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  1. Body Central (sorry for any repost)
  2. I want to punch in the face everyone who left a comment, how they dare :anger:
  3. Oh God, seriously? He's just passing from one model to another, every time younger. The next will be a 17y.o. But well, I just hope they're both happy, especially Nina obviously, I just feel that it won't last for long.
  4. I just hope it turns out to be a good publicity stunt for Nina, although I'm a bit worried, I don't know why
  5. Ph: Attilio d'Agostino Style: Samantha Chadwick Hair: Valerie Brown Make up: Sharday Johnson
  6. She was so pretty in the last Glee episode! And also her acting has improved a lot
  7. I really like that cover, beautiful picture of her
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