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  1. Jordan Strange

    Ph: Attilio d'Agostino
  2. Nina Agdal

    Body Central (sorry for any repost)
  3. Nina Agdal

    I want to punch in the face everyone who left a comment, how they dare :anger:
  4. Nina Agdal

    Oh God, seriously? He's just passing from one model to another, every time younger. The next will be a 17y.o. But well, I just hope they're both happy, especially Nina obviously, I just feel that it won't last for long.
  5. Nina Agdal

    I just hope it turns out to be a good publicity stunt for Nina, although I'm a bit worried, I don't know why
  6. Nina Agdal

  7. Jordan Strange

    Ph: Attilio d'Agostino
  8. Jordan Strange

    Ph: Attilio d'Agostino Style: Samantha Chadwick Hair: Valerie Brown Make up: Sharday Johnson
  9. Jordan Strange

    Ph: Bill Tyler
  10. Ginny Gardner

    Happy birthday!
  11. Nina Agdal

    Esquire USA better quality
  12. Ginny Gardner

    She was so pretty in the last Glee episode! And also her acting has improved a lot
  13. Nina Agdal

  14. Nina Agdal

    I really like that cover, beautiful picture of her
  15. Nina Agdal

    Happy 21st birthday to Nina!