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  1. I’m not even a Candice fan and I think it’s a crime covering up her body in that T-shirt pink outfit.
  2. Stella is looking🔥🔥
  3. Yep. Shame on VS for not letting her walk on their runway during their better years.
  4. I don’t like they are promoting the trio ,ore than their angels. Shame on VS for actually giving Kendall a better outfit than any of Candice’s.
  5. FINALLY!!! The hair and make up is done right on these girls. Adriana’s hair is full of volume this time. That means this show has potential.
  6. i just hope the make up look decent this time.
  7. I’m not liking the FB. Maybe it’ll look better in motion.
  8. Beautiful woman. I’m looking forward into seeing more of her.
  9. Im late but... Least fav bra: lily’s Favorite: marissa’s
  10. The is quite cute. It's a photoshopped picture and all but still.
  11. She's beautiful. I hope to see more of her.
  12. She did it better than the Kardashian’s 😂
  13. Eww. VS what are you thinking letting these plastic women stretch out your lingerie?
  14. I want to see a super villian segment royal segment (2012 was a british segment) hip hop segment catholic segment anime segment (pink) futbol segment College segment (pink) vegas segment wedding segment law enforcement segment mascot segment (pink) mythical creatures segment (pink) Tokyo segment Sci-fi segment Beach segment You know something new.
  15. She's looks divine but she should had followed the theme.
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