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  1. Body Central (sorry for any repost)
  2. I want to punch in the face everyone who left a comment, how they dare :anger:
  3. Oh God, seriously? He's just passing from one model to another, every time younger. The next will be a 17y.o. But well, I just hope they're both happy, especially Nina obviously, I just feel that it won't last for long.
  4. I just hope it turns out to be a good publicity stunt for Nina, although I'm a bit worried, I don't know why
  5. Ph: Attilio d'Agostino Style: Samantha Chadwick Hair: Valerie Brown Make up: Sharday Johnson
  6. She was so pretty in the last Glee episode! And also her acting has improved a lot
  7. I really like that cover, beautiful picture of her
  8. I'm so happy for her! I watch the show, and even if it became quite stupid in the last series, is still a great spot for a young actress to be noticed for something else!
  9. Seventeen Magazine march 2013 Ph: Zoey Grossman Style: Hair: Campbell Mcauley Make up: Lottie
  10. In the first video there's someone saying "she will be next year's covergirl". Ah, I hope too dear photographer.
  11. I was waiting for this moment for sooo long! Both shots are amazing, especially the one with "real" bikinis, and apart from the evident photoshop (which, at least to me, doesn't seem so much exaggerated as last year), she looks more conscious of where she is and what she's doing. And in the video she perfectly explain this. Now I'm sure she's a contender for the cover next year, in the moment I saw the first pic with the ponytail, I thought "this would have been a great cover". And amazing at Letterman of course, love that dress.
  12. Mother Model Managemente tribute fashion show Ph: Greg Kessler
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