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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 (GENERAL DISCUSSION)


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Forrest @tfs

Iza's wings look like a giant butterfly... interesting. I think I rather like it. /nods

Bregje's outfit is god the fuck awful imo.. also based on the pic, her corset looks almost identical to Izabel's from last year. O.o

#48 umbrella wings?

All and all some of these outfits look pretty amazing, others not so much... but hey it's a step in the right direction. One can only hope that when we see bigger pics that they continue to awe.

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and Anja Rubik is 100% confirmed, which is surprising as she claims she does not like walking the VSFS.

That girl annoys me so much. It's like she thinks she graces us with her presence at the show and that's the only reason she does the show :cain:

I think that Anja Rubik fits the VS FS as good as any other model from High Fashion, and maybe better than some of them would fit. I'm not really suprise that she will walk. She gained undisputed success, and that type of models is usually hired by VS. :wave:

Eh to each their own.

To me, she just doesn't have any 'commercial appeal' so to speak and doesn't really stand out among other models at VSFS. I'm not saying she's a bad model, just not right for this category of modelling and it seems like many people share this opinion, yet VS keeps casting her. Also, she looked much better a few years ago...

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Candice will be showing a preview on E! News tonight, hopefully we'll get more info there & i hope they show the board again too

One good thing: I don't see the Fantasy Bra in the middle of any segment (though im pretty sure it will be the 4th one as it seems to be aqua-ish) so maybe Miranda will actually get to open a segment with it. But i can't believe they're closing with Pink again, it's like saving the worst for last lol

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It looks like Constance, Nnenna & Marloes #27? are on the outfits board.

#34 looks a lot like Shanina!!!!!

Also between 66 to 68 outfits

2000 - 64

2001 - 61

2002 - 60

2003 - 61

2005 - 60

2006 - 61

2007 - 61 (not including finale outfits *pastel teddies they wore at the very ending*)

2008 - 68

2009 - 64

2010 - 64

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they say 11 or 12 NEW girls !!

Nice! :heart: I can't wait to see the show.

Probably most excited to see some Cintia, Erin, and a lot of Candice!

Question is Nina agdal gonna be in the show?

Nope. but at least she tried it :)

Awww BOOO!!! :cry::angry:

But I am still excited :) Also can't wait to see Chanel ;)

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