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  1. :* Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday my Peruvian beauty! :))

  3. Happy Birthday fellow Leo!

  4. I mean, I am not a vegetarian nor a vegan but seeing what they have posted on Facebook so far I think the place is worth paying a visit anyway! Just in case... one day I go there, I'll make sure I have a camera Haha
  5. Haha yes, now I know about it it's just that there were so few reports on what's going with Ania career and private life-wise that I didn't even know she was planning to open her business here. And I don't watch "DDTVN" too often to catch these things...
  6. You guys... I haven't posted here in over a year-didn't feel like it, once in a blue moon I might check some threads but that's it.... HOWEVER I found out just today Anna opened her vegan bar, and no one mentioned it on tfs and here?!? Whoever is in Warsaw, visit "Think Love Juices" on Francuska 14 Street. Damn I'm afraid I'm gonna pay a visit soon.... or stalk the place to see when Ania will be there to go lunch there and take a photo with the beauty haha no I guess I'd feel too awkward to ask for a photo, especially if there were many other people inside. The bar opened in May this year, so it's a very new place!
  7. Your Birthday's today, really? Could have sworn it was in July?

    1. Berno


      Ha its actually June 27 I don't know why it is set to may :P How are you keeping, its been ages :)

    2. Layla90


      It really has-as evidenced in the fact I'm replying over a month later :P so... Happy belated Birthday :P

  8. Happy Birthday! How do you enjoy being an 8-year-old now? :D

  9. Happy Birthday ;)

  10. To think that it's been a week since she's dead is terrible and I don't even want to think what her family, especially her 3 kids have been going through now.... Ania really had everything-beauty, 3 healthy kids, a loving partner, great career and seemed to be really liked and respected by everyone... what she didn't have was time to enjoy everything she's been given. Just a year since the diagnosis and she lost the battle at just 35. Fuck cancer. May Ania rest in peace...
  11. Hey, I wanted to write you a message but it seems like your inbox is full :)

  12. Hmmm so I thought you'd like to know that song with the (.)(.) :P music video I posted in your thread some time ago got into the finale of Eurovision? Not that it's anything prestigeous of course not but I thought I'd drop you the performance video from yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miJr9Fj2zNQ

  13. What makes me wonder is... how much a photographer has to say when it comes to casting models to photoshoots? I'd guess that the editor in chief is responsible for who is in the issue and who isn't. Of course if a model is not liked by a photographer he/she could refuse working with such person but I always thought the most important person/people in the magazine are responsible for putting particular people in the magazine. That said, it is really interesting to see what will come out of these. More and more publications and companies refuse to rehire Richardson but I think he's got too many connections to be swept off from the business easily
  14. Chanel Iman link: holding a microphone
  15. Sorry thought public institutions are ok. Anabela Belikova link: curly hair
  16. Tyra Banks link: MET and being divided from the civilians
  17. Any chance for you to post a bit on BZ before May? :hehe: miss you!

  18. Hey where are you? I thought you were done with travelling for some time now? I mean, you need to save some money before you depart AGAIN?:P

  19. Randomly decided to visit your profile feed and noticed your Birthday is exactly in 5 months and 5 days :o

  20. Girl where are you. I checked some models' threads and I think it was a mistake, haha, little things making my blood boil. With you, at least I'd feel like someone would leave a witty comment. Kisses!

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      I have to come back! I miss being a snarky asshole. :P

    2. Layla90



      I'm curious so I want to ask... what do you think about Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow, and I obviously don't mean their music and films.

  21. ^SympathysSilhouette, it was Matthew Wilkins. No idea what he does for life though. Hey, I said he's a douche! :persuazn: I mean, what else can you call a guy who tattooed 'thank you' in Japanese no less "In case I forget to say it". :x Anyway... do we know any details about Marloes' contract, that is for how many years she's signed?
  22. model990 I thought Frida is with Maybelline for 2 years now? Maybe marloes is not replacing anyone but to me it always felt that Maybelline used max. 3 models of 3 different beauty types in one commercial. important that Marloes is happy fan-girl If she is that's good, but every thing that I read about Alex makes me think he's a douche/idiot. But maybe he's different in private life, who knows.
  23. Ugh no, I really hope she's not dating that douche Pettyfer, she deserves MUCH better. Oh Marloes... this is the answer I would give as well if anyone asked me this question, haha! Maybelline is one of my favourite brands, Marloes as their spokesperson is another reason to like them, haha! I'm wondering if that means she'll be replacing Julia Stegner? Somehow Julia never seemed to be much of a fit for the brand same with Freja Beha... or maybe Marloes is replacing Frida Gustavsson? I don't know how long are/were Julia and Frida's contracts. Any info on that?
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