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  1. Not sure if it was discussed, but there was a VSFS 16 meeting like a week ago.
  2. {name}


    That should be hilarious.
  3. Sophia's laugh though after she said that.
  4. {name}


    Yeah, I think she got MJ again.
  5. {name}


    It was Miranda lol.
  6. {name}


    It actually looks more like Miranda than Adri... Also this girl looks shorter than Joan, and I think Adriana and Joan are the same height.I guess we'll have to wait and see when the campaign comes out. The person who said this on tFS knows their stuff. And if you look at what they said, it seems like they didn't list everyone for the Supers, so it could very well be Miranda even though it wouldn't make sense for her to be there since she wasn't ever one of his muses.
  7. Yes, they look like butterflies in different shades of blue and green.
  8. Or Sui walking over and over again. Right, Pasta?
  9. POAA: No one is even walking this From the photos of the rehearsals i see another model (cindy) walking after Ale, sho she is not closing Good catch! I didn't see Ale in the background of Cindy's picture because of her wings. Wouldn't it be awesome if POAA was nothing but past angels walking one last time? It would be great if it were all drag queens dressed up like past Angels.
  10. And it looks like we are getting another air heart from Adriana in Fireworks.
  11. I think Adriana is opening EB too. So we have: BP: Elsa opening/opening the show EB: Adriana opening Pink USA: Someone said Taylor's closing that? POAA: No one is even walking this Ice Angels: Same Fireworks: Ale closing/closing the show
  12. Is that Adriana in the Butterfly segment? Looks like she either closes or opened it. Nobody else around. I'm going with opened?
  13. Do you think it was two different bodysuits Adriana had on or just the same one, but the filters used drowned the color out?
  14. I'd like them even more if they shot out.
  15. I love it too! btw emailed your friend about buying some accounts. Hopefully they get back to me. I'll let them know!
  16. I like the actual hot pink better! : http://www.accesshollywood.com/videos/adriana-limas-victorias-secret-runway-preps/
  17. I will join you! And I will jump off a cliff into a pool of spiders!
  18. Do you think if it's just Alessandra leaving they'll have Dri saying how much she'll miss Ale and blablabla? Kinda like Heidi and Tyra in 2005. I can see Adriana leaving next year maybe but I doubt VS will be down to losing their two main models at the same time and Alessandra seems to be more on her way out than Dri.Either way, if one or both of them are leaving VS better do some nice shit for them, they have been with VS long enough and not giving them a proper goodbye would be a slap in the face ... But not even Heidi got one so who knows. It will be really cute if Adriana spoke about Ale in the video, although I don't know if that's what they really filmed for lol it could also probably be a promotion for the show or something else. As for Ale, well.... lol not sure if I should say this but I heard she is planning on leaving however she can change her mind and renew again. I also heard Adriana wants to stay but she isn't to happy about having to work with "The Newest Angels" so she is also thinking of leaving but besides all of that Adriana loves VS is like family to her so if she decides to stay is because of her love for VS but at this point a lot of veteran Angels aren't to pleased with the new Angels lol I think they were shooting Holiday stuff. Like singing Christmas songs or what they did last year reading in their PJs. I saw the set and the thingy where they write the scenes on and stuff and it said VS Holiday.
  19. Elsa opening? I'm sure they will change it last minute because Queen Adriana will not have any of this: Unless Adriana is opening PINK then I'm fine with it.
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