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  1. Adriana can't wear a dress to save her life. The dress is either too frumpy, too tight, and her wide waist makes her look boxy in them. I still like her though.
  2. Straight hair makes her look even more pretty
  3. What?! She looks like a good 25 years old.
  4. I don't like the video that much but she still looks amazing anyway.
  5. Jasmine Wings : 2 Look : 5 Josephine Wings : 2 Look : 4
  6. Eww! Cleaning up this thread so it can be cockroach free in here. All done! Now here's a lovely pic of the queen.
  7. Girl, ka-boom! I'm still fine with the relationship she has now, so you can cut it with the "there’s something wrong with her not marrying the man of her child..." bs. If she never get married, great, I will always still be an Irina fan. I will always hope for the best for her. Even if it comes off as shady. Don't like it, get the fuck out of this thread. It's not even that damn deep. You're also lowkey trying to make it seem like I'm actually bashing unwed people when it's not even about that. Tbh, it seems to me you just have a problem with marriage. No cares here, though!!! ONE MORE TIME: I hope Irina SECURE THE BAG, marry BC and all three live happily ever after. THE END. Back on topic because this is just silly and redundant.
  8. She's doesn't need to marry the father of her child, now she doesn't need to drive? Wtf? What's next she doesn't need to breathe? You're negative af Yes, it's her life and i'm dead serious about what I just said. Let's just say, I, at least hope the best for her and maybe one day she'll be Mrs. Cooper and not just "the mother of..."/girlfriend". Not stressing the issue, I'm just hoping for the best for Irina. I'm positive like that.
  9. Grace Elizabeth Overall Look: 1 Herieth Paul Overall Look: 5 Balmain stay away from VS!
  10. Just in case he decides to runs out on her and marry someone else. She needs to secure that bag
  11. Daniela BragaOverall Look: 2/10 Devon WindsorWings: 3/10Overall Look: 4/10
  12. Alessandra Ambrosio Overall Look: 7/10 Alexina Graham Overall Look: 5/10
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