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    The Witcher

    All this rumors shows that the tv series is going to be a product for international audience and people who don't know books and didn't play game. So after first excitatiotion for this project I've lost interest of it. It will be adaptation of books so I predict a lot of changes to the core elements of novel.
  2. I watched it on weekend. For me pretty good show. It could be longer and more complex, but still I liked it. If you want to watch be sure to watch Daredevil and Iron Fist first.
  3. Transformers : Last Knight Brainwashing but I Liked it
  4. I've just watched. I really liked the show. I didn't expect that I will like. It is vert sad, but also very addictive.
  5. Socio

    The Witcher

    http://www.platige.com/en/page/839-The_Witcher_Saga_On_Netflix ^Here is the link Platige Image. Future producers of the show. And official announcement of the show.
  6. Socio

    The Witcher

    TV Series will be based on novels of Andrzej Sapkowski. I hope it will be great show. The Witcher character created by Andrzej Sapkowski gained huge popularity thanks to the game by CD Projekt (especially in western countries). The books are very popular in Poland. So I can't wait what happens.
  7. I've seen it and I really liked it. I have already watched "Dear White People" It was also not bad.
  8. ^I agree I realy liked Taboo. Still watching: Victoria, Legion, Six, 24 Legacy, Walking Dead, Humans 2
  9. Socio


    Actually it's one of the best tv shows.
  10. I've just finished Watch Dogs 2 and now I'm playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. And Of course I'm waiting for new Mass Effect.
  11. ^ Caribbean Sea best beaches. I wish to go there this year once more. Here are announcing cold
  12. ^She will be probably defending democracy in Poland.
  13. Socio

    UEFA Euro 2016

    ^Best result of polish national team since ... I don't remember better result. Well it was great first half. If strikers improve accuracy we can reach semi-finals. Now I hope we will meet Portugal in next phase.
  14. Socio


    Who is th second girl ?
  15. Is there any official confirmation that VS dropped her? At VS All Access site she is still mentioned?
  16. Why in the most hostile capital of Poland in world?
  17. And the truth is that she doesn't speak english well, and she probably didn't understand the question. (in my opinion)
  18. thanks 4 updates oliviaa
  19. Season 1 was better for me. Frankenstein story and his creations was very disturbing and I really liked in both seasons.
  20. I watched second episode of season 2 and I did t like it. I think the second episode should be first. I prefered Kevin Garvey as Policeman. And I think the mysterious Dean was better hallucinations than Patti. Second season seems to be more like Stephen King story and I liked it.The disappearance of the girl in a small town closed at least strange circumstances.
  21. Allegedly She's going to divorce.
  22. I watched first episode of second season and I didn't like it..
  23. with Kendall and Gigi You should make more use of it, it can be news even in Poland now
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