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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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11 hours ago, electraheart said:

VS is overhauling their whole brand, they want to go back to the "boutique feel" and upping prices again lol


Truth be told, this is what I used to love about VS. In recent years it became a clusterfuck of teens and cutesy stuff, the whole store and page looked like PINK, and a lot of people didn't like it, I'm all for VS going back to the boutique, fancy experience, it's just a turn off. As for upping prices, as long as they don't go for something ridiculous, IF they up the quality, then it's not a major issue.


So I'm all for VS going back to what they were used to, now they just need to drop some Angels, do another AAA tour this year, stream the show on Netflix from 2020 onwards and get back on track.

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I wish they'd bring back the catalogues. I'm glad they brought back swim. 

Other than that, I agree with everything @Clauds said above me. 


I'll be sad to not watch the show on TV anymore. I'm not much of an internet person and I don't have Netflix/Hulu or anything of that stuff. 


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1 hour ago, DULOVEMEDO said:

This would have been fire on the runway (because I believe there will be no show). 


EDIT: If they do not have a show maybe they want to give people a chance to miss the show/the brand. 

Agreed! Maybe they are finally getting their stuff together.

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