DISCUSSION)


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I don't personally get her appeal myself. She is blatantly high fashion, her walk isn't memorable enough for me to take notice and her face falls in the same category. But, to be honest I have never been a fan, so me not agreeing with her casting shouldn't exactly be all that shocking.

I haven't seen the interview where she said she was to good for the runway, or in fact that she didn't want to walk for the show but I recall I think it was two years ago where she said that because of the runway show it was a "starve" day or something along those lines, which put me off of her even further. Especially considering the demographic and target audience the show is marketed to.

I know what you mean. Her "starving day" revelation shocked me too, especially considering that that stupid model search contest had a challenge where the girls were supposed to know how to deal with reporters that ask if they have eating disorders. If she still had her 2004-2006 body (even then, she was skinnier than what she used to be), I think Anja would be perfect for VS.


It's pretty sad to see how her beauty has diminished and her face hallowed out. But I guess thats the price alot hf girls like she and Natasha were willing to pay.

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and Anja Rubik is 100% confirmed, which is surprising as she claims she does not like walking the VSFS.

That girl annoys me so much. It's like she thinks she graces us with her presence at the show and that's the only reason she does the show :cain:

I think that Anja Rubik fits the VS FS as good as any other model from High Fashion, and maybe better than some of them would fit. I'm not really suprise that she will walk. She gained undisputed success, and that type of models is usually hired by VS. :wave:

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I actually like Doutzen's first outfit :/ it gives her a bit of a waistline whereas the second one does not.... at all O.O But I'm quick to remind VS that this is a LINGERIE show and not a costume outlet for Halloween. So far VS has given us gimky :( lets hope it stops with Doutzen.

The second outfit isn't cohesive in any way, shape or form... and sadly she's looking stocky :(

Also that purple thing on her back my cats would have fun killing... :rofl:

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