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  1. She doesn't age! She looks like 20 here.
  2. Thank you for these! This look reminds me of the 2004 VS commercial with Bob Dylan. I swear she doesn't age.
  3. I would say... 2003- glamazons segement (?) I think thats what its called with Naomi opening all of 2005 2006- come fly with me segment and the 2003- super hero seg sexy russian babes 2006? that would be a long show lol
  4. So I bet no chance of our remixes from back in the day with these "musical" guests this year. :yuckky:
  5. What a great cover..seriously amazing. Too bad no ed though.
  6. Ugh. This commerical is bland as all hell. She looks stiff and very uncomfortable. No sex appeal and seems WAY to forced and not natural.
  7. Holy shit dude. She's perfect.
  8. lol @ the past pages. These 'new' members..
  9. LMAO at the video of her running into the bus I'm sorry but that's too funny.
  10. Girl.. You don't even know lol
  11. Why does she look pregs? I'm diggin her look though to be honest. Black lipstick anyone? She's going through a hard time people. Not everyone is Miranda Kerr who can break up and then voice how she has sex 1,000 times a day lol and look happy about it 24/7
  12. omg....flawless.. the woman doesn't age!
  13. dude, I didn't think anyone would know who he is. and yes, I would love for them to be together if he can't be with me...or...can he? Adriana needs man that's going to throw down, when these dudes want some lovin lol Has she ever dated an extremely muscular guy? Someone needs to make him a thread on here btw.. The dude is flawless and so utterly sexy its unreal. Love that others know him too! edit: seriously...sooooooooooooo sexy.
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